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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Comment Stingy

Not on here, but on YouTube, I've become somewhat stingy about what comments I will accept. I just don't see the point in what some people think. I don't know why people view videos that they know is going to bother them. Yesterday I got a viewer, who calls himself piperace, on one of my snake videos whose only comment was "ew". I looked at his channel, and all he has is a dumb animated video he did, and his drawings are shitty! Really! My 5 year old nephew does better drawings than that dude! So does my 3 year old niece! LOL! I said to this chap "If you don't like my snakes, then don't watch. BTW, I think your drawings are ugly." I don't see why people look for videos that they know will disturb them. This dude obviously does not like snakes, yet he's looking at my video that talks about them. Stupid! But then, that's today's kids! And you think he would have at least come up with something more creative than just saying "ew". But kids today have no imagination. Those that do have some level of creativity, I never see them use that talent to insult on my videos!

I don't mind haters, they usually just give me something to laugh at anyway. I just wish they were more creative on my channel. Every one of them always says only the same dumb BS comments. Comments I typically get are "EW", and "fatty" and "fat fuck" and a relatively new one that is now getting old is "Man the harpoons!" The latter is an example of a comment that was cute in the beginning, but now everyone is using it and it's gotten old! I want to read some new stuff. Some people are beginning to use the word "obese" more, which I guess is better. But dammit, I want to read some more creative comments!! I was shocked no one before MsPearlsGirl even thought of calling me "Timmyfat"!! I was almost positive someone like Hobofart would think of that one, but he never did! Even I saw that one coming, and wondered who would think of it, and how long it would take! LOL! I guess the reason people come up with the same stuff is they cannot find anything else wrong with me. But I will never understand people like piperace, who doesn't like snakes, coming into my video about snakes. So, that is why I am getting stingier with which comments I will accept on my videos. I even blocked his butt! Now, he cannot comment on anymore of my videos. I say, if you don't like my videos, then don't watch them. And if you do watch them, you have no right to complain! I still think his drawings are ugly! It's a good indication of his personality. Or what's left of his personality. LOL!

I got another comment by someone who is only 14 years old. He said "fat ass no one cares about ur stupid opinions get a life and do something besides eating". I refuse to let a 14 year old talk to me like that on MY channel and MY videos! I replied "Shut up! You're only 14. You have no rights. You're lucky I even accepted your stupid comments. You only have what rights I give you. :)" The same really applies to all commenters. Some people act like they own my channel, and they don't! I believe in free speech, but I also believe there are cases where some people carry it too far. These are just some examples of that. These are the cases where I just don't understand how some people process. They have very negative attitudes. I often wonder if these people spend all their waking hours doing nothing but just going around their neighborhoods and looking for nothing except something they can complain about. I remember my days of doing that. It's called curiosity. But I stopped going in places that I know would bother me, because it gave me an attitude like what I saw in these two guys on YouTube. Now, I have a much more positive outlook on life. I even stopped responding to people with negative attitudes. For the most part, unless I am in a giddy mood. Now, I only respond to positive comments I receive on my videos.

I'll tell you though, I hate censorship! So I don't look at it that way. I see it as it is my video, and my channel, and those who don't like it and watch it anyway, have no right to complain. I got some people on another video I did that say it was boring and one person even said "I want that minute of my life back!" LOL! Those people are dumb!! I don't twist anyone's arm to watch my videos! I don't even promote my videos! They chose to view that video. So they spent that time themselves. I didn't ask them to view it. I didn't even care if they did or not. No, I will not "give them that minute back"! They'll have to find their own way to compensate for that minute in their own lives. That's not my problem!

Another reason I will not accept all negative comments, I don't want Katrina to catch wind of them again! She will! She sort of "patrols" all my videos from time to time. She says watching my videos makes her feel good. So she does it when she has time to. And she simply cannot tear away from slamming people who slam on me, someone who she considers her second "mother". And she's been trying to get me to tell people to "f*** off" for a long time. Most of the time I just cannot do it. Though I did tell that 14 year old to shut up. But then, on my channel, I can make him shut up! LOL! Katrina just cannot get the message, I don't need her to defend me!!! She chooses to do it anyway. So, that's another reason why I am accepting less and less of the negative comments.

SOOOOOO many reasons! I don't know why I didn't start not accepting negative comments sooner!!

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