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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How To Tell A Fanatical Vegan

OK, I know I said I've closed the book on this subject, but yesterday I found a video on YouTube that I had been looking for for a while. This guy brings up some very good points! So I favorited it, so I will always have it! This guy obviously did a great deal of research.

Of course if you go to that video thread, the vegans all hate this guy, because he really debunks their beliefs. But I say Hey! If Gary Yourofsky can do it, then so can this dude. He brings up a lot of interesting points. For one thing, the vegans all argue that living a vegan lifestyle will make you live longer. But this guy points out that only ONE true vegan has ever lived into his 80s and 90s. Vegans say that there are no heart attack victims that are vegans. Well, this guy found two of them that did die of heart attacks, or heart-related problems. Vegans all laugh at me because I speak out against veganism, and am fat. Well, this guy is saying veganism is not completely healthy, but is he fat? He's not what I call fat. And I know fat!

Well, one of the comments on that video thread led me to a site called adaptt.org, it happens to be a site that celebrates Gary Yourofsky, a leading spokesperson for veganism today. I glanced through it. I found a few interesting passages. Yourofsky does not like PETA. Thank GOD!! At least I know he is not following a group led by some hypocritical bipolar dumbass bitch like Ingrid Newkirk! But apparently this group who does celebrate him, adaptt.org, is almost as bad. Yourofsky just seems to be a bit more subtle than PETA by giving lectures. The thing is again, he only tells people what he wants them to hear. I found the thing about pus in milk to be nothing but a bunch of bullshit, when you really research the subject. The problem is these people he is lecturing to, most of them won't do their own research, and take his word as the gospel. But it was this passage on the site that got me most interested. This reporter said "Frankly, when I went to interview Yourofsky, I expected to meet a fanatic." That passage can be found on this page. I sat here and thought "If this person did not see Yourofsky as a fanatic, then maybe this person does not know what makes a fanatical vegan." Which is what inspired me to write this blog post. Then I read on. This person added "Afterward, not only did I find him frighteningly sane and mostly convincing, I had the rather uneasy feeling that always comes when you realize that you are a hypocrite." I thought, "If this person thinks Yourofsky is sane, there's something wrong with him!" The man confesses to have been arrested many times, the police do not usually arrest sane people unless it's for a suspended license, or some minor misdemeanor. But no sane person gets arrested more than a dozen times! Here's another interesting fact, Yourofsky confesses to having been banned from 5 countries. NO sane person ever, in the history of humankind, has ever been banned from 5 countries!! Also, sane people do not put the life of a cow, pig, chicken, goat (all animals that in the wild would be some other animals' prey anyway) before the life of a human's. So I thought I would give a headsup to what I think makes a vegan a fanatic.

First, you may ask, what does the word "fanatic" mean? Well, this was what dictionary.com has to say about the word: "A person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics." That being said, I want you to take a look at what Yourofsky has said about people who eat meat. These are his own words quoted on this page quoted by Claudette Vaughan:

"Deep down, I truly hope that oppression, torture and murder return to each uncaring human tenfold! I hope that fathers accidentally shoot their sons on hunting excursions, while carnivores suffer heart attacks that kill them slowly. Every woman ensconced in fur should endure a rape so vicious that it scars them forever. While every man entrenched in fur should suffer an anal raping so horrific that they become disemboweled. Every rodeo cowboy and matador should be gored to death, while circus abusers are trampled by elephants and mauled by tigers. And, lastly, may irony shine its esoteric head in the form of animal researchers catching debilitating diseases and painfully withering away because research dollars that could have been used to treat them was wasted on the barbaric, unscientific practice of vivisection."

I saw this and I thought "WTF??" Doesn't this wussy know the rules of karma? Anything you wish on someone else comes back to get you 3-fold! And since he has wished oppression, torture and murder on what he calls "uncaring humans" tenfold. That means that oppression, torture and murder will return to him 30-fold! And that would be for each and every human affected by this that he considers "uncaring". As much as I cannot stand Yourofsky, I don't wish that on him at all! See, that's not in my nature. I never wish ill on anyone, because it always comes back to get you! And to think, the owner of this site called Yourofsky "sane"! LOL! That is totally laughable after seeing this paragraph! Sane people do not wish oppression, torture and death on their fellow humans. I've only heard words like that come from the mouths of serial killers, and other people who really do belong behind bars!

So here is a list of what makes a vegan a fanatic. I've had to block a lot of vegans this past week on YouTube, who I feel are fanatics.

A sane vegan says "It's your life, you live your's your way, I'll live my life my way".
A fanatic says "If you don't live your life the way I want you to, I'll kill you and your whole family!"

A sane vegan says "I became a vegan for health reasons only. And if it happens to save a few animal's lives, then that's better."
A fanatic says "I became a vegan because I hate people, and animals should not be tortured for food."

A sane vegan says "I love being a vegan".
A fanatic says "If you're not a vegan, I hope you suffer when your coronary arrives." or "I hope you see your kids die."

A sane vegan will tell you what it's like to be a vegan, then let you make your own choice because that is your prerogative.
A fanatic will wish death, or torture on you if you are not a vegan.

A sane vegan will accept your decision gracefully, even if it's not the same decision they made.
A fanatic will cuss you out, call you every name in the book that they can think of, and wish death on you.

A sane vegan respects all living things, including humans.
A fanatic puts a prey animal's life before the life of a human's.

A sane vegan would never own a cat as a pet because they would have to feed the cat real meat (which would go against their beliefs that prey animals should never be killed for food), and feeding it a vegan diet is considered, by any veterinarian's standards, being cruel.

What denotes a prey animal? Prey animals are herbivores that are commonly victimized by predators. They can be identified by having pot bellies, thin legs, and eyes on the sides of their heads (carnivores have eyes that face foreward) so they can scan for predators while lowering their heads to feed. These animals include cattle, sheep, chickens, goats, pigs, all animals that would be prey for other animals in the wild anyway. Including humans who are still practicing the ancient hunter-gatherer techniques.

Other things a fanatical vegan will do:
  • Calls eating meat "murder".
  • Accuses the person eating a steak and drinking milk of being uncompassionate.
  • Compares the slaughter of animals to the holocaust against the Jews.
  • Says anyone who uncloaks thier beliefs is uneducated, misinformed, or ignorant.

I once heard someone on one of my vegan friends' facebook page say she doesn't understand why people call them fanatics, when all they are trying to be is compassionate. Well, look at my list above of what the difference is. Which category do you fall under? You can't be saying things like "I hope you suffer when your coronary arrives" or "I hope you see your kids die" and be considered compassionate. Those meanings don't go hand-in-hand. That makes you an insane fanatic.

Gary Yourofsky said in his most famous lecture that you put a child in a crib with a rabbit and an apple, if the child eats the rabbit and plays with the apple to send him an email. LOL! Well, I said to one vegan that even a lion cub of comparable age will not kill an antelope. It's brought to them prekilled by the adults of the troup. A baby lion simply does not know how to kill it's own prey. They don't learn it until they are, in a sense, teenagers. The parents teach them how to hunt. Same with humans. A 4-year old child cannot know how to hunt. But a 14-year old child can learn, if the parent wants to teach them. And maybe a 4-year old child will not kill and eat a bunny rabbit. But put a pork chop in front of the same child, and I will assure you, that child will lap it up! Maybe even before he even thinks of going for the apple!
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