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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fanatics For Everything

Well, there are definitely fanatics for everything out there. There is a difference between just loving something and being a fanatic. I love INXS. I love all music in fact. I love lemurs. I love my dogs. I love having a mixed diet. I love drawing, illustrating and animating cartoons. I love creativity. I love going on my walks every day. That is loving something. I don't care if anyone else loves those things or not. Those are the things that define my world. Put together, they are things that are unique to me, and only me. But some people love their favorite things TOO much. So much so that they will shit on anything or anyone that does not agree with them. I don't mind people loving what they love. It's when they try to force their beliefs and opinions on others is when they go too far. Those are the people I like to refer to as "fanatics". You notice I talk a lot about my encounters with vegan fanatics. Well, sometimes fanatics can be so FUNNY! Because they try sooooo hard to push their beliefs on others. But there are not only vegan fanatics, there are also religious fanatics (case in point: The Westboro Baptist Church), there's INXS fanatics (I see them all the time), and even panther fanatics. There is a difference between loving something and being a fanatic. Fanatics are nothing short of lunatics. I always laugh at them. People who just love something, as I do, do just that. They love that something, and that's the extent of it for them. I stopped pushing my opinions on others when I realized what I was becoming. And I didn't want my life to go that route. So, when I was in my early 30s, I made a complete turnaround. I used to get angry when people said they hated INXS. But no more. I haven't gotten angry at people for saying they don't like something I do for about 10 years now.

Here's an encounter I'm currently having on YouTube with a panther fanatic. He claims he's more of a dog person. But the more he posts, the more he sounds like nothing more than a cat fanatic. He calls himself TheAwokenMind. I personally think animal fanatics are idiots. Seems silly to me to fight someone over something like what their favorite animal is. I just tell people what animals are my favorites, and for me, that's the end of it. But this guy, TheAwokenMind, he not only tells what animals are his favorite (although he lied about it), he has to try and push his beliefs on me. A normal individual would have asked "Why lemurs and not panthers?" and I would have answered them, and if they were smart, they'd just let it go. But this guy is obviously not that smart. But then fanatics never are!

It started off innocently enough. He responded to a post I made on a video where a deer beat up both a dog and a cat. The cat got less than the dog because for one thing, the cat was smaller and could maneuver better than the dog could. Second of all, the dog was not facing the deer, and did not see it coming. The cat did see it coming. The deer was simply defending it's baby in the video. Both animals got licked either way. Both wound up running from the deer. Anyway, this is where it gets interesting. This was TheAwokenMind's response to someone else's post that mentioned dogs attacking snakes and bulls:

"Cats do have better reflexes than dogs, and are far more agile..
That derr was never gonna catch the cat.
I'd have ran out their and fought the deer bare handed, im not joking/lying or trying to sound tough...i'd have gone out their and attacked it."

Now, I never denied that cats do have better reflexes than dogs. I study animals all the time, I watch a lot of nature shows. This dude can barely write a good sentence! Obviously he'd lose in a battle of wits with me! LOL! Of course his grammatical errors could be there because he's beginning to get hot-headed, like any fanatic would once they are cornered with facts. This was my response to this post. Notice I keep my cool, as I am not an animal fanatic:

"Cats are agile, but they are not infallible. I've seen (and heard of) cats get killed by coyotes, wolves, dogs, hawks, eagles, even big snakes."

And it's true. In fact, my friend yesterday at the dog park and I were talking about coyotes. I told her how I don't care much for coyotes, because I've known people who have lost small dogs to coyotes. She said she's also lost a lot of cats to coyotes. It's a sad fact and it's true. I personally have never lost a pet to coyotes (I've been very lucky), but I have seen what a coyote can do to a small dog and even a cat! And back when I was in high school, I was visiting another friend and she had this black and white cat that she LOVED, his name was Shadow. Well, one day we were sitting in the living room and talking and I could see her cat sitting in the yard outside. Well, almost right in front of our eyes, we saw this red-tailed hawk take the cat in it's talons. I screamed that Shadow was being attacked, and we both ran down the stairs and out to the yard, but by the time we got to where the battle had taken place, Shadow was dead. And somewhere on YouTube, there is a video clip of a python that had killed a family cat in Florida. So no, cats are definitely not infallible.

