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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chat With Timmy

One of my Facebook buddies posted this on her page, it's the chat with Tim Farriss that took place on the inxs.com website back in 2008. I used to have this published on my MySpace blog, but when I deleted that site, I forgot I had it on there and I accidentally deleted it, along with the transcript for the chat with Jon and Andrew. Unfortunately, I cannot recover those. Though if anyone else has those transcripts, please let me know! As you can see, I was among the first ones that Timmy answered. It was the one thing I wanted to know from him. Although I can tell you that to date, Timmy has not released Fish In Space. I am still waiting!! *hint....hint....hint* I actually submitted several questions, but I'm glad he answered this one, as it's the one I really wanted to know. My name shows up as tkgschihuahuas. I bolded Timmy's words. You can see why I love this guy so much looking at his words! He's so fricken funny!!!

INXS.com Transcript: Chat with Tim Farriss
Friday January 25th, 2008 06:00:08 PM EST

INXS.com Tim Farriss Transcript: Chat with January 25 (US/UK, January 26 Australia), 2008

What is a Moderated Chat?: A moderated chat is a question and answer session. You will submit a question to the moderator, and the moderator will review the questions as they are submitted. When you submit your question you will NOT see it appear in the chat window unless it has been selected by the moderator/artist to be answered. Then the moderator and Tim will select questions they wish to answer. Tim will try to answer as many questions as possible. Please try and keep your question(s) short and to the point, this will make it easier for the artist(s) to answer.

hpyvlyrox: Where is your favorite fishing spot?

TIM FARRISS ooh, I have many--the Great Barrier Reef, Far Northwestern Australia, Port Stephens...and Sydney Harbor, cause it's a great place. I'm looking at it right now.

cancon: Is there any truth to the rumour about a INXS concert in Peru in march 2008.

TIM FARRISS In Peru? In March? Highly unlikely. Everyone is busy writing music and relaxing, so no immediate touring plans. We do love playing Peru, though.

tkgschihuahuas: Do you ever plan to release Fish In Space?

TIM FARRISS Yes! I do, in fact, I was just watching that and nearly died laughing. I look so young, I don't dare release it. Just kidding. In fact, I may release it through the INXS.com website, stay tuned...

ali_: Did the Band members see Split Enz live in the Seventies ? Did they influence you guys in any way?

TIM FARRISS We did see them live, they inspired us in some ways, andwe even discussed wearing costumes! But we opted for not wearing costumes.... An incredible band that came from the South Pacific. They're kiwis! We love them, good mates.

magenta: Hi Tim What bands do you listen to nowdays?

TIM FARRISS I listen to all kinds, right now I'm going through all of my written stuff from the last 20 years and getting through the weight of it. I like Kelly Clarkson, PinkÖmainstream music is good, though there arenít as many long-term rock bands with longevity. Hotel Costez I like, I don't like mindless dance crap.

stacybeavigdis: What is your absolutely favorite band to see live? And how many times have you seen them?

TIM FARRISS ooh, I couldn't choose one, but I did see the Beatles play one song live back in the day and I loved it. The most enjoyable band was Pink Floyd. They invited us to a show--it was the most incredible production, out of this world. Me, Michael Hutchence, Doug Morris and Chris Murphy got to see Prince on the 1999 tour at Radio City Music Hall. He was amazing. I've seen him 4 or 5 times. Then there's the Clash, who I've seen 7 times...

wonderment: have you ever seen Flight of the condors on hbo?

TIM FARRISS Absolutely--number#1 fan! ìYou me in the mood, if that's what you're into.î Once again, bloody kiwis. They inspire me. Kirk and I used to have it off doing musical comedy, still do.

fairlight: Do you keep all the gifts that fans give you?

