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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Proud Mama

Well, I am now the proud owner of a 55-gallon aquarium. I've been wanting an aquarium since I moved here, and I've been discussing it in front of my friends at the dog park. Well, Karen asked me the other day if I would be interested in her aquarium. She had it and suddenly didn't want it anymore, and she knew I was in desire of an aquarium. I told her at first I would have to see it. She told me it will come with her fish. She had a couple of algae eaters, about 5 angelfish, a dalmatian molly, a platy, and some cory cats. I hoped her angelfish were not big ones, but when I went to her place to see, they are rather big. Angelfish are quite aggressive. I told her what I was going to do if I got the tank was get some tetras and little fish like those. I prefer the little fish over big ones. That way I can get more. And if I had kept the angelfish, they would have surely eaten the little tetras I would get, and I couldn't have that!

Well, once I saw the tank, I was interested, but I told Karen she could keep the angelfish. They were gorgeous fish, but I like the little tetras and rasboras and stuff like that. But I was willing to keep the others she had. However, the platy and 2 of the cories died in transport. Oh well. Sad as it is, it left more room for the tetras and smaller fish. So she got all the fish out, cleared out the tank, and brought it to my place and even helped me set it up. After that, I wanted to go shopping for some of those tetras and stuff I was talking about. I got some congo tetras, some scissor-tailed rasboras, some neon tetras, and some bleeding-heart tetras. My tank looks alive now! I missed having a fish tank for a long time. I could not get one when we lived in Ocean Shores, because I figured there would be no place to keep it. Most every space we had there was used up. Well, to be honest, there is even less space here! But I managed, through a miracle of GOD, to fit this big 55-gallon tank in this apartment! I don't think there is a way I can fit anything more though. Not unless I get rid of some stuff!

Well this morning I got up, turned the tank lights on, took a shower, fed the fish, and then took the dogs out to the dog park for about an hour. When I returned, I noticed there were clusters of eggs on the side of the tank!! This tank is very well aerated, and runs on strong currents, like in a lot of rivers. I really don't know who laid those eggs! I know Karen told me one time the cories bred, and had 8 babies! But I don't know who was responsible for these clusters of eggs! It could have been the molly. They breed very easily! Or it may have been the cories again. I don't think these eggs will hatch. They will most likely get eaten before their time comes. That's my luck! Well, Karen took really good care of these fish, I could see. I will just have to see what happens. If they hatch, then at least I will know who the parents are. If they don't hatch, well then it will just remain a mystery.

In other news, that guy Andy, who is always setting Anna up and shit talking us and abusing everyone else's dogs, he was caught smoking marijuana yesterday!! Right here on the apartment grounds! What a fucking retard!!! Karen, who is also close friends with the landlord, said that is grounds for immediate eviction! YES!!! I hope the landlord nails him! Then Karen and this other guy Mike, who saw the whole incident, were talking about Andy going to church this morning riding there in a suit and tie, on his bicycle. LOL! The funny thing about that was he got a ride to church last week, and the guy who picked him up seemed very nice. Andy probably said some shit to him about me, and probably got all freaky about it, like he usually does, and that guy probably said "You're nuts! I'll never give you a ride again buddy!" Andy goes to church on Sundays, and then acts like a complete asshole every other day. I heard all this, and I said "Geez! I'm glad he doesn't like me!" See! I sensed all this about this guy! I sensed it long ago! Like I said in my latest video, fat people are the best judges of character on the planet! Especially those who are as old, and have been around as much as I have. A thin, "beautiful" person would have heard Andy talking about us like the dumbass he is, and just laughed because he was making fat jokes. They still would have thought of him "Oh he's a wonderful guy, and funny too." Even though out of sight, he was probably shit-talking them, and using drugs and other things that would not make him the kind of person anyone decent should hang around. Even Karen doesn't like him anymore at all. I remember she told me one time how she was sharing her newspaper with him, and Andy threw it in her face and yelled at her because the newspaper was all wrinkled. She hasn't shared her newspaper with him since! Now she calls him things like "tard" and "weirdo" and other things like that. I agree with her too. I just cannot help but feel sorry for his dogs.

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