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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Fart Returns

Well, Hobofart is back again, and after a whole year of me not even giving him much mention. Looks like I am still on his mind! LOL! How flattering! hehehe! I guess that means I got him good last time, and he still feels hurt by what I said to him. LMAO! Well, I had actually been waiting for this to happen. Knowing Hobofart like I do, I knew he was going to try this sooner or later. I had a little surprise for little Mr. Hobofart. There was this one girl who called herself MzKillaNeden, and she used to be on Youtube, and she thought of Hobofart as a friend. I told her he wasn't her friend. Hobofart, knowing him like I do, can never be a good friend to anybody. I wouldn't even try to become friends with him! Well, I recently found out that Hobofart stabbed MzKilla in the back! He played a part in getting her account deleted off Youtube. Why? I don't know. But the important thing is he had a hand in it. Someone who liked him (one of very few people who did, I might add), and he just throws her under the bus like that. He's still there though, and she's not, and I think that's the shit! I told MzKilla he wasn't her friend. I can't make people listen though.

Today, Hobofart (under one of many new names) made a comment on one of my videos. Of course I did not accept his comment. He can take his bullshit elsewhere, though I did save it in my inbox. He wrote "OMG WHY ARE YOU ABUSING THOSE DOGS? AND WTF ARE YOU FEEDING THEM? THEY ARE FATY JUST LIKE YOU TWO OGRES! YACK! STOP STALKING PEOPLE AT THE DOG PARK YOU USELESS LOSER!" LOLOL!! Naturally, hobofart takes the side of the bad guy, who really is abusing other peoples' dogs (and probably his own). No surprise there. Either that, or Hobofart was referring to the part of the video where that little girl whose father lives in this complex, dunks Vegas and Minnie. Neither one of them was hurt in the making of that video. But Hobofart likes to blow everything way out of proportion. BTW, does anyone know what a "faty" is?? hehehe! He has his own little dream world, so I've learned pretty well to ignore him. I know he thought that I was going to get pissy with him, but no. I didn't. Instead, I responded in this way: "@HOBOZCARANDCO Actually, I'm glad you're here again. LOL! I have a video about you that I've been waiting to post, just in case you started needlessly bothering me again. I only hope MzKilla is watching too. :)" And I finally had a chance to post the video which I have titled "I Told Her He Wasn't Her Friend!" It was about how this intestinal worm got MzKilla banned from Youtube!

Within minutes of posting that video, I got a response from someone who thinks hobofart is his friend again. This trash calls himself MrWhiteysBack. One of Hobofart's little sock puppets. And as usual, he's trying to convince me that Hobofart is innocent. He said "were you dropped on your head as a child? hobo is pretty cool, and its easy to claim copyright under anyones name. i can CLAIM to be Lil' Wayne, and have this video taken down. failure. lol" Yeah right! That's the same kind of bullshit Hobofart always gives everyone when he is found out to be the dickhead he is. Well, it doesn't work with me. But I told him to keep trying to convince me of that. LOL! Now, I laugh at anyone who thinks Hobofart is their "friend". Not to say I laugh at MzKilla though. I do hope she learned she cannot trust people like him. He's hurt her before, and he would do it again. I even warned this guy that Hobofart will stab him in the back too. I added that when he does, I hope I have front-row seats to that event because I'm gonna love watching his face when Hobofart lets him down too. Don't say it won't happen! Because it WILL! This is a character who gets pleasure in hurting others. It's best to just drop him now from your friends! Get him before he gets you! I said in my video I'm glad he's not my friend! He never will be either. I would never allow that to happen. And there is no convincing me that he is anything close to "cool". So don't even try to go there with me!

Well, I deleted his comment because I know it's nothing but a bunch of bullshit. I don't want anyone to read it and think he knows what he's talking about. Like I said, Hobofart has his own little dream world, and his so-called "friends" are just as delirious as he is. But most likely he thinks of these people not as friends, but throw-away items like what he thought of MzKilla before throwing her under the bus. And she was such a sweet person too! This is why I never want to be friends with Hobofart! I don't make friends with garbage! My friends are kind, loyal, wonderful people that I can put my full trust in. And NEVER EVER would I do to any of my friends what Hobofart does to his! That kind of finking isn't even in my vocabulary!
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