TIM FARRISS Yes. Well, depending. If it's a foam-filled orange donkey that's poorly stitched together, generally those will be charity bound. Small things, yes. But we're impossible to buy for. No one has ever given me the same key ring twice! I get the most use out of those and switchblade knives. Very handy for cutting hay.

partytyme: have you ever had a wordrobe misshap that you would care to share

TIM FARRISS using crutches onstage has been difficult at times. I've had two pair of Harley Davidson boots, and one time I put two Right foot boots on, and fell down on stage! I wonder if anyone noticed...

cary: How is fatherhood these days now that your boys are all grown up?

TIM FARRISS It's a lot easier! But, I have to say, I miss the days when they were really really little, because I was on the road a lot with the band, and it's hard to get that time back. After the teenage years, they start coming back to you, and now they're my best mates.

sassykathy: So if I am visiting Sydney for the first time, what are the "must-sees", in your opinion?

TIM FARRISS Oh, um, how long have you got? I think the Opera House is a must. Cocktails and canapes at the Intercontinental, the Harbor Cruise, Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Manly Beach, catch the Sydney Harbor Ferry from Quay, have a swim at the Sth. Styme. An iconic Sydney Beach. Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb is great. Also a must: visit the beach on the Southside, Bondi.

tazmatic: What is your fav INXS song that you love to play?

TIM FARRISS Ummm, it changes all the time. Some of them we haven't played for a while. I have different reasons for playing different songs, musicianship versus emotional songs vs fan favorites. My partial list...Devil Inside, I'm Just A Man, Suicide Blonde, The Stairs, Original Sin.

irmmbrmh97: How did you enjoy working with Godley & Creme on the "This Time" video?

TIM FARRISS Good guys! Nice guys...I remember having many humorous conversations with them. I think the video is groundbreaking. We've been so lucky in our career to work with a variety of talented people

inxsobsession: How many guitars to you have and which is your favorite??

TIM FARRISS Ahhh, my favorite is my 1956 Fender Strat in totally original condition. I love my 72 Fender telecaster, and I love so many of my guitars, they ones that were made for me, and my Tokoi Telecaster. I have about 55 guitars. Many are rotting away and should be played by someone who deserves it and can't afford a guitar.

inxs02: Did you have guitar lessons growing up?

TIM FARRISS yes, classical only, from the time that I was 8 (Which I loved). I had a classical guitar teacher in Perth, he was Italian, Mr. Federicci.

smorgan: Can't wait for a new album. What plans does INXS have to record again?

TIM FARRISS We haven't had real time to write it as a group. Once you do an album you have to tour, and we're not sure when we want to do that. We do want to make music again in the not-too-distant future. Soon as we can.

stacybeavigdis: I'm a red ale girl... What's your favorite beer?

TIM FARRISS Gee, that's a hard one. Kangaroo Belly Beers (has extra hops!).

njy_1976: Do You ever accidentally catch yourself singing Soup and Salad Bar onstage?

TIM FARRISS Sometimes...either way, it's better than 'oasis' (guess the song, win a case of Kangaroo Belly!).

bustindustin82: Being a rock star it must be hard to get good home cooking. What are you favorite foods to eat?

TIM FARRISS I love fish, seafood...I almost live on it. Especially Barramundi, oysters, watermelon, seedless grapes, and I'm fond of NZ Lamb, oh, AND natural sorbets, particularly with berries.

pumpkin: Who's a better guitar player in your opinion, Robert Johnson or Freddie King?

TIM FARRISS One thing is, it's not who's better, it's who you like more. Technically, Steve Vai is great, but does nothing for me, but Dave Gilmore brings me to tears. I'd probably say I'm a bigger fan of Robert Johnson.

TIM FARRISS Hi all, I've got to go now. Thank you to all the fans that have stuck with us over the years, and for coming along to see our shows. You really all mean a lot to us... We need a few months to catch up on family, since we've worked for a few years relatively non-stop. We'll still be around--It's the little breaks that help develop our passion for the road again. God Bless and Happy Australia Day! Tim
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