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Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Is It With Pets and Justin Beiber?

This is crazy! Pets around the world HATE Justin Beiber! It's the strangest thing I ever saw in my life! I don't know why. I kinda joked around that Beiber must be the antichrist! But he looks so nice and friendly. But pets around the World hate him! They say animals are good judges of character. I know his music sucks shit, but I didn't think animals could get so angry at music or photos in magazines. But tonight alone, I saw like 10 videos of animals that had a wild, negative response to seeing, or hearing, Justin Beiber! I will show you a few of these videos. And believe me, I don't believe these were staged! There are some that I think have been, but not these videos! These are the most explanatory videos on this subject. Take a look at these from beginning to end:

Check out this pomeranian's immediate response once the Beiber song plays:

And most amazing of all, check out this cat's response:

I say this last one was amazing, because the cat was shown a picture of Nick Jonas and didn't care, but when the page was turned back to Justin Beiber, the cat hissed and slapped the magazine. There is something about Justin Beiber that animals don't like! It kinda makes me wonder, if Beiber has pets of his own and they also hate him?

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