Anyway, this was his response to my post:

"Yeah, if it's cornered.. (Really? Shadow was NOT cornered)
But if the cat is at threat and cannot win, all it needs is a tree nearby and its safe.
Show me one video here on YT or anywhere else where a domestic house cat is getting beat by another species..
You will struggle, trust me.
I know their not infallible, but everything germane to a cats physical abilities is awesome and must be applauded, even if you dont like cats.
Me, im actually a dog person, i prefer dogs because i connect with them better, but cats..wow."

He's a dog person, but as the posts go on, he keeps bragging about in the video how the cat got away and the dog "got it's ass kicked". LOL! Shadow was not cornered when attacked by a hawk. And the hawk was the same size as Shadow. There were also plenty of trees all around. Shadow just didn't see the hawk coming. And his last sentence: "but cats..wow." makes him sound much more like a cat fanatic. My dogs are smaller than most cats, and if the deer had been attacking them, they probably would have got away too. Deer cannot see in 3-dimension like we can. They don't have binocular vision. A smaller moving target would be harder for them to hit. That's why the cat got away with only a couple of swats from the deer, and the dog didn't.

Well, I began to feel a little bit of a connection to this guy. He seemed nice up to this point and he said he was a dog lover. I emphasize the words "he said". But like I always say, actions speak louder than words. This was my response to him:

"There is a video somewhere of a snake that had eaten a cat. I think there aren't more videos of cats getting licked because the cat fanatics get all crazy and ridiculous, flagging them off and calling them animal abuse. Dog people aren't like that. LOL
BTW, I love dogs too. Cats don't really impress me that much, because anything a cat can do, a lemur can do better. :) That's my real favorite animal!"

Yup! I used to be a cat lover. That was when I was a kid. It was actually lemurs that saved me from this cat-craze. I had a cat when I discovered lemurs. I saw the cat jump and I saw lemurs jump, and compared to the lemurs, the cat's jump looked pathetic! Cats can jump 3 times their body length. Lemurs can jump nearly 10 times their body length! And lemurs make it look so easy and effortless. They literally seem to glide from one point to another! Cats, not so much. When a cat jumps, they seem to put a lot more effort into it, and don't make it look as easy as lemurs do. And lemurs don't even have curved claws to help them climb! They just seem to glide up tree trunks like they are nothing, and most lemurs are about the same size as cats! Bushbabies are even better! Bushbabies are only about 7 inches long (not counting the tail), and they can leap 15 feet across without losing too much height. That's more than 20 times their own body length! They too seem to do it effortlessly. I love watching lemurs and bushbabies in action! But I don't deny cats do have their own awesome abilities. I'm just not as impressed by their abilities as I am with those of lemurs.

Well, suddenly we switched from talking about cats to talking about panthers, which I do not like at all. And you all know by now what I say about people who stick up for panthers. LOL! Apparently, size and strength seems more important to TheAwokenMind than it does to me. Me, I prefer animals that I can enjoy watching, either on TV, or in a zoo, or the wild. This was his response to my last post:

Well, Cats can grow to 900lbs...the Siberian Tiger?
Dont know a Lemur alive that could take one of those cats...lol
Cats dont impress you because you dont like superiority, Cats are the supreme carnivores on this planet and it's about time you respected that.
How the hell can they not impress you?!! Are you freaking insane??!!
Oh wait, you were traumatized by a cat swipe when you were five right?

More and more, this moron is sounding like a cat fanatic. LOL! Up to now, I never even mentioned my having a cat before. But just like a lot of fanatics, he tries to put words in my mouth. I don't have to respect anything that I don't want to. But in reality, I do respect the panther's place in the world, but it is no more than I respect any other animals' place in the world. He wants me to treat panthers like they are some kind of royalty, and I won't do it. I can respect their place, but I don't have to like them, and there is nothing this idiot, or any other, can say that will change my mind about that. But I'm loving how he is losing his temper! hehehe!

