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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ugly, Fat, Stupid and Worthless

Oh boy! LOL! The vegan fanatics are at it again! hehe! Just like they say on the McDonald's commercials, I'm lovin' it! hehe! This is on one of my YouTube videos, this person who gets on one of my vids, and says about me "You are ugly, you are fat, you are stupid and worthless... does that hurt your self-awareness inmense biatch???" To which I responded "Nope :) doesn't hurt me at all :) In fact, it makes me smile. I love it that you think I'm ugly and hate my guts. That makes me feel wonderful. And no, that's not sarcasm. It's true. Because I hate vegan fanatics like you and I don't want you to like me. :)" However, I love how much they try! LOL! I normally do not accept comments made by vegan fanatics, but this one was too irresistable. Something just told me to accept this one. My inner voice. And I only respond to comments like this when I am in a giddy mood, and I was in a giddy mood! I had a lot to look foreward to yesterday! Anna and I were going to Livingston to have some fun. First, we looked for precious gems. I found some rather nice sapphires and garnets, and I am having a necklace made as we speak. I found a lot of garnets, they were rather easy to find. Sapphires were harder to find, and we only found a few.

After that, we went horseback riding and on a cookout. Anna had a bit of trouble and could not get on her horse, but I did it with no problem. I thought the horse was going to buck or go crazy with my fat butt on his back, but no, he did fine! hehe! I find it funny how when people try so hard to bring me down, I always find life gets better and better for me. LOL! If this fanatical vegan had gotten to me yesterday, my day would have been different. But since I don't habitually let what the vegans say get to me, my day was perfect!! All this dude accomplished yesterday with his comment was making the steak at the cookout taste even better! The thing is, I am getting used to the vegans. There is no way in the World their comments can bother me. And like I told this dude, I don't want them to like me! I feel a lot better when they don't. Of course I do still have vegan friends. But if they are my friends, they are not fanatics. They have accepted me the way I am. And that is rare among vegans, and non-existent in vegan fanatics. The fanatics prefer to stick their noses in other peoples' business and try to make them change. They won't change me though.

There are many reasons I won't go vegan. I am doing fine in my life, I don't need to go vegan. Besides, if I did go vegan, I would have to take massive supplements to make up for the vitamins I would not be getting. My preference in veggies is limited to peas, carrots, potatos, corn, and rarely cauliflower and celery. My range of favorite fruits is a little more varied, I like apples, grapes, peaches, pears, plus a number of juices. That is why I always say I could never go vegan. If it doesn't taste good, I refuse to put it in my mouth! And meat tastes GOOD!! Where most veggies don't. I was brought up to see veggies as nothing more than a side-dish. Not the main course. That lifestyle just would not work with me. And I get vegans calling me every name in the book. But I would rather have them hate my guts, and call me every name they can think of than to change myself out of weakness and change where I really don't want to change.

And they think they will outlaw eating meat. It'll never happen! Because we have freedom of choice. And even if they did manage to get meat off the shelves, I'd just find a way to raise my own meat animals. The fanatical vegans, like this guy, can hate me all they want to. I want them to! I want them to hate me until it hurts! I want them to hate me so much it makes their hair hurt! I don't want any friends who are vegan fanatics. They're not even real humans. They admit it themselves, they are evolving in a different direction. I say let them evolve. The group I am following are evolving into humans that may one day prey on the vegans. Who knows? In about 1000 years, we may develop sharp, curved claws. Though no primate has ever developed real claws. Yet quite a number of primates are omnivorous. The most successful primates are the omnivores. Whereas the strictly herbivorous species are declining in numbers.

As for these videos (like Earthlings) the vegans keep telling everyone to watch, I've seen it. I had no problem watching most of it. The only thing that bothered me was watching this one guy beat up a baby calf. He actually punched the little guy with his fists, and the calf was flinching. It was horrible. I kept trying to imagine hitting my horses like that, and I just couldn't. Well, it would have been somewhat similar. But the actual slaughter scenes did not bother me. I'm used to watching nature shows, I've seen much worse in those programs than anything I saw on this vegan video.

In other news, there is some friction going on in this complex. I try to keep my chat about what goes on here to a minimum. Anna and I have had no problems making friends. Some of my favorite friends here are a couple of women one is named Karen and the other is named Kim. Kim is confined to a wheelchair, but she has a lot of spirit! I think they are both very nice people. We get together and talk a lot about dogs. Karen has 2 miniature schnauzers, and she is often seen walking the landlord's wheaton terrier. Kim has a golden retriever. We often meet up in the dog park and sit and talk for hours about different kinds of subjects. Well, I found out that Karen does not like Sharon, the landlord's secretary. And the feeling is very mutual. I try to remain neutral, but ever since that incident where Sharon threw me and my dogs out of the dog park, I've been very antsy about her. It's kindof like the saying that goes once bitten, twice shy. I cannot even say I like Sharon anymore. Then Karen told me that Sharon does not have any authority to kick anyone out of the dog park. That was when Karen told me that Sharon is not the landlord's helper, but rather nothing but a secretary.

Anyway, Karen and Sharon hate each other. Today when I announced Karen was on her way into the park, Sharon quickly took leave, and right in the middle of a conversation. Karen hates Sharon because Sharon once got in her face and called her a "fucking stupid idiot". Sharon wanted to file a report against Karen and Kim because they told Sharon that her dog Cora took a dump in the park. It was just an FYI because Sharon was not in the park when Cora dumped. In this complex, it is mandatory for everyone to pick up after their dogs, and Sharon knows it. Well, she thought that Karen and Kim were ganging up on her because she was told about her dog. So Sharon wanted to file a police report. I heard that and I asked "What good is that going to do?" Karen said the same thing I would have said. She said "Fine. Then I'll file a police report against her for calling me a stupid, fucking idiot." The tension between them has been there almost since I moved here, but it's gotten worse this past week, since Karen and Kim told Sharon that her dog took a dump in the park when Sharon walked away.

Funny thing is Karen confessed she and Sharon used to be friends last year. Then Sharon said to Karen that Kim said something about her and then told Kim that Karen said something about her, and turned those two against each other. It turned those two against each other, and later on they found out none of what Sharon said about them was true. When I heard that, it made me feel somewhat disgusted! I don't want to get involved in the drama, but I like Karen and Kim. I think they are great! And they're a lot of fun!

As for Sharon kicking me out of the dog park, she has since done that same thing to someone else. Well, that person went to the landlord, and the landlord said "Screw that!" I'm going to remember that the next time Sharon tries to do that to me and my dogs! I only wish I had known she didn't have that authority when she did it to me. I would have told her to f- off. Well, I don't think she's going to do it to me and my dogs again. I'd like to say I like Sharon, but since that incident, it's been tough. I always try to be friendly though, and I will talk to her, if she talks to me first. But I don't say to her, "Hey! How are you doing today?" like I do with Kim and Karen.

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