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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Personal Pet Peeves

Here is a list of my personal pet peeves. This week I've encountered some that are completely unbearable!

1. Eastern USA baptists churches. They are more like a cult! I swear they have the same idealisms!! One family seems to have become infamous, because the mother, Shirley Phelps, is so sick and twisted, she pickets everything, even soldiers who died in the war and being buried, she calls it "worshipping the dead" and says everyone who attends that funeral is Hellbound. I'm glad my church isn't like that, and I found out that not all baptists are like that. Just the ones on the eastern half of the US. While in my church, we sing about GOD's love and compassion, they sing about GOD's hate and wrath. They stand on corners, holding picket signs that say "GOD hates fags", and "GOD hates America" and they scream and shout to random people "GOD hates you!" and "Sinners will all go to Hell!" Their ideas are over 2000 years old. They seem to have forgotten that is why GOD sent Jesus here, to die for our sins so that people who commit a sin can be forgiven. And the fact that they use the word "fag" still in reference to gay people, shows how ancient their ideas are. They believe they are perfect, and that no one in their circle of friends and relatives in their church will be going to Hell. They have no right to judge anyone! Only GOD has that right. They can't even preach HIS word right! And I cannot get over how immature this Shirley Phelps is! When I saw her smug, pathetic little grin on a video, I just wanted to slap her HARD!! Don't believe me? Here's one of many videos with her. She is the woman, and don't be fooled by that big grin. Behind it is an evil person, and she's not grinning because she's happy! She's grinning because she's a smug little pussy-ass bitch.

I actually got some pleasure out of seeing her and her stupid cult get their butts kicked by Anonymous! And I don't usually agree with everything Anonymous does. Small wonder Phelps is the way she is, you should see her father. And the worst part is the kids are already showing as much hate as their mom does. They are also getting victimized for it, they have no friends in school, and I saw in one video where someone threw a cup at one of their children (a 7-year old boy) while they were standing out protesting a fallen soldier's funeral. The teenage girls laugh about it, but it's a kind of laugh that says they are more hurting inside. A young teenage girl spoke out against the Westboro Baptist Church because she said there is so much hypocrisy (I agree with her), and her family disowned her because she said that. They don't care, they'll disown their own kids, and be happy when any of their kids die even the 'good' ones, and other such horrible things. Want to see more videos of Phelps in action and hear what other evils she relishes? Go to Youtube and search for "Crazy religious lady" or search her name.

2. People who talk about these mongrel dogs as if they are purebreeds. I see it all the time! I see people getting online and say "My (insert first two syllables of one breed here)poo (or "doodle") is the best dog in the world, and I want to meet other owners of [afore mentioned mixed breed] and see if their dog acts the same as mine!" Your dog is a MUTT!!! There is NO definite character for mutts. Not even if they are mixed with the same breeds. You might find one who acts like your dog, but it's not likely. Case in point, when I was a kid, 2 neighbors of ours had sheltie/beagle mixes. Must have been acquired from the same BYB, but anyway, there they were. One was sweet and lovable, but she was a wanderer. The owners could not get their dog to stay in their yard even with a fence around it. The other one was more cautious of people, and prefered to stay in his yard, even when he was outside their fenced-in back yard. Mixed breeds have no distinctive personalities, and it really irks me when people talk about them like they do! If they want a dog that is going to have a distinctive personality, get a pure breed dog, then you know what you are getting!

3. This royal wedding going on. Who gives a shit if some wimpy, mousey man is marrying some stuck-up, fugly, skanky whore?! I sure don't!!

4. When you try to help someone and they absolutely refuse it, or throw it back in your face, while at the same time playing the martyr! Example: my ma is back to being friends with Nancy. Nancy is a wonderful person, so don't get me wrong on this. But she was working on a job where they treated her like shit. Finally, the man gets in her face one day, about a month ago, and tells her to get out, she's fired. Nancy felt very threatened by this person. But, now she's got no job, no money and no food. Her last paycheck is all gone now, she could not even get a birthday gift for her granddaughter, and she has no one to lend her money. Well, ma tried to give Nancy some helpful advice. I told ma to tell Nancy about a temp agency that always managed to keep me busy! Anna too! But no, Nancy does not want to go with them. She has a thing that she only wants to go with temp agencies that will put her on jobs where they will treat her like shit. She loves playing the 'woe is me' role. Ma recommended Nancy get on welfare and foodstamps, and she said Nancy kicked like a steer when she recommended that! Ma gave her the option, do you want to eat or don't you? Nancy said she doesn't want to go about it that way. OK then! So ma is through giving Nancy advice. Now, Nancy has asked ma to lend her $60 to cover her rent, and ma cannot give it. She doesn't have it. Nancy might lose her house, and everything. I feel bad for her, but if she won't take ma's advice, what can she do? Ma told me about a refrigerator that she sold to Nancy several years ago, and Nancy was supposed to pay $125 to ma for it, but she never did. She doesn't even have that house or that refrigerator anymore. Nancy is a good person, too good! But she has never been known for intelligence! She's very set in her ways, and again, she likes people to feel sorry for her. She likes that feeling so much, she will go to any lengths to get that. I'm the kind that likes to do things for myself. I only play the "woe is me" part for my videos, and only because people think it's funny.

Well, those are my personal pet peeves.

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