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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Earth Day or Panther Day?

Everybody is somebody. Somebody is everybody. LOL! Starting off with a little philosophy there. I love it! Well, yesterday a lot of people went to see this movie "African 'Cats'", and I heard about some of those people on the Craigslist pet forum. I didn't go to see it! I'm not going to spend my money going to see a stupid movie like that! Not that I don't like Samuel L. Jackson. I just hate panthers. The previews even sucked! I told the curious that I wasn't ever going to see that movie, because I knew I would not like it. Well, one person, who calls herself rusticdiamond, I think she's a newbie on that forum (I've never seen her before), posted a thread that she asked who's idea it was to say lions are related to cats, because she said they don't look like cats. I agreed with her. I don't think lions look like cats at all. I always said they remind me more of collie dogs. I look at a collie moving, and I swear it's just like a lion's movement. I added "I still think lions are ugly anyway. Not saying that collies are ugly dogs, I'm just saying I don't like lions." Well, after I wrote that someone who calls herself kittenmittons said she's never heard anyone say lions are ugly before. She was cool about it, and I get that all the time. I just told her they are ugly to me. I added that I hate tigers too, and in fact the only large felines I like are snow leopards.

In another thread, there was a discussion about tattoos. Someone posted a picture of some tattoos that had something to do with animal rights and liberations. One of the tattoos said "Eye Hate God". Well, one poster said she didn't like that tattoo, even though in the panther thread, she was the one who admitted to being an atheist. My comment to her about that tattoo was "Doesn't that say something about these ARAs? It tells me that they are very disturbed people to say they hate GOD." Kittenmittons had no idea what ARA means, so I told her. I told her that they are all nuts, drawing back on the memories on both my and Katrina's lives and families being threatened by ARAs and fanatical vegans. I was kinda posting on 2 threads at the same time, the tattoo thread and the panther thread. Kittenmittons at least was cool about me not liking lions and tigers, so I was cool with her. She asked me at one point what my favorite animals are, and I told her. I said I like virtually any animals except large felines and spiders. Both for different reasons. I'm terrified of spiders, I'm disgusted by panthers. In the meantime, on the tattoo thread, I was also talking to her more in depth about ARA groups and fanatics thereof.

Kittenmittons and one other person, called herself Seabiscuit, were shocked that I said panthers are disgusting. Again, I get that all the time. As long as they were cool with that, I was cool with them. And they did understand that I have a right to my own opinion. They were curious as to why I thought panthers are disgusting. I cannot really answer that, because in my eyes, they just are. I think it's all that flabby skin on their butt and belly that flaps when they move. Reminds me of a person who spent their entire lives being fat, and then lost the weight too fast, and now has all that extra flesh flapping around. I know if I lose weight, that's what might happen. LOL! I dread it, because it'd look disgusting!

Well, just then, rusticdiamond comes back and sees my posts against lions and other panthers, and she gives me an attitude, saying things to the effect of "You have no taste" and "lions have WAY more charisma than a collie dog!" and "tigers are cute and beautiful animals" and "Lions have charisma where most people are corrupt!" Basically she was pissed off because I don't think panthers are 'pretty', and she was just being a total douchebag. I said to her "Maybe you are the one with no taste." I went on to tell her that I am not going to see "charisma" in an ugly animal just because she sees it. I'm not going to say I like lions just because she likes them. I told her IAGH (it ain't gonna happen) because I am my own person with my own mind. Then rusticdiamond went to the post where I said panthers in general are disgusting, and started yelling and bitching about that. She said things to the effect of "That doesn't even make sense", and "you don't like them just because they are big?" and the remark that most interested me was when she said "Are you this bigoted about people too?" Right then I knew rusticdiamond must be one of those ARA fanatics! Any time you see someone equating how another feels about animals to how they feel about people, you know you're dealing with a fanatic!! I just said "OH boy! Now the truth comes out! I get the feeling you are one of those ARA fanatics I mentioned below. Well, this will be my last post to you, because I want NOTHING to do with fanatics! Unless they're INXS fanatics!" And that was it. That would be the last post I ever make to rusticdiamond.

Ironically, back in the tattoo thread, Kittenmittons made a comment about how bad PETA is, and she had no idea other animal rights groups were like that. I answered "Oh yes, I see it all the time! The fanatics all have the same idea that if you don't live your life the way they want you to, they threaten to kill you and your whole family!" I felt that if I had gone any further with rusticdiamond, that kind of attitude would come from her very soon! Or something similar. She was PISSED!! LOL! All because I do not like lions and tigers. People like that make hating panthers so much easier, and every argument they give me because I hate panthers, only makes me hate them even more! I said it before and I will say it again, I think people who try to defend panthers like that are imbecilic! What has a panther ever done for them? I think I can blindly answer that... NOTHING!!! I've never heard of any panthers doing anyone any favors, or defending them from anything. So what is the point in people like rusticdiamond getting so pissed off because I hate panthers? No particular reason. I think it only shows how insecure rusticdiamond really is. People get angry when they have no control. Especially apprehensive and irrational people. And I refuse to be controlled. Therefore people like that feel the need to argue with me in an attempt to get me to feel the way they do about something. It's bad that people are like that in general, but that's human nature I guess.


mikessa said...

Earth day is all about saving our planet and the life that goes with it. Wether you like it or not, panthers are part of our world and part of the ecological diversity we have here. Without the top of the food chain, herbivores would be taking over and eating up the plants. All life on earth depend on plants for our survival. They give us the oxygen we breathe.
I know, I am studying ecology right now in bio class and its a very fascinating subject. You studied animals, you should know that.
its just now I'm studying to become a biologist, my views about life on earth has changed and I'm not the same person I was before. I cant always agree with you anymore on this subject.

TimGal said...

I didn't say panthers didn't have an important role to play in the ecological sense. I said I don't like them, and I don't agree that lions are 'charismatic', because I don't think they are.

For someone who is studying science at a major university, your comprehension skills SUCK!!!!

mikessa said...

I know that my comprehension skills suck, thats why chemistry class is so hard. I'm more or less passing lab than the actual lecture class.