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Friday, February 25, 2011

Part 2 Of The PayPal Scam

LOL! You won't believe this! I recieved retaliation from the dude who tried to scam me yesterday. I knew there was going to be some kind of retribution because I told the guy in an e-mail yesterday that the e-mail I got was a scam, because I called PayPal and they said they don't do escrow. I almost expect it every time I call someone out on a scam! LOL! Well, today they were trying to scare me. A weaker person might have submitted. But I am not a weak person! They cannot intimidate me by idol threats of false arrest! Because I know even if I were to be arrested (which I know I am not going to be), I have proof they are scammers trying to steal my computer!

Well, this was the message I got from them this morning:

We are witting you concerning the last message we received from your buyer how you will get the fund sent to your account by Mrs Pembroke York, according to the message we sent you , we let you realized that once you send out the item to the given address as you are instructed by the PayPal authority, you must provide us the scan copy receipt of the item shipped through Usps Priority Mail Services 6-10Days and we will confirm it and get the total amount of $550.00 USD credited to your account simply because the money has already charged from the client account and it can not be reversed back due to the fact that, the money is already in your ESCROW account and it will be credited to your mail account and you can access it once you provide us the scan copy receipt of the item shipped including the shipment tracking details as we order you to do.

Mind you, this is very serious case in such a way that PayPal management do not handle it lightly simply because it's now been turn to Fraudulent Allegation by the management and you must remind that we gave you only 48Hrs in the last message we sent to you, all your personal data that is with us as been packed together and ready to be forwarded to the FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigation) and all the message you have been sent to us is now be monitoring by them, They have imposed fraud allegation on you since we explain to them about the payment notification we sent to you immediately Mrs Pembroke York paid you ,and they let us know that you are trying to fraud the client, so in order to solve this case within short period of time that you have to make sure you get the item shipped before the ultimatum time given to you by the management or else critical legal action will be taken against you and you will be shortlisted for the fraudulent allegation.

You are hereby, Order by the management to get the item shipped within 24Hrs and get back to us with the scan copy receipt given to you at the post office for prove or evidence , so that we can confirm it and get your account credited after the confirmation that you sent the item as you order by the management. we hope to received the confirmation before the ultimatum time .
WARNING:!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your PayPal Email address account will be shortlisted for the fraudulent allegation and you will be arrested failure to abide by the order given to you before the ultimatum time

Thank's For Using PayPal


PayPal Team

Thank you for Using PayPal,

The PayPal Team
Notice all the grammatical and spelling errors in this email. I highlighted them in blue. Even if this were coming from another branch of any company in an affiliated foreign country, the grammar and spelling would still be better. This note is, to say the least, unprofessional at best. I actually laughed when I saw it! It's more like a joke than a threat! I'd like to see them try and arrest me. I have proof this computer is mine. I still have the sales receipt I got when I bought this machine. And I can provide proof that no money was ever left in my PayPal account. Plus, I have the name of the guy I spoke to who told me all this was a scam, and that PayPal was aware of these people. So, I sent them this e-mail in response:
Go for it!! Sue me. Arrest me. I called PayPal (the official site) and they told me you all were the scammers. I checked my account, and there is no money in there. No money, no laptop. Simple as that.
PS, BTW, I already blacklisted you on my blog. Check it out! http://www.timmyfan.com/2011/02/paypal-scam-warning.html
Yes, I sent them the link to this blog. I always do if I am talking about someone. LOL! I want them to read it, and if they have something to say, say it! More than likely though they won't say anything. But I wanted everyone to know there are scammers like this out there. Let them try and accuse me of fraud. Let them get me arrested. I'd love to see them try it. And if they do, I have plenty in my defense! I'd get sprung almost immediately, and the ringleader to this scam would wind up being the one getting arrested.

Seriously, if these dumbasses are going to try and fraud anybody, they should choose a person who is a lot less experienced with PayPal, and a lot stupider than they are! LOL!

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