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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Bashes the East

Well the east coast has been having a rough week. First a major earthquake, and now Hurricane Irene. I hope all my friends and my sis and her family are OK. I tried to call Eva and I could not get in touch with anyone. I am a little bit worried, but at the same time I know she knows how to take care of herself. But to date, I heard Irene has killed 8 people. That number could rise. Who really knows? But I do hope all my friends and family are OK. The only one that I know that I hope this storm claims is Hobofart. If he dies in this storm, I'm going to celebrate!! LOL! I know! That's an awful thing to say, but fuck him! He'd deserve it. It's not like he contributes anything to society, or ever will. So LORD, take him now!

Someone I know in this complex also has family in New Jersey. He's a roughneck! LOL! But he's an OK guy. His daughter and him were talking on the phone when I got out to the dog park this afternoon. She doesn't have any power now. I told him I hope his daughter is OK. He just said she's just waiting for her power to come back on. Did you ever notice that some of the most destructive hurricanes have female names? LOL! Women can give Hell! I still remember teasing Katrina when Hurricane Katrina hit the southern US. I wasn't doing it to make fun of the storm or the people who had to endure it. I just did it to tease Katrina a bit. Something I liked to do back then.

In other news, Minnie had a little bit of an incident this morning at the dog park. Brandie, the landlord's wheaton terrier, attacked my Minnie. It was partly my fault! I had forgotten about Brandie's temper! When Brandie is being petted, or babied, she does not like any other dogs to interfere. I never in a million years thought she would hurt the little ones! She's always been so good and gentle with them before. But this morning, I noticed Brandie was limping, and holding her paw above the ground. I felt bad for her and I wanted to see if maybe she had a pebble between her toes or something. So I had her paw on my lap, and I was looking it over. I had no idea Minnie was near me until I saw Brandie lunge at her! Next thing I know, Minnie is pinned down by Brandie, and Brandie is shaking her! I'm there trying hard to grab Brandie's collar to pull her off, but she was moving so fast I couldn't get a grip. Poor Minnie was screaming! Kim, my friend, was screaming in horror in the background, and Karen rushes up to grab Brandie. I don't know if Minnie got Brandie back, but I did see her curl her lips at Emma, who was after Minnie to see that she was OK. I went after Minnie myself. She was fine, but she was all shook up! I knew Brandie had a temper, I just didn't think she'd ever harm the little dogs. She knows them by now!

Minnie got away with nothing more than a tiny little puncture wound on her shoulder. Brandie's leg however, is another story. Her leg is much worse off now than it was when I got there. Lois told Karen that Brandie's leg is now swollen to twice it's normal size. Poor old gal! But in a way, she earned it. She should not have just lunged at Minnie like she did! But Brandie is a dominating dog. She loves attention and babying. She loves it TOO much! She loves it so much that she will attack any other dog that gets in her way when she is getting attention. I just never thought Minnie would be one of her victims! I thank GOD Minnie wasn't hurt worse. I know she could have been! She's so tiny and delicate, and Brandie is so big and tough. Wheaton terriers are nothing to mess with! They were bred to kill small vermin. There was no doubt in my mind that if she wanted to, Brandie could have finished Minnie off. I don't know if I could ever even look at Brandie again and trust her around my babies! I feel so bad that happened to Minnie. So does Karen and Lois. But I really feel bad. Because it's my job, as Minnie's mommy, to protect her from harm. And I failed at it this morning. I did try! But I failed. And that makes me feel bad! But now, Minnie is back to being her old self again. It's as if she's forgotten about this morning's incident.

Well Lois, who is the landlord and Brandie's mom, was so sorry about what happened, she sent Minnie and me a card apologizing for Brandie's actions. I was out at the dog park and Anna came to me saying there is a note attached to my door. At first I was thinking it was going to be a gripe from someone. Karen kept hinting that it wasn't a gripe, that it was something very nice. Anna asked her how she knew and Karen responded with "I'm not going to tell!" LOL! She's funny! Sure enough when I came back to my apartment, it was a nice little card from Lois apologizing for Brandie's actions. Well, I wrote one back to her, and I'll put it on her door tomorrow. I just wanted to tell her I appreciated her concern for Minnie and that Minnie is OK. Minnie didn't even go into shock. And all she has now is a little puncture that is healing up nicely. I'm putting some antibacterial ointment on it now. I think the worst thing that happened was that it scared the daylights out of me and Minnie! Then there is that post-traumatic stress I'm going through now because I could not really help Minnie before it got as far as it did. You know it's going to take YEARS for me to get over that? I still feel sad for what happened to Vegas when he was little.
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