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Saturday, April 2, 2011

This or That?

Did you ever read the story "A Tale of Two Cities"? Well, this blog post is going to be somewhat like that. LOL! Just having a little more fun with some of the vegan viewers on YouTube, especially this one who calls himself TheAdamdeck. I have a 2-part video up now debunking some of the myths Gary Yourofsky made so clear in his speech. Now, I could never go vegan! I love chicken, milk and cheese far too much! Apparently vegetarians are different, they eat chicken, fish, milk and cheese. So if I were to convert to anything, it'd be that. But I have no interest now in converting. But I do have vegan friends, and I totally respect their point of view.

Well, TheAdamdeck believes totally in "speciesism", and so I called him a wuss. IMO, anyone who believes in that is indeed a wussy, because there is no such thing as "speciesism". I still say that, and I will always believe it. Well, TheAdamdeck believes that when we pamper dogs and eat cows, we are practicing "speciesism". That's totally dumb! That's not "speciesism". That's LIFE!! One of the first things I learned in my adult life is that life is never fair! Why was Vegas born alive, while his brother was born dead? Why do some people like cats, and not dogs? Why are some people rich, while others are poor? Or barely make it in life? Why are some animals, like rabbits, antelope and deer, always getting eaten, while other animals, like lions, wolves and bears, are not? Why can parrots learn to talk, and not finches? Why do elephants live to be 70+ years old, while mice only live a maximum of 4 years? Why are some kids bullied, while others become popular? Why do all these things happen? Because that's LIFE! Deal with it.

Take me, I love animals. I wouldn't have my dogs if I didn't. But I don't believe my dogs are equal or superior to me. They are lower life forms. They're wonderful, but they are not our equals. But to be fair, I'll give this guy a challenge. He suggests we treat cattle with the same love we give dogs. Well, show me a video of a person sleeping, and snuggling up with a cow on their bed, then we can talk about cattle and dogs being equals. Actually, that's just the way our American culture is. If you want to go to a place where cattle are treated like our equals, then move to China! I saw one vegan commenter today say that she never even kills bugs! I'm thinking "So what happens if you step on an anthill or get too close to a bee's nest and they start biting and stinging you? Do you just slowly go sit down and gradually pick them off one by one?" By that time, the ants and bees would have that person almost stung to death, or nearly eaten. I wouldn't take that chance. And there is one thing that I do not tolerate at all; cockroaches! Nothing would drive me out of a house faster than seeing a cockroach crawling along the floor! I can't stand them! They get in your food, and dump all over it, and they spread diseases. And houseflies, you know how many different kinds of diseases they carry? More than 100! You know where a housefly has likely been before it gets into your home? They look harmless for sure. But they are really filthy, disease-laiden creatures! They eat animal droppings, then when they get on your food, or kitchen counters, they puke up their last meal, and then slurp it back into their bellies. This can spread salmonella, cholera, typhoid, and whatever the animal died of that the fly last fed on. Could be anthrax for all you know! I don't like houseflies in my house either!

Then, you have bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and lice and those things are all evil!! It makes me wonder, how many vegan people actually allow all this stuff into their home, and don't want to get rid of them because they don't believe in killing animals? Yet they think nothing about killing other people. I've had my life threatened by vegans. Katrina did too, and her family was threatened by a vegan. Of course one of my friends told me that the vegans that threaten other people are what is called 'fanatics'. She said she saw vegans on Martha Stewart and thought of me. The first question out of my mouth was "Did they act like jerks?" This friend said no, they were actually very nice. I said "That's good. Most of them have the mentality of 'if you don't live your life the way I want you to, I'll bomb your house and kill your family!'" That was when this friend told me those people are the fanatics. MsPearlsGirl was definitely a fanatic! As I believe this guy TheAdamdeck is too. Well, one good thing, they would never be welcome in my home, as I am sure I wouldn't be in their's. And that is perfectly fine with me! Especially if they have lice, bed bugs, fleas and cockroaches. Those things could easily latch onto their clothes, and they would wind up bringing them in here and I can't have that!

Funny thing, "fan" is a shortened word for "fanatic". I consider myself an INXS fan, but never once have I threatened any non-INXS fans. There must be another word for what I am. LOL!

And most vegan men are wimps. I hated to say this to one of my buds, as she loves vegan men. But they are skinny wimps! I'd rather have a man with some fat and muscle than to have a twig hugging me. Even vegan men with muscles look wimpy. A man should never be wimpy, IMO. That's because plants have nothing that helps you bulk up. My former boyfriend could probably break those "muscle-bound" vegans in half on the first attempt!

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