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Friday, April 15, 2011

Hating Americans

I was thumbing through my recommended videos on YouTube last night. I do that sometimes. Different movies get recommended to me, and I often look in to see why they were recommended to me. Sometimes I find them interesting, and sometimes I don't. Well, this one video I looked in, it was kinda interesting. But the thing most interesting to me was some of the comments being made about Americans. Every time I see someone saying the things they do about us, I always think "WTF?" And who are the biggest bellyachers about Americans? None other than the British! Now, this is not in any way reflecting on my British friends, I love them! But those British who do nothing but sit their asses at their computer and gripe and fuss about Americans are starting to give me the ass!! WTF is their problem?? Don't they realize that a lot of white Americans are basically nothing but British that "evolved in isolation from the rest of them"? In other words, we are "seasoned British". LOL! That's what I like to call us. But why do they feel such hatred towards Americans? They call Americans dumb and lazy. Maybe it's because the New Yorkers are so nasty and pushy? Or maybe the British are still pissed off because they lost some of their best citizens when they sailed here to get away from King James I. But I heard he was a nut! I want to get away from Obama too! The only thing keeping me here is knowing that in at least 5 more years, he will be eligible for replacement. If he doesn't get voted out first! He aught to be ashamed of even considering putting a muslim mosque at ground zero, where 9/11 happened! That's like a slap in the face to those who died.

Anyway, back to my original subject. As for Americans being lazy, I understand that England is almost running neck-to-neck with Americans for being the nation with the fattest people. So if they think we are fat and lazy, then they are too. So both countries must be doing something wrong there. I still think it's the bulk-up hormones being injected into our beef! It can't be anything else. We have better men, I love bulky men! We have more better schools here, Anna is going to one of the very best in the country! We have better actors and actresses. We have better technology. I have yet to see England launch a rocket into space! So why the heck are they hating on Americans? Every chance they get, they hate on Americans. I see it all the time and it's crazy! There is just no need for it. It's a quiet war going on between the younger generation of the USA, and the younger generation of the UK.

I dunno, this could be the thing that is also going to mark the end of the world. People being so hostile to one another. I try to maintain a good attitude. But with everyone all around me hammering at me for all kinds of petty reasons, sometimes it's difficult to keep my cool. Anna says I should stay off YouTube. LOL! Well, my consolation is that not everyone on YouTube is bad. Yesterday I blocked someone who is not a bad person, but he was hounding me about a subject that I've completely closed the book on, and have no desire to keep on going with. Because he's going to say he's right, and I will keep believing I am right, and for the sake of my well-being I had to block him. Because I just have no interest in turning around my beliefs. If people would accept others' beliefs, then the world would be a more decent place. I always accept other peoples' opinions. I don't like to silence, or block, someone on YouTube! Well, sometimes they make it so easy by being so pushy, acting like my channel is their's and using name-calling, and those people I actually enjoy blocking. But that last one made me feel bad! I almost wrote to him on his channel, explaining why I blocked him, but I decided not to. Because if I had, I knew it would have attracted more people with his beliefs to my channel. Many are not as nice, or subtle, as he was.

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