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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Haven't Posted For A While

I just don't have time anymore. My life now is so busy it is unbelievable. I haven't even looked in on this blog in a few days. Well, tonight I noticed my blog has got a lot of attention from the Craigslist forums. Especially the post about my incident last winter in the CL Pet forums. I actually have more than one post about that forum, you'd have to look back a few months to see them. I haven't even had much time to get in that forum in a long time. In fact, this past week was the first time since I moved here that I have even posted on the pet forum. But once I posted, I didn't go back for days. The people in that forum are just so uppity, they make me sick!! So, going back there is not a priority for me. I posted once, then didn't go back for a few days. Then posted again, and I haven't been back since. I don't even remember what I posted. Well, I posted to one person about box turtles. I remember I had one when I was 15 years old. I named her Shelley.  And this poster asked about how to hibernate them. I told the poster about my experience in hibernating Shelley. Usually when I post there, the posts disappear so fast into the archives, I don't have time to go back and read any responses, and I don't ever activate the button that says "email responses". The one time I did that, my mailbox was FULL of responses. So full, it jammed my inbox. So I never did that again.

Well, at least now I understand why my views on this blog have jumped! I think that's awesome! It not only made my views go up on this blog, but also on my AdSense too!! I get paid each time someone opens this blog, so I don't mind if the links are posted elsewhere. The more views I get, the more money I get!! :) I don't even ask anyone to view this blog! But it's awesome when they do. Especially when they go whining to their cronies that I was saying nasty shit about them. hehehehe! That gets me more views than anything! I just hate pet forums. Simple as that. The people are always such assholes. You may find one or two nice people. But mostly, if the forum is crawling with show breeders, the majority of them are likely to be asinine jerks. In that forum, I disliked more people than liked. Not saying there weren't a few nice people, but the majority of them were assholes. I just don't go in much anymore (I noticed their views only in my online "spy" device. hehehe!) If someone posted a link to this blog, I wouldn't know who it is. Unless it was me. LOL! I expect the threats of lawsuits will begin pouring in at me now. LOL! Now that I understand a little more about free speech, it can't faze me anymore.

Funny thing! I love pets, and if there was ever a group I would think I could talk to on a friendly level, it'd be other pet-loving people. But that is totally NOT the case! Pet people, especially if they show, are some of the WORST people I've ever met anywhere!! But since I don't go into any pet forums anymore, that's all water under the bridge. But I hope they enjoyed that post! hehehe!

Well, on another note, I finally did that interview with one of my vegan buddies. Nice guy! And the interview came out great. I enjoyed it! I'm still not a vegan and have no intention of becoming one in the forseeable future. But it was fun to be interviewed. My first interview. I wonder how many more will follow. Well, he said he hopes that I get to know more friendly vegans, and get better comments. I said I hope so too. But honestly, I don't expect any nice comments to come from vegan fanatics. They're just fanatics! Fanatics are all lunatics. So, I expect nothing more than shitty comments from them. I got a comment from one of them this morning. He started off being rather nice. I didn't agree with him, but at least he was OK. At first! He said humans are closest in relation to gorillas and bonobos, and I told him that we are actually not related to bonobos, but to chimpanzees. I was nice about it! Believe me I was. But since he is only 18 years old, he's got a LOT of growing up and maturing to do. 18-year olds NEVER like it when they are told they are wrong, and being a fanatical vegan makes them much worse. So the next time he posted, he was nastier. MUCH nastier. He even told me to shut up. LOL!!! I get that alot from fanatical vegans! I always give them the same response! I said "You can't make me shut up on my own channel. But I can make you shut up if I want to!" I don't know why the dumbass vegan fanatics think they can shut me up on my own channel! LOL! It's funny when they think they can!

This kid thinks he knows more than me. He's only 18, and like all vegan fanatics, he has a closed mind. You know what is funny about that statement? I've been told I have a closed mind (also by other fanatical vegans). When I noticed they are the ones with the closed mind. Not me. They still believe the bonobo and human relationship theory, which has been debunked 4 years ago. We only share 97% of our genes with bonobos. Even less with gorillas (around 90%). Gorillas are the only purely herbivorous apes. I read even bonobos hunt for meat sometimes. But we share 99.9999% of our genes with chimpanzees (that's Pan troglodytes). But that's the vegans last desperate hold with the vegan vs. meat eating argument. Even though it's already been debunked, they still cling to it like it's their last lifeline. But little do they realize that it makes no difference. According to proper studies, bonobos eat just as much meat as chimpanzees. Though the fanatical, closed-minded vegans will tell you that bonobos are strictly herbivore/frugivores. My friends in the science field will tell you that they are not. So, this 18-year old can go screw himself. :) I told him that I have been studying animals AND evolution for more years than he has been alive, then I blocked his butt, just to prove a point. That he cannot make me shut up on my own channel. On HIS channel, he can. On MY channel, he cannot. I don't tell people to shut up unless I actually can make them do so. Doesn't make any sense otherwise. LOL!!

Oh! And MsPearlsGirl came back! LOL! She came back under a different name, but I recognize her style anywhere. She thought she could fool me by creating another account (and hiding it from public view) and giving it another name. But I saw right through her evil ways! LOL!!! I know evil when I see it, and I blocked her immediately! hehehe!

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