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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crossing the Line

OK, this morning, our 'friend' crossed the line. I can handle name-calling and all that good stuff. But MsPearlsGirl totally crossed the line this morning. Now, she is even beginning to make threats. Even though I know they are empty threats! I mean, what is she really going to do to me? LOL! She doesn't even seem like the type that would really carry out any threat. Evil as I do see her to be! Besides, she'll never find me. Even if she did, she'd never get through my door. And even if she did show up here, I'd just sit on her and break her back! LOL! If that doesn't work, I've got pepper spray and spider killer. If I catch her, or any stupid vegan here to carry out her threats, she'll get a heafty dose of that. :) But anyway, I find threats of any kind (empty or not) completely unacceptable and uncalled for. Again I ask, is this civil? I mean, vegans talk about how we are civilized now, and don't need to kill any living thing. Is it civilized to threaten to harm another person? Yesterday, Katrina kept urging me to block MsPearlsGirl. I said I couldn't. Because up until this morning, she didn't really do anything wrong. I know she was calling me names, and I could sense she is an evil person (like I said, I'm a damn good judge of character). Katrina sensed it too apparently! But up until this morning, MsPearlsGirl didn't do anything really wrong. She had a right to her opinion. For me to block someone just for having an opinion goes against everything I believe in. But this morning, she was making threats and being totally disrespectful to another one of my viewers, who seems to have more class as a vegan than MsPearlsGirl does. I won't stand for that. If you ask me, vegans like MsPearlsGirl are the ones that need to be totally eradicated, and leave the more classy ones here. LOL! That's a joke, BTW. I would never do a thing like that! Not even to MsPearlsGirl. Well, leave karma to come and get her. I told her to take her nonsensical droning elsewhere. Then I blocked her.

Well, now, I want to extend my deepest condolences to the people of Japan. They were first struck with a major earthquake, and now a tsunami. They had a deep double-whammy! I have a couple of friends in Japan, and I am hoping that they stay safe! We had a tsunami warning here too. Ma was here and she woke me up saying that there is a tsunami warning in this area. We live about a block from the beach, so that was a major concern! Though I know we almost never really have tsunamis here. There hasn't been one in this town in (I think) about 150 years. Japan has them all the time. I have one friend that moved there from the US. She now lives in Okinawa, which she said was not struck by either disaster. I was glad to hear that! Katrina came over yesterday to see that I was alright, and I told her I was. And we spent the day together. She helped me clean the house a bit. She too heard about the tsunami warnings for this area on Friday, and she just wanted to visit to make sure I was fine. Anna also heard about the warnings out here, and she said she wished I could come to Bozeman. LOL! A little too far for now.


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Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Speak of the devil himself. LOL!! New Jersey huh? And I thought you said you came from Australia. :P

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I guess it wouldn't be the first time MsPearlsGirl lied about something.

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Ok. Glad you enjoyed the post. :)