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Monday, November 7, 2011

Do Sane People Keep Blogs?

LOL! I remember a long time ago, when the delusional mods forum was up, a person who called herself "incognito" (it was really Vicki, ya know, the girl who had the big tattoo of the men of INXS on her arm) asked if sane people actually keep blogs. hehehe! I was probably the first person she ever "met" that kept a daily blog back then. The funny thing is, I wonder what she is saying now? Everyone keeps a blog! Big businesses keep blogs, so do a lot of news sites, television stations online, etc. etc. etc. I knew this blogging was going to become a BIG thing! That's why I started keeping them. Even Google it's self keeps a blog. Everyone uses Google. Even if "incognito" doesn't, I don't think Google would miss her! Google has many other followers! It's the biggest search engine there is. I personally think if you don't keep a blog, you're insane. Either that, or you're still in the dark ages. My sis even has a blog. She doesn't write in it much, but she still has it. I still see it there.

I don't write everything in this blog, but I do write a lot about some of the more interesting thoughts, happenings and ideas I have. Not every interesting idea though. Story ideas I tend to keep to myself for example. Or I only share them with my comrades. Only stories that are already completed and put up on the site will I share every idea with. Then there are some things I don't care to discuss anywhere. Like my medical conditions. Though I had one fanatical vegan troll ask me yesterday if I was on medications because I talk slow. I told her I never thought YouTube was some kind of verbal race or anything. My boyfriends always found my slower speech sexy. I just told her yes I am on meds, and they may have had a hand in making me talk slower. I did not tell her what kind of meds, or what they are for though, because I feel that is none of her business! Especially since she's nothing but a troll. I think she was in some way connected with this guy who calls himself "mockmcmuffin". I blocked him because he's weird! He finds Gary Yourofsky sexually attractive. And he has sex with his cat too. So he's a vegan because he finds animals sexually attractive, as well as a psycho, skinny wimp like Gary Yourofsky. Well, he can have him! He can have his cat's dick too, I don't want it! I love animals, but not that much!!! LOL! And I don't want to see him doing it either. So, I blocked him. And I blocked his little friend too, because I believe they are in some way associated. She also said she wished she had a dollar for every time I use the word "fanatic" in any form to describe the nutty vegans that get on my videos. I told her "Shoot! I wish I had a dollar for every fanatical vegan who has come to this channel to gripe!" Even if I just got a nickel for every fanatical vegan I've encountered, just on YouTube, I'd still be a rich woman!

I really do not like blocking people. Although people who practice beastiality, it gives me pleasure to block them! I don't want to see or hear about that! LOL! I can tolerate gays, but I don't tolerate any form of beastiality! As for my slow speech, I don't know how I got that, if it's just something I picked up, or if it really came from taking those meds. I can talk faster, I just choose not to, and I think it stuck in my mind from practicing it all these years. Truly, the meds may have had a hand in making me talk slower. But I think it was more learned than induced. I used to watch a lot of Lorne Greene, and he was also a slow talker too. I used to find his voice really sexy. MUCH sexier than his looks!

OK, I am not trying to convince anyone that I am more sane than anyone else, because as an artist and a writer, I am not supposed to be sane!!! And in fact, I like being a little bit crazy. Makes me feel good! But at least I don't do anything like try to kill people, or have sex with animals, or repeatedly stick my fingers in a light socket while submersed in water. LOL! I believe in living my life the way I want, but those are the places I draw the line.
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