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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Disasters of the Decade

I was just sitting here, watching this program about the earthquake and tsunami that happened last month in Japan on the National Geographic channel. I saw previews for it last weekend, and I wanted to see it. I thought it was going to be more like a documentary, but there was very little documentation. But it did show all 6 minutes of the earthquake. It was scary! Made me think back to the time we lived in Lakewood, and there was a rather large earthquake that happened. The quake was actually centered in Aberdeen, but I felt it there too. I remember that day. I was in the kitchen fixing lunch, and Anna was going to college there and she came home that day to have lunch with me. I was about to roll out some buttermilk biscuits in the kitchen, when the quake struck. The dogs started barking, and once they felt it was a real earthquake, they all ran and hid under my old antique sofa. I was standing in a spot where I could actually look out into the back yard, and I saw what looked like waves rolling in the grass. It was a strange sight! When that quake lasted longer than about 10 seconds, I really panicked! At the end of the quake, we were both OK. Thank GOD! The poor dogs were too scared to come out again. The power was out for sure! Well, that was it. We had to find someplace to go out and eat. Anna's school closed down for the rest of that day, so I took us both to a little restaurant about 25 miles away from Lakewood, because everything in that town was out of order.

Now, I never claimed to be clairvoyant, but I remember predicting that this last decade was going to mark the end of humankind. This was in 2000, before I heard anything about Nostradamus, or the Mayan calendar. What made me think that was that several people I knew were dying, and the year 2000 I had more friends having babies than I've ever known in any one year of my life! I said in a journal posting that year that something big was coming! And I never believed in Y2K. Not ever! That was one thing I didn't fall for. Especially not how the media was saying the outcome was going to be. They were saying it was going to end with all the computers of the World going out of whack. I kept thinking "how can a date make a computer shut off?" And all kinds of computer outlets, like TigerDirect, were putting out software to prevent Y2K from affecting your computer. I just never fell for it. I thought it was ridiculous to sell software like that. It wasn't until the following year, in 2001, that I heard about Nostradamus' predictions, and another year later when I heard about the predictions on the Mayan calendar. Then back in 2008, I was sitting and reading my old journal from 2000, and I remembered reading the entry for when my stepmother's mother died. That same week, I had 2 other friends die. Neither one knew each other, and died in unrelated incidents. But that was what made me say "Something big is coming! I don't know what, but something big is coming!" I thought it was a war or something!

Well, I was basically right. It may have been for a silly reason, but I was basically correct. Look at all the disasters that have been happening. First, 9/11 happened more than a year after I made that journal entry. Then almost 2 years later, the war in Iraq. Then a year later, the tsunami in Taiwan and Sri Lanka. Then almost another year later, Hurricane Katrina. In 2008, the inauguration of Obama. In 2010, the earthquake in Haiti, and the volcano in Iceland. And now this year, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. And it still continues to this day. OK, the Obama thing is just a joke on my part, but still! The rest of those caused massive deaths, and suffering, or some kind of losses. I was damn lucky we were not hit with a tsunami here. Well, I knew we wouldn't be. Ocean Shores hasn't had a major tsunami in more than 150 years. They just don't happen here very often. I think it's because of our location. They go around us, but they never strike us. Because the tip of Oregon shoots out farther than we sit here, and we're also kinda shadowed by the tip of Washington state. We would have to have a major offshore earthquake here close to town in order to be hit with a tsunami. But we did have a bit of a scare when the quake hit in Japan.

I kinda wonder what the heck is going to be next. I hope that Yellowstone doesn't explode! If it does, Anna and I will be toast! So will so many others, as Bozeman is a college town, and a lot of students go there from all over the World to attend school. It's one of the best schools in the country! I cannot wait to see it myself. Anna is signing us up to go on a dinosaur dig this next summer. I always wanted to do something like that, so I told her we're there, dude!! As long as I can bring the dogs, I'll be happy! Or at least find a reliable person to watch over them.


mikessa said...

I couldnt get us in on the dino dig thing. It was too late to send in the application. i do however picked up something where a museum in Wyoming does dino dig tours for individual people. if you want to, we can do that. But not this summer, maybe next year. We have to get settled first.
this is a big campus, you will love it. Lots of old buildings and stuff.

TimGal said...

Dude, you've got to learn to keep me up to date with these things. I was kinda looking forward to it. But OK.