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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy 54th Timmy!!

Well today is the birthday of a very special man. A man that I admire very much and have been admiring him for many years now. That is Mr. Tim Farriss of INXS. I still love him a lot! Last night was the last night of their tour in the US. I don't know if they will be going anywhere else in the World. But their tour finished with a concert in Atlanta. I didn't get to go to any concerts. I did have a ticket for the concert in WA state. But I had to send it back. There was just no way in the World I would have been able to make it there. All our money was tied up in this move, like it usually is whenever we move! There was just no way. And LORD knows I couldn't expect INXS to come here to Montana. Timmy doesn't even know this state exists. Although I don't know what he thought was here next to North Dakota and Idaho, and I believe he's been to both states. But anyway, that's not the point of today. This is a very special day for Timmy. It's his 54th birthday, and I wanted to create this message for him, letting him know that I still adore him. I know he doesn't like to be called this, but I still see him as the best guitarist in the World!! Not to mention, he is so very handsome! Whenever I see him in a pic, I cannot help but love him all over again. Sometimes I feel like a school girl! LOL! Well, I went to 4 concerts of their's during their last tour, and as I understand it, you could not bring cameras into the concert grounds. So, maybe it's a good thing I didn't go. I could have asked special permission to allow my camera in, but most likely they would have said no.

Before the US tour, INXS were asking the fans where they would like them to tour to. They were allowing the fans to create Facebook pages asking INXS to come to their area, and several fans did it. I thought it was a cute idea. And the thought did cross my mind more than once to create a Facebook page asking them to come to Bozeman. But how many other people, besides Timmy, doesn't even know this state exists? Let alone Bozeman! I didn't think a page for INXS coming to Montana would have got very many followers, so I didn't even bother with it. I guess maybe next time INXS goes on tour, I'll try to make it to the nearest concert. I just couldn't this time. Would have been different if our move could have waited, but it couldn't.

In other news, there is this man in our complex, and he has 2 dogs of his own. But he abuses other peoples' dogs. The man's name is Andy, and Anna and I cannot stand him!! He and Anna argue almost always onsight. One day he was passing out treats to the dogs at the dog park, and he gave a treat to Brandi, who is the landlord's dog, and then he kicked the dog in the chest. And you could hear Brandi squeal a little bit when he did that. Then, this past weekend, at our community's yard sale, he took a metal car funnel and slammed it on Brutus, who is my friend's somewhat oversized miniature schnauzer. I witnessed it, and so did Anna. Anna was fit to be tied!! She screamed and hollared at him, and he argued with her. He acted like he could do anything he wanted to and no one had any right to stop him. If he wants to abuse other peoples' dogs, he could do it and no one can say anything about it. Well, I told him straight up he's lucky that funnel didn't hit our dogs, because I would have scratched his eyeballs out! No hesitation on my part! Fortunately, the metal funnel did not hurt Brutus, or Brandi, who was also in the line of fire. They are bigger dogs, they can handle it better. But Minnie, Vegas and Odessa probably would have been killed, with the force Andy threw that funnel down on the dogs! But it still pisses me off how he did that, and then tried to defend his actions! I worry especially about Odessa, she's blind, and would not have been able to see if he had thrown that funnel on her. Thus she would not have been able to get away. And Minnie is so dainty and delicate, her back would have probably been broken. And Vegas is so small! And if my past is any indication, I do not take well to losing pets! I still mourn over Groucho! It's lessened, but I still mourn over her. Minnie was my saving grace on that incident. I got her to sort of ease the pain. Even though she does not cuddle like Groucho did. But she has helped in bringing me closer to Vegas as well. So yes, I need both my dogs! And I don't want to see Odessa hurt either.

It's such a surprise that Andy is like this! He even has 2 dogs of his own. One would think that he would understand that dogs bark. And that's what he hates the most, dogs barking. Well, I told him in no uncertain terms, if he harms our dogs, I'll scratch his eyes out! He can hate my dogs all he wants, he can even curse them! I don't care! But if he tries to harm them, he's going to be treading on very thin ice. I haven't heard a word from him since I told him that, and he's been hanging low. He doesn't even come into the dog park anymore. And now, when we see each other, we say nothing to each other. But hey! It's not like I miss him or anything! LOL! In fact, it'd be great if I didn't even see him again. Well, I informed the landlord of Andy's actions, so she knows. I hope she can do something about it! He thinks she won't. But I'm sure she will. Because he is not only being abusive, but also very disruptive. I hope he gets kicked out!

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