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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ma Is Pissed!

I knew she would be! She's angry because I bought that ticket to the INXS concert in Woodinville. Well, I got another application for a damn apartment, but to be honest, just looking at the kind of people they say will get rejected, I can honestly tell you I don't think I am going to get accepted! For one thing, I've never had a rental under my name before. I always put the rental agreements under my sis's name. She's older! They also state that I cannot have lived with a family member for the last 2 years. I've been living with my sis. I think that's a dumb reason not to accept someone into their apartments! I may have read it wrong, I dunno. I need to contact this place and ask them to set me straight on this! Moving to Bozeman is looking less and less possible right now! But I have no choice! If I could though, I would pack up what I can and just move myself into one of these new apartments out here in Ocean Shores. There's some that they were going to turn into condos once, but now they are allowing people to rent them as apartments. I wouldn't mind moving in there, I was going to anyways when they were selling them as condos. It's either that, or seek a roommate and share the expenses. Until Anna can get established in Bozeman, or where ever the Hell she plans to move to once she graduates.

I would like to have moved to Westport, but the decent apartments there will allow you to have cats, but no dogs. That too sucks!! I don't want no fricken cat!!! Cats are the most useless animals on the planet! I don't know why humans domesticated them! You can't really eat them. You can't ride them. They don't herd sheep or cattle. They don't show you they are happy when you come home from work. They're USELESS!!! Not saying they're not cute, I'm just saying they are worthless animals. There isn't anything a cat can do that a dog cannot. I've even heard a dog say "meow", and sounded just like a cat. A cat can climb trees, and most dogs cannot. But if I want a pet that will climb trees, I would get a monkey! Monkeys are so much better at climbing trees than cats are, and are so much more graceful! There's nothing a cat can do that a dog cannot, but there is plenty a dog can do, that a cat cannot. If it weren't for dogs, we would not have civilizations. We would still be living in caves, and have almost no technology. That's how important dogs are to humankind. Dogs and horses were actually the original building blocks of our societies. Just as vegans see no real point in humans eating meat, I see no real point in having a cat as a pet.

Speaking of vegans, I must say, they are at it again! LOL! I've closed the book on the subject of veganism, but they keep wanting to go on and on and on with it. Like I told you, some of these vegans are simply annoying! I must say one good thing about them, when it comes to persistence, they are the champions of the World. Too bad none of them are very persuasive. I saw a video put out by jpmetz on YouTube. She's one of the uber-popular people of YouTube, she has tons of subscribers (though I admit I am not one of them), but those who are subscribed to her seem to love her. Well, in this video, she talks about eating meat. We've been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years and we always lived just fine! Of course the fanatical vegans hate her for that video, because she sits there and munches on a turkey leg and talks about eating meat being good for us. She says everything in a sort of sarcastic way. Anyway, I favorited the video. I just like her attitude on there, and I love how the fanatical vegans shit talk her. But she says "Screw you if you don't agree with me!" LOL!! Well, I learned today that some other fanatical vegans have posted my videos to their Facebook pages. I said fine! Let them do it, that's what the videos are there for! I got like 4 personal responses today. Two of the people were very nice, one was a dumbass, and I informed him that he's been blocked. The other, I'm kinda unsure about. I got some bad vibes from her message, but she was not really all that hateful. One of the nice people was the one that informed me that my videos were receiving a lot of negative responses. I told her they are just fanatical vegans, and I never listen to the fanatics. I still say how I live my life is nobody's business but mine, and what I eat is nobody's business but mine.

I'll tell you, I will bend my way of thinking and give up my dietary choices once the vegans....
1) pay my bills
2) pay for my groceries
3) Tell me why my Vegas lived, while his brother died
4) Tell me why my Groucho died
5) Tell me what the Hell is so special about keeping cats as pets

Once I get vegans doing all that, then and ONLY then, will I allow them to tell me how to live my life. You know, they say animals are self-aware. I still totally disagree with that. Omnivores are the smartest group of animals there are. Look at all the animals that are considered most intelligent, most, if not all, of them are omnivorous. Yet, I see dead raccoons on the road all the time! I'm seeing them now more often than I see squirrels. If animals are so smart, and so self-aware, don't you think by now raccoons would have learned that cars are dangerous? I don't even see as many dead rabbits as I see raccoons. And cattle. Cattle are among some of the stupidest animals on the planet. They are totally not self-aware! Someone on that video thread said she grew up on a cattle farm, and said cattle are so dumb, they will actually allow themselves to get shocked by their electric fence several times a day. I believe it too! LOL! Cattle are incredibly dumb animals. But regardless of that, a prey animal is a prey animal. And besides that, they taste GOOD!!!!!!

Well, honestly, I have bigger problems to think about than some fanatical vegan shitheads hating on my videos. They are the LEAST of my concern now. I may have to make a rough decision that is going to get me in a Hell of a lot of hot water!!! I can feel it now! It may not even work out. That kinda scares the Hell out of me! A lot of it will depend on if I can get ahold of someone at that apartment complex in Bozeman. Sure hope I can! As for the INXS concert, well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.


mikessa said...

I've already taken care of that problem. As for the INXS concert, if your here in Bozeman with me, how are you gonna get to the concert? And if your not here, I have the car with me. You should have thought of that before you bought the ticket. your gonna have to sell it to one of your friends.

TimGal said...

I planned to use the car to get to the concert. The only thing is, you may have to keep the dogs with you.