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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Big Issue

Well, yesterday's incident between Raymie and Anna got a lot of attention. Sharon was there and she and Raymie decided to get Lois, the apartment manager, in on it. Sharon blew it all up and out of proportion, and decided she was going to cause a big stink about it. Lois was on Anna's side though. Lois understands that Odessa is Anna's baby. Raymie did not deny saying that she wanted to break Odessa in half. Lois told her that because she threatened Odessa that Anna's actions were justifiable, and told Raymie to just drop it. I thank GOD we have an apartment manager like Lois. She has a dog herself, Brandie the wheaton terrier. Brandie is her baby too. She's like her child. So Lois understands how Anna felt. But Anna does need to work on her attitude. I'm shocked that she is back to threatening people with bodily harm. I thought she learned her lesson long ago!  Even though I know Anna would never really hurt anyone! But Raymie is a feeble old woman, whose mind is not all in the right place. You have to take what she says with a grain of salt. With Andy, it was different. He gets pleasure out of hurting other peoples' dogs, and he's not a feeble old man. Although I can tell you, his brain is not in the right place either. But Raymie could not possibly hurt Odessa. She has to use a walker to get around, and she can barely do that! Plus, Karen told me Raymie has had loads of birds before and her daughter has pets too. So it's not like she's really an animal hater. I think maybe she was just having a senior moment (that's what my ma calls it), where she just forgot herself.

Speaking of Andy, I saw him again this morning, coming into the dog park, and the first thing out of my mouth when I saw him was "Boy! His belly is really bulging out of his pants today!" LOL! And it was!! He looked like he had swallowed a big-ass bowling ball!! What is the irony in that? hehehe! And he talks about me and Anna being fat. Can anyone say "pathetic"? There are a lot of fat people in this complex, including Andy himself. No one wants to hear his pathetic bullshit about Anna and me being fat. I cannot stand that guy! But I love to talk shit about him! Simply because he loves abusing other peoples' dogs, as well as other people! And he struts around trying to convince people that he is "all that". He thinks he's the bee's knees, and he's really a big nothing! He'll never be able to convince me he's anything but a total douchebag! And that's his good points. Well, I have a plan. If I ever see him abuse anyone else's dogs, I'm going to grab that shovel that Karen uses to pick up the dogs' droppings, and slam him on the head with the bottom side of it!

I cannot really believe that Sharon was going to throw Anna under the bus like she did! But then again, maybe I can. Sharon has lately turned into a nasty old coot! Karen said she's always been a bitter, negative old bitch. But nothing like lately. And she started the feud between her and Karen. She just up and called Karen a fucking stupid idiot one day, for no reason, and as of lately, she never apologized for it. Sharon must be telling people things behind our backs! Every person that she gets heavily involved with always turns on us and automatically hates our dogs. I'd never seen Raymie before in my life before yesterday, and neither has Anna or Odessa. I did see her and Sharon talking when I got off the elevator yesterday, and she never said anything to me. Sharon must have said something after I had walked away that made Raymie want to attack Odessa verbally like she did. The only one who could have said anything was Sharon. And Sharon has shit-talked my dogs before. It happened this one night, close to the 4th of July, I took my dogs out to the park to go potty. Sharon was there with another man watching the fireworks, and she kicked me and the dogs out because she didn't want to hear Vegas barking. Ever since then, I've been very leery about Sharon! It's like that old saying that goes "once bitten, twice shy". I'm a very shy person by nature. Once I've been burned by someone, it takes nearly an act of congress to get me to trust them again. Sharon didn't even burn me as bad as she did Karen, and I'm having a hard time trusting her. But I may never trust her again after the way she threw Anna under the bus like she did. I don't know what has gotten into Sharon. I try to be nice to her, and she just comes out acting like a crabby old goat!
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