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Monday, July 18, 2011


Apparently, there is a man who lives here in Bozeman, and he calls himself "GopherGetter". He frequents the Bozeman Rants and Raves portion of Craigslist. He needs to get a fricken life! It is going to be 90 degrees here in Bozeman and what does he do? He sits at his computer all day long and researches people he does not know, gripes about people on welfare, Mexicans, Native Americans, farmers, calls everybody a "fucking moron" or a "fucking loser", acts like he's perfect, but then hates it when someone else does the same thing, and has even griped about small dogs.

My first encounter with him was when he was talking to someone who was griping about dog parks here. Apparently GopherGetter has a rottweiler, which he does not believe in keeping on a leash. Bozeman has a really REALLY strict leash law. I cannot even walk my dogs from my apartment to the mailbox without them being on a leash! It's illegal. But this man brags about his rottweiler, and how if his dog chooses to attack someone's toy poodle, then that is too bad for the poodle owner. I told him that if I see his dog loose in town and it goes after any of my dogs, he's going to pay for them! I would make him pay for them! He'd pay my dogs' vet bills down to the last penny, and if my dogs were to die because of his dog, I would make him pay to replace them! That is if I didn't shoot his dog first. I don't know about Montana, but I do know in some states, it is OK to shoot someone else's dog in self defense and the owner cannot say a word about it. I would not only be defending myself, but also my own dogs. Then he started going off that if my dogs attack his dog, he's going to shoot them. His dog is a fricken rottweiler! What are 2 chihuahuas and a papillon going to do to hurt a rottweiler!? And my papillon is nice to every dog she meets. She even plays with Sharon's german shepherd dog.

I was offline for a month, because of the move. So if he responded to my last post, I didn't see it. When I did get back, I noticed there was a lot of gripes about Mexicans taking jobs away from white Americans. There was pages of those kind of complaints!! All by the same person who bragged about letting his rottweiler run loose to destroy other peoples' little dogs. I know it was the same guy. He's just evil. When you see his posts you can tell! One person who knows this guy personally, said that he's supposed to be taking anger management classes by order of the court, which are not working on him. Not surprisingly! Well, when I got back, I responded to his post with a rather long post myself. This was how I responded to him (his quotes are in bold):

"Anger management???? Hmmmmmm are you talking from experience?"
Sounds to me that person is spot-on.

"I know how to talk to women, but i only react to someone that starts their shit!!!"
And so do I. I don't believe I called you names. I stated that if you are going to let your dog harm my dogs, you will pay for it. And you will.

"I am sorry that I just dont back down,"
I don't back down either, bro. I've stood up to tougher men before. Believe me!

"I have no problem respecting my fellow neighbor, but when they act like this individual, i would prefer that they not be my neighbor!!!"
"When they act like this individual", By how? Suing your butt off if your dog attacks my dogs? Tell you what, you keep your dog on a leash, I'll keep mine on a leash, and you won't have to worry about that. :)

"We dont need people like this in Montana,"
I thought Montanans were supposed to be tough? Well, that's me.

"People with these sissy dogs that think they can take them anywhere they want to."
Hey, just because you don't really like dogs doesn't mean the rest of us don't. I happen to love dogs, and my dogs have just as much right to go anyplace your dog does.

"I saw a lady argueing with a store clerk because she couldnt take her miniature dog in to the store to go shopping with her!!! and when she walked back to her beemer, she had california plates..... imagine that!!!"

Well, that was obviously not me, because I do not have California anything. I don't even like California. And I know not to take my dogs into a grocery store.

"and then there is the threats of her and her rifle..... oh boy!!!! I am scared now!!!"
Well, it's no worse than you threatening to let your dog kill and eat my dogs. Isn't it. :)

"I spent 11 years in the Marine Corps"
So what? My father spent 25 years in the Marines! And he retired in VERY good standing. And besides, NO Marine training or badges will get you out of a lawsuit if your dog harms my dogs! You WILL pay for their vet care, and if they die because of your dog, you will pay for me to replace them, and my dogs are not puppymill cheapo's! They have champion backgrounds and titles to their names.

"As far as what would do behind someones back....... it is no different then what i would do in front of them. If you cant say it to their face, dont say it to their back!!!! I am a firm believer of that!"
So am I.

"Alll in all.... MAMA BEAR..... you are welcome to go anywhere you would like, and do whatever you would like, just dont infringe upon anyone else!!!!"
And I ask the same of you too.

"And just one more thing, the next time you are on a cattle drive, make sure all them dogs are on leashes too!!!!!"
I haven't been on any cattle drives yet.

"Have a great time in Montana MAMA BEAR!!!!"
Thanks. I have so far.

"and be careful who you are threatening to slap..... "
And be careful whose dogs you are threatening to turn yours on too. :) Have a great day.

