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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Poor Little Me!!

LOL! I once Googled my name and there was a site devoted to me where someone had posted a picture of me (that apparently had been taken down before I got there) and it had that caption under it. I think I know who that was the work of, but I'll get into that some other time. Anyway, I did it. I shouldn't have, but I did it. I bought my ticket for INXS's next concert in July. And I must have been out of my fricken mind!!!! I knew I was not supposed to do that! But I did it anyway :( Normally, you would not see me with a frown on my face after just having bought INXS tickets. I'm usually glad to be going. But this time, I keep asking myself "WHY in the vast universe did I buy those damn tickets!?!?!" I knew I wasn't supposed to! I should be saving my damn money for the damn move to Bozeman!!! Why did I buy tickets for the concert to INXS?????? Yeah, poor little me, or stupid little me, take your choice!! Now either one would suit me well. I had no business buying that ticket!

I wasn't even going to! The sale started at 10AM this morning, and I woke up a little later than that. I figured all the good seats would be gone. So I said to myself, "Well, it's just as well. I need to save my money for the move anyway." Later on, about Noon, I got a little curious if there were any good seats left. So I looked. Once I found out I could get nearly front-row seats on Timmy's side, there was no stopping me!!! It was like a drug! I had to have it! You might even say I blacked out. By the time the lights came back on, I was out $95. Then I was like "Ohhh SHIT!!!!!" Why oh why did I do that???? Talk about things that are total bottomless money-sucking vacuums; cars, rental homes and INXS top the list. All I can say is, this had better be one hell of a concert!! I'd better not see that damn Nikka Costa there!! I hate her!! She sucks dirty tiger balls!! I know there won't be any of my meeting with the guys, although I would love to again. Actually, I would love to do a video interview with the guys myself! But I have the feeling Timmy is going to look at me with disgust. LOL! If he does hate me (because of the things I said on here about Kirk) I don't really want to know it! That's why I don't actively go out and meet celebs. I don't want to know what they think of me, because I am such a shy and quiet person. Although I have met several celebs in my day, most of them was when I was a kid. You can get away easily with being quiet and shy when you're a little kid! But if you're an adult and like that, people tend to think you're psychotic. And I just don't want to know the person whose pic I admired in magazines thinks I'm psychotic. LOL!

The one I would really LOVE to meet up with again would be Andrew. I love Andrew!! He reminds me so much of a big, cuddly teddy bear!! And the last time I met him, I was so engrossed on how hot it was in my surroundings, I'm afraid I didn't appear very friendly to him! I've been kicking myself about that meeting ever since! I just shoved my book at him and told him to sign. It shouldn't have gone like that!! But it was like 200 degrees in that room!! I was sweltering! I just wanted to get out of there. I'm sure he doesn't remember it, but I do. And I have felt like shit about it since then. That was back in 2006. Well, regardless of such, I will be bringing my video camera, and making a video of the concert. So, stay tuned to my YouTube channel! I'm going to do it like I do all my videos, in the form of a movie. Except it'll be just me, the dogs, and INXS. Yes, I may have to bring my dogs with me. Unless Anna will agree to babysit them while I am away. I think I am going to title it "Timmyfan and INXS in Woodinville". Or then I may come up with something more creative. But then I should let people know I will be at an INXS concert there. The concert is apparently being held in a winery. I hate wine, so I don't think I'll be sticking around to try any. I can imagine the setting to this concert will be like that of a bar scene, with a bunch of inebriated and rowdy fans all around me. I might be the only sober one there. I'm not as worried about the concert it's self as I am about all those drunken fans driving home, or wherever they will be staying. That's going to be the thing to worry about. I have to try and make it back to Montana somehow the next day.

I am still, in some ways, not looking foreward to moving to Bozeman. And after 3 nosebleeds yesterday, triggered by the cold, dry air, wild ragweeds in the backyard, and already faltering sinus allergies, I'm not quite sure anymore if I do want to move to Bozeman. But now, I can't back out. Due to circumstances beyond my control, this cannot be undone now. The proverbial wheels are already in motion, and cannot be stopped. If I just keep thinking about the good of moving to Bozeman, I will get through. At least there, I will be close to shopping and malls. I heard the Gallatin Mall is quite impressive. But this may be my very last chance of getting to see INXS before they retire. LORD knows they won't come to Montana! Timmy didn't even know the state exists! No hope of them going there for a gig. So, I have to come back here to see them. But I am dearly going to miss Ocean Shores!

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