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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fat People At Walmart

Yesterday morning Anna and I went to Walmart in Lacey, we needed to get some groceries, and that is where we typically go. When we get there, we start off at the produce aisle. I needed to get some things to make my potato-leek soup, which everyone here loves. We had just picked up some leeks, and I needed to get some potatos. Anna stood by the cart, while I crossed the aisle to pick up a plastic baggie to put the potatos in. As I was crossing the aisle, this mega fat woman paused in front of me, and gave me a dirty look, so I returned the look back at her. I then reached the bags and as I was pulling one off, that fat woman walked by and first of all I can tell you she STUNK!!!! She smelled just like she had shat on herself just as she was standing there in front of us. Second of all, I heard her mutter under her breath "fucken get your ass out of my way." I just laughed at her, she didn't even have the guts to look me in the eyes when she said that.

What she said did not bother me. Her attitude bothered me very much. Because fat people already have a bad reputation for being just like her. She is the exact picture of what people think of fat people. She smelled bad, and she had a bad attitude. I wrote about this in Craigslist's Rants and Raves. I'm a fat chick myself, as is Anna. I have nothing against fat people. I don't hate on this woman because she is fat. I am hating on her because she gives decent fat people, like me and Anna, a bad name. We take baths, we don't smell bad, and I am always nice. I don't pick out random strangers in a grocery store, or anywhere, and just be rude to them. I always try to be nice to everyone. The only people I am hostile to are those that deserve it, the ones that start it with me first. And if this fat woman was upset with me because I gave her dirty looks, then she should have thought about that before she gave me those looks. You can't give someone who doesn't know you dirty looks and not expect to get them back.

Unfortunately, it is fat people like her that everyone judges all other fat people against, and that is very calamitous. And all it takes is one bad fat person to alter the minds of the masses. This was how I addressed this woman on Craigslist. Though I really don't know if she will read it or not. But I got several personal responses about it.

Fat Chick At Walmart (Produce aisle)

This morning my sis and I went to the Super Walmart in Lacey, we were in the produce aisle, as we had just got started, and this mega fat woman came up and was going to drive her cart between us. Well, I had to get a bag of potatos to bring home to complete my potato-leek soup. Well, this fat woman gave me a dirty look and I returned the look back at her. Then I allowed her to go through, while I got a bag to collect my potatos. As she passed by, for one thing I could tell you she STUNK!! She smelled just like she had shit her pants, right at the time she was standing in front of us. Then I heard her mutter under her breath as she walked by "Fucken get out of my way!" She didn't even have the decency to look me in the eyes when she said it, and probably thought she was saying it at a volume that I could not pick up.

What she said did not bother me, but her attitude. I have nothing against fat people, as I am a fat chick myself, as is my sister. But it's fat people like this woman that gives decent fat people like me and my sister a bad name!! I see fat people like her and it reminds me of why there are so many out there that hate fat people, and judge us so harshly. Girl, if you are reading this, please do us decent fat girls a favor and take a shower! Stop going to public establishments smelling like you just took a dump on yourself!!! Then do something to work on that attitude of yours! Fat people already have a bad reputation for being bitchy! Us decent fat folks don't need a bad fat apple like you to reinforce that stereotype and make it worse! Get a job! Get laid if you can find someone who will lay with you in spite of your bitchy attitude. And if you are just pissed off at people because you've been bashed by fat haters, then either learn to accept it, or do something about it. Like me, I'm fat and I never stop smiling! Besides that I am always nice. I even let you go without kicking your butt because I preferred to laugh in your face than let you ruin my day. But every action you put out there, defines you as a person, and whether we all like it or not, in the eyes of others, it defines all fat people!

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