Well, when I wrote all that, later on, GopherGetter responded to me. This is what he said:

you're a fucking loser. anyone with as much time as you to cut and paste that crap on a beautiful day like today must be a total potato with no desire to get outside.

get off your ass, drop the tough guy motif and go out and do SOMETHING! We're all tired of your shitty rants.

LOL!! I had to laugh at this post! To him, everyone's name is "you're a fucking loser". What he didn't notice was that the post I made to him that day was made early in the morning. Here's the date and time stamp that was on my post:

Date: 2011-07-06, 9:13AM MDT

So my post was posted at 9:13 that morning, which left plenty of time for me to do other things that day, and I did. I went swimming. I took my dogs to the dog park up by the university. I sat here and home and chatted with friends. My life does not revolve around GopherGetter! But see, that is this guy's M.O. He shits his pants over things he knows NOTHING about! And about people he doesn't even know who will not bow down and kiss his butt. And who wants to kiss his shitty ass anyway!? Another thing, he said at the end, "We're all tired of your shitty rants." I don't think so. Everyone is tired of his rants though! They have been since I got there. That's because when he rants, he becomes totally obsessed!! If you were to go to Bozeman's Craigslist, you would see his rants cover several pages, and they are all about the same thing. Seriously, this dude is almost as annoying as the fanatical vegans!! Whatever posts are not about the same subject he's griping about, he will turn it around and make it about him and his gripes. Like this person who came in wanting to kill himself. I could not believe how he said to this guy that if he wants to kill himself, it's OK. That guy was obviously looking for help, and GopherGetter ruined it! I haven't heard from that suicidal person since, and if he killed himself, it's all GopherGetter's fault!!

GopherGetter will also come in several times, and pretend like he is several other people. Yesterday was a hot, beautiful day, and he posted several different times. About 17 times to be exact. In between those posts, he was looking up the history of one family of someone he does not know either, whose ancestors owned a ranch here in Montana. He must really have a lot of time on his hands. TOO much time!!! He was calling this person's ancestors cowards, thieves, and accused them of "stealing money from American taxpayers" in the form of farm subsidies. GopherGetter assumes that just because a family owns a farm or a ranch, that they are living off of taxpayer money via farm subsidies. Again, he is making assumptions of things he knows nothing about!! People like him make me so mad! He NEEDS a good smack!! Another example of his assumptions came with this guy who was angry because someone dented his wife's car and didn't leave a note. So GopherGetter gripes because the man's wife wanted to park closer to the store enterance, and then calls this guy's wife a "fat, ugly troll" for no reason except that she wanted to park closer to the store enterance. Then GopherGetter gripes because the man is ranting over not getting a note from the person who dented his wife's car.

If you ask me, GopherGetter needs to get over himself. He's mad because people are proud owners of farms and ranches. He calls them arrogant. But when you see the majority of his posts, you will see that no one who gets on Craigslist is as arrogant as he is! He thinks he's the only person in America that has to pay taxes! He thinks he's the only one who has any right to taxpayer money. He brags about being an 18th generation white Montanan (which I found there is no such thing in real life). He thinks he's the only one who can sit on a computer all day, and no one can assume he's a fat-assed little bitch. This was my last post to someone who is a business owner, and was attacked by GopherGetter. She commented that she hoped not everyone in Bozeman is a bigot:

Trust me, it's only ONE bigot, who is probably pretending to be several different people. But he's pretty easy to spot. Though I must say he has cleaned up his grammar a bit. But any time you see someone (who is a loser himself) calling other people a "fucking loser" or a "fucking tard" or motherfucking everyone and every thing, or you see him posting shit about "welfare moms" and "beaners", and "loser white trash" and blah-blah-blah. you now know it's the same person. So now he's started to attack another man's wife without knowing that woman's situation. Maybe she's in a wheelchair? Who knows? The attacker doesn't, so he calls the man's wife an "ugly, fat troll" as if her looks have anything to do with anything. No, this attacker just wants to turn every rant posted on here, into something about himself, or turn it into something that satisfies his warped, and insane sense of reasoning. He's probably nothing himself but a fat-assed, video-game-playing monkey who sits around watching anime cartoons all day long, and gets on CL for no other reason except to cause trouble and spread shit.

What I also cannot believe is there are some people on here who have e-mailed this person. You could not pay me to e-mail this person! Who's to say he won't hack into your e-mail account. I just never e-mail people I don't trust! And I don't trust this character.

Now I fully expect this little boy to write me back here with the "you're a fucking loser" epitaph again, and more of his senseless droning, and yadda-yadda-yadda. Just so you all will know. it just goes in one ear and out the other.

I don't know how this man has managed to stay alive. Seems everyone who has lived for any length of time in this town knows him, and hates him. Why is he still alive?? GOD really does move in mysterious ways. But I guess that's the sad fact for any town. There's always one or two assholes. Though MOST everyone I've met here in Montana have been really nice. Just not GopherGetter.


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