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Friday, February 18, 2011

INXS Fans Getting A Bit Bullshitty

OK, it finally got to me this morning. LOL! It started this morning when one of my friends was dropped by one of her friends because she does not like JD. I hear stories like that and it makes me wonder what the heck has become of INXS fans?? Why does everyone have to be so damned judgmental? I mean, I have been shit on because I am an INXS fan who mostly (if not entirely) prefers Timmy. And he is still in the band. I realize this is Facebook, and people have a right to be friends with whomever they want! That does not bother me. What bothers me is people who shit on those people they wanted to be friends with in the first place, because that individual does not like the same band members of INXS that they do! It's such a waste! And it's a sad commentary to what INXS fans today have become. Very sad! In fact, sad isn't even a strong enough word to describe how sad that is! It's downright shitty! I have even been shit on because I can't stand Jon Stevens! The whole concept is just pointless to me! I have friends who like Jon Stevens, and I understand where they are coming from. It's their life, it's their choice! All I ask is that these friends understand that I do NOT like Jon Stevens!!

I don't shit on anyone. I try to get along with everyone. If I don't like someone, it's for a damnsite better reason than their choice of favorite INXS band members! In fact, there are even Timmy fans out there that I don't care for. It's rare, but it happens. For the most part though, I try to get along with everyone as much as I can. Those that I do like, I would give them the World if I could! Ask anyone. LOL! It used to be that INXS fans were so easy to talk to and get along with so well. I remember the days when I used to get in the chatrooms, and I would chat with other INXS fans sometimes until well into the night. They were that much fun! But nowadays, INXS fans have become what U2 fans have always been! As one of my friends have put it, they've become tribal. It's sad! But then, looking back to the good ol' days is always deficient. It's not sad in a way that I'd be crying. It's sad more in a way I am just sitting here, shaking my head. Or slamming my forehead with my hand, thinking "stupid people"! LOL! U2 fans used to be the worst! I hated them! Probably why I never became a full-fledged U2 fan in the first place! Their attitude has always been if you don't worship the ground the band walks on, or if you like any other band more than U2, you're lower than dirt! I like U2. They are a good band. Not the best, but good anyway. But I don't effing LOVE them, and I don't prefer them over INXS. That's never going to happen! Bono is just not as good looking as Timmy is. In fact, compared to Timmy, Bono is downright HOMELY!!

Well, it just makes me angry when someone disses a perfectly good person, like this friend of mine, just because she prefers INXS with Michael and doesn't like JD. I like JD, he's good in his own way. But I have to agree he will never be Michael. Michael on the other hand, is dead. He can't come back and front the band anymore. Yet, I still love the band! I love them because of Timmy. I accepted JD with open arms. I'm having a hard time accepting this new album of INXS's, but I love the originals they have done so far. I commend those that have never preferred one over the other in this debate. It's hard to do when you are so used to seeing INXS with no one fronting but Michael. Or if you only just became a fan after JD took over and cannot see anyone else, not even Michael, fronting INXS. But those people who do shit on other fans over this debate, not just about Michael vs. JD. It's about which fans prefer which band members and it makes me SICK!! I have to wonder if INXS is all that runs through their veins. Why does this even have to be an issue? I asked don't these people have more mature things they can disagree on? After a while, it gets bullshitty hearing (or even sensing) that everyone thinks so-n-so sucks because they don't like JD, or whathaveyou! The fact is, I've never seen this kind of attitude until Jon Stevens took over INXS. I must admit I love INXS more now that Jon Stevens has been 86'd! LOL! Good GOD I hate that man! But I don't mind his fans. In my case it's hate the man, not the fans. LOL! Leastwise those that are not so damned judgmental!!

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