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Sunday, April 3, 2011

In Denial

Well, I had to close down the ability to post comments on all my vegetarian/vegan videos. I really hate having to do that! But I did it for a reason. Actually for 2 reasons. First of all, I did my research, and I found that a completely vegan diet is not 100% good for me. I debunked the myths that this guy, Gary Yourofsky claimed in his speech were true. I don't believe in "speciesism", and there is nothing anyone can say that will make me believe that it is anything more than a comical artifice. So as far as I am concerned, the subject is CLOSED!!! Time to move on to other subjects. The second reason is simple. Hearing the same shit, over and over and over and over again, gets OLD!! Answering with the same response gets old just as quickly! The vegans are always going to say "You are an ignorant and uneducated woman" and I'm just going to give them the same response each time, "You are just in denial!" This morning alone, I got 4 different people giving me that same comment, and each time, I gave them that response. It gets old, dull and boring after a while. Besides that, it makes me feel gauche! Repeating the same thing and reading the same thing got very vexatious!! The vegans are too cowardly to come here and read my blog, which would explain everything. So, they continue to say the same things on my videos, and it gives me a headache after a while because I'm sitting here slapping my head with my hands, thinking "GEEZ! Can't you people come up with some better responses than that??!!" No matter what I would do, I could have the best scientists and doctors on the planet say that a 100% vegan diet is not good for you, and the vegans will still say that myself and these scientists and doctors are uneducated. Because we would be telling them something they don't want to hear and don't want the public to know or take seriously.

A lot of them seem to think they are smart or funny, when they're really not. Many of them are nothing more than the high-priest of anal warts! Especially the fanatical vegans. I got a couple of them saying that they wonder why I am not embarrassed to show my videos. Well, I can answer them in one well-worded sentence: Because I know I am right! Just because a number of vegans are going to tell me I am wrong, or uneducated, does not make it so. Just because they don't agree with me does not mean I am going to throw the towel in and say "forget about what I read during my research, the vegans are always right, so I'll agree with them!" Nope. They are not always right. My studies proved some of their theories wrong. Gary Yourofsky and Ingrid Newkirk are NOT my gods. Just because they say it does not mean I am going to believe it. Yourofsky is nothing but a journalist. And if he is a journalist who works for an ARA group, I would not even take what he says as the gospel. They really do very little research. Researching what other ARAs have to say is not researching! It's only getting one side of a very complex story.

Being very contemplative here, do you really think humans were meant to be pure vegetarians? If so, then why do vegans have to supplement their diet with artificial vitamins and minerals? Why don't vegan humans have pot bellies like other vegetarian animals? Did you know that a lot of animals that are perceived as strict vegetarians occasionally do supplement their diet with meat? Yes, it's true. Deer in Britain often eat birds. Pigs are omnivores, pure and simple. Even cattle have been observed supplementing their strictly grassy diet with the flesh of other animals. There is a species of antelope (same family as the cows) called the duiker that also feeds on birds, mice and small reptiles, on top of plants and other greens. It's not a far stretch for a vegetarian animal to turn to eating the flesh of it's planetary companions to occasionally supplement their plant-based diet. Like I said in my last post, that's LIFE!! Take it, or leave it. I remember I once watched a video from Onision, and he said that the convergence is happening, and vegetarian/vegans are going to win this battle. But I don't think they are. All their actions are going to prove is that they are just unpretentiously annoying. You will NEVER get what you want by just being annoying. All you will get in the end is a black eye, or a fat lip, or a nose bleed. In the past month, I can tell you that the level of vexation these people display is unparagoned and maniacal! But then it usually is when you have people repeat the same shit over and over, and then try to push their beliefs on you. I just want to say to the people who said I was ignorant, naive and uneducated to F-off! Katrina thinks I should use that phrase more often. I asked Katrina not to jump in again, and she's been pretty good at not getting involved. Not that I don't appreciate her doing it. She's funny in fact with some of her reactions, and she makes me laugh! But when she gets involved, it makes me feel like I cannot stick up for myself. And I know I can.

