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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Less For More

I am really cursing this recession. I think it is because of this recession that everyone is cutting corners so tight, it's difficult to breathe! Anna and I went to the ice cream parlor yesterday, and I ordered a sundae. I don't get many chances to have ice cream, so this was a real treat. Well, when I told them I would like to have some whipped cream on my sundae, they told me that it would be 50 cents extra. I said OK, then make it a lot! OK, I accepted the 50 cent extra charge for whipped cream, that was fine. Well, I got my sundae and they gave me 2 quarter-sized spritzes of whipped cream. The first thing I said was I wanted a little more cream than that. They told me that was the regular-sized spritzes they give. I asked "This is what I am paying 50 cents for?" So the young lady took the sundae and added another spritz of whipped cream. I was happy, but if I had gone with the original layout she gave me, I would have been ticked off paying 50 cents for that! I wouldn't have minded paying maybe 20-30 cents extra for spritzes that size, but 50 cents was a LOT for that!! That's why I was upset!

Seems now whenever you go to a restaurant or some place like that, you get charged more and more and receive less and less. Yet now when you are paying taxes, you have to pay so much more, yet wages seem to be getting smaller! Either that, or normal wages just are not stretching as far as they used to! This is really beginning to suck! And what the Hell is Obama doing about this?? Gas is now over $4 in many places. A few places still have it for under $4, but very few! Because of that grocery shopping is Hell on Earth!! It's just so wrong! I haven't had a raise in 3 years now. Yet the costs of everything is going sky-high! We are about to move out, and I am beginning to believe this may not be the best time to move out because of the rising gas prices. UGH! This makes me so mad! And what makes matters worse is Anna wants to go to Mount St. Helens and to Oregon, and I really don't think we can because we are going to have to save what money we have for the move. We are renting a huge truck to haul our items away to Montana, and the gas for that is going to be heck to pay for! Those big rigs only get like 8 miles to a gallon! We will have to fill up several times on the way to Bozeman.

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