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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hate Raises More Hate

OK, so I stopped hating on my usual subjects on these blogs. I realized I was giving the haters WAY too much power over my life, as well as those I didn't like. I don't like doing that. Sometimes, I will talk about a hater, just so everyone knows how to identify them, as well as give myself a chance to laugh at them. Because let's face it, haters are FUNNY!! I now try never to respond to people who leave negative comments, but sometimes I get giddy, and do respond. Sometimes, when I am in that giddy mood, I will even go back to comments made some weeks before, and respond, where I didn't before. LOL! Gives me a chance to excersize my imagination. But I can remember a time I did let the haters get to me, that was back when I was a kid, and even in my early days as a message forum inhabitant. The last hater to make me feel hurt was a woman in the old AcmePet Chihuahua forum who called herself Kallie. And the ONLY reason I let her get to me was because I had once liked her. We got along great until she found out I was not a fan of the Taco Bell dog! Looking back on that now, I think that was a silly reason for her to start seeing me as a bad person, but then again when you really think about it, haters never make sense. And thinking back to the way Kallie was, these days, I would be calling her a tree-hugger. Because knowing what I know now about tree-huggers, that's what she was. I laugh at tree-huggers! I can't stand them. So, any 'friendship' that was ever there between Kallie and me would have ended anyway as I don't associate with tree-huggers.

Tree huggers and show breeders are about the only people I can't stand now. Some INXS fans suck shit but they are nowhere near as bad as tree-huggers and show breeders. Unless they happen to be INXS fans AND tree-huggers, or INXS fans AND show breeders. LOL! I once knew of an INXS fan who raised whippets. And she had whippets because it was the dog pictured on the Shabooh Shoobah album. Not sure if she liked them before that album came out, or if it was the album cover that influenced her interest in the breed though. I know some fans let INXS run their lives. Like some fans went vegetarian because JD Fortune had a shirt on at a concert that promoted PETA. I could never be like that because I like being my own person, and I don't want to go vegetarian anyway. But I hate tree-huggers because they hate others for not living their lives the way they want them to. I hate show breeders because most of them are stuck up, snobby people who make unfounded judgements and are so easy to hate. As much as I can't stand them, I also understand the reason why they are around. And I know they work hard to preserve their chosen breeds. If all show breeders could be truly the nicest people you could ever meet (instead of only generically being that way in the eyes and minds of other show breeders) then we could rid all the world of backyard breeders and puppymillers. Though as a former breeder who wanted to go show, I can also give you an experience I had where even kindness did not work on a newbie. But then my subject was a teenager too. You know how teens are!!

Anyway, I never saw the point in haters until I read this blog post: http://boingboing.net/2009/02/18/something-for-the-ha.html This guy has quite an outlook on haters. I like his views! I was referred to him by a person on YouTube who did a video about haters. You all know a lot of people on YouTube can be pretty evil. My guess was always that they have low self-esteem and they tease others in order to make themselves feel better. That's always been my assumption of what haters are all about. Sometimes they are also people who are exactly the opposite. They may have a high self-esteem. TOO high. So high to a point where they use it to try and bring other people down. That way, they will always feel they are on the top of the social ladder. A lot of the time, these kids do it for nothing more than attention and recognition. Nothing more. Sometimes, people are also threatened by the subject of their hate, and they hate on someone just to protect themselves. I even admit to hating on some people because I felt threatened by them. But not in the manner this guy was thinking when he wrote that blog. Mostly because, like the people on the delusional mods forum. They would threaten, and also talk all kinds of shit and I didn't want anyone I liked to read the BS they were saying about me and believe them. Because most of what they said about me was not true. It was all just their opinions, and their immature interpretations of what I said. But later on, I realized that no one I should be caring about is going to listen to them.

This brings me to this one paragraph on this guy's blog. He said "Some humans may hate you due to some sort of misunderstanding. I always employ and encourage open communication especially for sensitive topics. If the hater is somebody you care about, take the initiative to try to find out the cause of you being hated as it could be something over something very silly indeed." The part I don't get is when he said "if the hater is somebody you care about". Most of the time, the hater is someone I DON'T care about! I mean, if they are a hater, why would I "care" about them? Yes, I once liked Kallie, but she proved to be nothing more than a douchebag. It was HER idea, NOT mine, to end any associations with me, and only because I did not like the Taco Bell dog. Like I said, yes it was silly of her to harbor those feelings. But I was not going to spend the rest of my life trying to talk her out of it, because once she made that decision, I didn't care about her anymore. It's not my job to change someone else's opinion of me. It's nice when it happens, but most people want to believe the worst about some others. And I am too complex of a person for even me to explain to myself. LOL! I do a lot of things that even I don't understand why I do them.

Another paragraph he mentions, sounds very familiar to me. He said "Some humans hate you for not being how they want you to be. In their mind they have already decided how certain sets of humans should behave and when you are being just you and not behaving as they expect, they will hate you because you are not meeting their expectations. They could possibly see this as a threat to them because they don't know how to handle people who are not in their presets." This sounds very much like the vegan fanatics. They were the very first things that came to my mind when I read that part of his blog. You know what their latest thing is now? They are now saying that if you eat meat and drink milk then you are not an animal lover. LOL! I told you, these people will say anything to try and get people to stop eating meat. This is so funny! They cannot tell me I don't like animals! I have had pets all my life, and when I was a kid, I used to have to work hard to get my parents to let me have pets. I was so glad when I got old enough to make my own decisions to get a pet.

Well, I can tell you, just because I eat meat does not mean I don't like animals. The fact that I have pets, I enjoy working on my Metazoica project, and have studied animals all my life proves that I do love animals! There have been animal loving people a lot longer than there have been vegans. So yes, you can be an animal lover and still eat meat. You can hunt animals and still be an animal lover. What I don't consider animal lovers are like the people who say chihuahuas are rats, not dogs. Those are the real non-animal-lovers. Most of the time, people who say that are people who do not like small animals. And IMO, no one can call themselves "animal-lovers" unless they love ALL animals. I love almost all animals. I only don't like panthers at all. I tried to work on that though, but it didn't work. I am still disgusted by them. And that's only one group of animals in one family. In the case of the feline family, the smaller, the better for me.

Well anyway, that was my take on that blog. It is a very interesting blog, and great to read.

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