I don't mind that they all disagree with me, that does not bother me. They can hate me all they want to, that's perfectly fine! They don't need to like me. They can even sit around and call me every name in the book. Doesn't matter to me! But to constantly hear "you are ignorant and uneducated" when it is perfectly clear I know WAY more than they do, it just gets old very fast!! Then to give them the same response "you're just in denial", that too gets old, and that statement is clearly a fact! I have no intention of changing my ways. Even less now that the vegans have tried to pester me into it. Not gonna happen! My grandma's aunt ate meat every day of her life, and she lived to be over 100 years old. So that debunks the myth that vegans live longer than meat-eaters. And no, that is not only my opinion. That is a fact! So really there is no conclusive reason to go vegan, except maybe ethics. And I'm not one of those whose heart bleeds for cattle, pigs or chickens. But yes, I do love my dogs, and they love me back.

I remember some years back, I saw a video on the Pluba forum of the Chinese cutting up wild raccoon-dogs for their skins. And they would mutilate these dogs while they were still alive. The animals were even still alive after they had been skinned and then thrown into a pile of other skinned dogs. Now, that video I could not watch!! I have dogs as pets, and the way those wild dogs were treated was horrendous!! The way the people in China treat animals is horrendous!! This past week, I read about these turtle keychains, which is a completely enclosed plastic container, with a small, live turtle and colored water and beads inside. The turtle cannot get out, and it cannot breathe, and slowly suffocates to death. After the turtle is dead, then what? What would you do with the keychain?? I wouldn't want to carry around a keychain with a dead turtle inside it. And besides I think that is inhumane, simply because it is a slow, suffocating death for no other reason than human embellishment. This is why I do not buy furs, and I do not condone the sale of real furs from inedible animals like foxes and mink. At least if it's cattle leather, then I can say nothing from that cow has been wasted. The cow completely served it's purpose. But nobody eats foxes and mink! This is the only thing I completely agree with vegans on. I do not buy animal skins. Particularly not skins of animals that cannot be eaten. It just feels wrong to me to just take the skin and throw the rest of the animal away.

This is all I have to say. If you are a vegan, and you disagree with my post, that is your prerogative. If you are going to try and push your beliefs on me, I suggest you F-off and go find another target that you can more easily convert! Someone who is a total wuss. Your comment won't be accepted either, as I am not going to get into a "you said this, and I'll say that" conflict with you. If you want to discuss without throwing around the word "ignorant", and "uneducated", or any words corresponding as such, I will discuss. But I will still believe you are in denial.

OK, so I stand corrected that there is no such thing as "speciesism". It was actually first quoted in 1970. But just because I have been corrected on that issue does not mean that I now believe in it. If you're going to use that word to describe this kind of human behavior, you might as well use it to describe all other normal animal behaviors. Like how hyenas kill zebras, or lions killing antelope, or Minnie killing squirrels, etc. Why pin that label only on humans? That doesn't make sense to me.


mikessa said...

Minnie has been killing squirrels? She better stop it. I kind of wonder if Papillons were once hunting dogs, because Minnie seems to take on the charactoristics of a hunting dog.

Your right, there is no such thing as speciesism, or any of these wierd "-isms" they make up. Vegans are stupid and they will always stay that way.

Oh yeah, I wanna tell you. I have been meaning to tell you this for days. I was waiting for a bus at a nearby field and I saw a prairie dog, actually about a million of them. I came within 5 ft. of one. I wanted to take a pic of it, but it went into the hole. And in the distance, I was watching about 3 or 4 of those prairie dogs chasing each other. It was so cute. When you get to Bozeman, I'll show you the field where you can really see them. There fun to watch.

TimGal said...

I thought there was no such thing as speciesism either. But some guy pointed out to me that it is an actual word, but it got it's start at the height of the hippie craze!

Remember when we were on our way to Michigan, and we stopped in several places in Montana? I remember seeing a colony of prairie dogs that established their burrows on an island right by the freeway. It was cool!!

Yes, papillons are spaniels, so they have somewhat of a hunting instinct. Even though they descended from spaniels that haven't been used for hunting in many centuries.