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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Am I Alone?

Is it just me or is Heath Ledger one UGLY dude???? He looks a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio, only with his eyes grown much closer together. There are people out there who actually think Heath Ledger was "hot", and I look at him and think to myself "What about him is hot?" I look and I see nothing. He may have had a great figure, but it's ruined by his hiddeous face! And up until I saw him, I used to think all Australians were good looking. He proved different. Everyone liked his version of the Joker better than Jack Nicholson's. I have to say, Jack Nicholson was by far the better version of the Joker! Heath Ledger's looked too fake. And he wasn't the "think he's funny" type at all. He was more serious. I saw the Dark Knight, finally, and frankly I didn't care for Ledger's version of the Joker. It might have been better if he had better make-up like Nicholson did. But all Ledger had for a smile was red lipstick. I would think with today's better technology they would give him a bigger smile like they gave to Jack Nicholson. Would have made Ledger's Joker more believable. But I will hand him this, he did seem to have talent. And it is kinda sad he's dead at such a young age.

I wonder why it is the ugliest people are the most talented? I thought I was alone in that department. I mean, I may be ugly, but I have great talent in a lot of things. Anything I can put my mind to do, I can do it. Maybe not perfect at first, but I can get a good lead going. Heath Ledger was ugly as shit, but he was a talented dude. I don't blame him because his make up sucked. But I just don't see him as the "better version of the Joker". Certainly NOT better than Jack Nicholson was. Then there is Jon Stevens, a guy who used to sing with INXS. He's ugly and fuggly and anything in between! I personally don't even think he had any talent. But other INXS fans do. I see a lot of INXS fans have had their pic taken with him. To see Jon Stevens is a shock to my system! Makes me cringe in disgust! That's how ugly he is to me. Remember Barney Rubble on the Flintstones? Jon Stevens looks just like him, only with longer hair. His head starts at a point and then gets very wide at the chin, he has no neck, and he's got them beady, close-together eyes. He's what I call UGLY!! But every other INXS fan thinks he's wonderful. I couldn't have stood next to him though to have my pic taken. I'd have been afraid he'd have broke my camera lens. And I heard his ego being so almighty was the reason he is no longer singing with INXS.

Speaking of big egos, there was this person on the pet forum, who calls herself SavannaCat, and she gave me the best laugh the other night. Not with her, but at her. Apparently she was pissed off at Animal Planet because she tried out for a part in the series "Confessions: Animal Hoarding" and didn't get the part! LOL!! She made me laugh so hard with the way she got all ballistic and threw a little hissy-fit on the forum, whining "Oh they lied to me!" and yadda-yadda! She was like a spoiled 10-year old, claiming that Animal Planet owed her some kind of restitution! I don't think Animal Planet asked her to apply for their show, it was strictly voluntary. And it still is! So really she had no reason to get so angry. But anyway, that was my entertainment for that night, watching her go ballistic on a forum like that. It was too funny! Next thing I know, she's attacking the people on the forum because she didn't get chosen to be on that show! LOL! The more I read about her (after she told her whole lifes' story to the forum), the more I realized why she was acting this way. She really is spoiled. She said herself she doesn't hide the fact that she is. She's probably had everything in life handed to her, never working a day in her life. Oh well, let's be fair! She probably did have to work hard to get those tears, screams and whimpers going as a young child, to get that favorite doll or kitten she wanted. But that was probably the only work she did! She apparently owns 9 homes, breeds savanna cats (which I think look hiddeous), attends shows (another lanky show breeder), and rescues cats. More likely she probably breeds savanna cats to make money off them. I do know one of those cats runs about $20,000 (NOT worth it, IMO) and they are not recognized by any major cat registry so they cannot be shown.

I think paying $20,000 for ANY cat is stupid! Not when you can get a great purebreed cat for about $1000. I've seen siamese for about $1500, and they looked GREAT!!! I would NEVER pay $20,000 for a cat that I think is too ugly to live anyway. For all I care, that $20,000 cat can rot at the breeder's house! It's crazy to pay that much for a cat! And savanna cats can turn on their owners too. So, is it worth $20,000 to have something like that in your house that can attack you on a dime? I don't think so! That's why I think paying that much, for an UGLY cat, is dumb, stupid and senseless! Take $50 and rescue a nice kitty from a shelter, or if you want it, take $1500 and buy a good siamese from a good breeder! That's what I'd do!


the phantom (katrina) said...

fuck cats! i fucking hate them. i thought you said you were never going into another forum again. get away fast. or i will make you get away. anyway i like heath ledger. he's not attractive, but he was a good actor.

TimGal said...

Very funny Katrina! I know I said I was not going to go in any more forums, and I am slowly backing away. It's part of my rehabilitation.