This was my response to him again:

"Sorry, but that is not how I pick a favorite animal. I used to have a cat, and it was about that time I discovered lemurs. I saw the cat jump and I saw lemurs jump. Compared to the lemurs, the cat's leap was pathetic. Cats can leap approximately 3 times their body length. Lemurs can leap up to 10 times their length. If that doesn't impress you, then you must be insane. :) Either that, or you're lying about not being a cat person."

I think he just lied about not being a cat person. I think it's pretty safe to say that. Well, this was his response this morning to my comment:

"You're an idiot.
And if you choose creatures on how friggin high they can leap, why dont you prefer Fleas to Lemurs?
A Flea can leap 200, yeas 200 times its own length dummy!!
I bet you dont even like Lemurs, you're just trying to diss Cats, well i just dissed your dumbass Lemur.
Go Fleas!!!!
And i'll say it again,almost any cat can kill a lemur.
Cats are successful, Lemurs are not, theirs a REASON for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Once again, he loses his temper. LOL! Oh, and get this, he says "I bet you dont even like Lemurs" BWAH!! No, I don't like lemurs. That's why I have every lemur documentary on DVD that was ever made. That's why I have all kinds of plush lemurs all over my house. That's why I have all kinds of books about Madagascar wildlife. Yah, I don't like lemurs alright! hehehe! And what's this, he likes fleas??? Oh well. Oh and I just LOVE how he tries to piss me off with comments about cats able to kill lemurs. Actually fossas (pretty close to cats) are the lemur's major predators and I have nothing against them. In fact, I think fossas are gorgeous! I love how they are able to actually persue lemurs through the trees, instead of just waiting until they come to the ground like panthers have to with monkeys. And really, more lemurs are killed by dogs than cats. So, using this guy's logic, I should be hating dogs more. But I don't. So, I gave this guy kudos for trying to piss me off. Too bad for him it didn't work. And the reason it didn't work is because I am not a fanatic, like he is. Well, this was my latest post to him, mostly meant to piss him off:

" I still love lemurs more. :) Screw you if you don't agree with me. Just gives me a better reason to hate panthers. :) hehehehe. Lemur jumps put any cat's to shame. "

I bet I succeed in pissing him off! LOL!! I'll keep you posted! :)


I did it! I made him crack his crock! LOL! This from a guy who at first said he is a dog person:

"No, humans are at the top of the food chain...dummy.
Erm, Tigers kill Crocs way more than the reverse, theirs mountains of evidence throughout history and online for that.
No, it's not even worth arguing, and you make yourself look silly bringing it up.
Watch this...and not the power in his legs....omg, id love to see him eat you...watch it."

I don't get it. In a comment before this, he said panthers are superior. Now, he's admitting humans are at the top of the food chain. There is ONE video of a tiger (it's been circulating widely) killing a crocodile. The only reason the tiger managed it is because the crocodile was smaller than the tiger (it was about 8 feet long) and it was on land. But had it been bigger, like a 15-footer, and in the water, the tiger surely would have lost the battle. On land, crocs are not in their element, like a fish out of water. In the water, if it's hungry enough, any panther would lose to a crocodile, and I've seen it happen before! Well, at least he knows now he doesn't have a prayer of converting me, so he covers his own idiocy by saying I am not worth arguing with anymore and gives up. :) So, the Timmyfan overrules again.

**************CHAPTER 3 UPDATE*********************

LOL! He's still pissed off! He's trying so hard to find corruption in my posts, but he cannot, because there is none. So what does he do? He makes some up. Well, if that makes him feel better to make up perversive fabrications, let him do it! I don't mind. Check out this latest post from him:

"I just love how your emphasis on grammatical errors seem paramount on YouTube, you even mentioned it in a previous debate on your blog regarding Veganism.

First of all, pulling people up for typo's and grammar on YouTube seems incredibly infantile and counter productive, seeing as i am not writing an essay!

But, considering that you wish to broadcast this trivial encounter on you blog, i'll assume that you don't live the most interesting life.

We both know you started it."

In answer to his first paragraph, I always say I only look for perfection from people who think they are perfect. Yes, I stand by that. As for my life being interesting, actually it is very interesting. I keep it interesting by going to new places and meeting new people. As for his last sentence, about me starting this whole argument, well, let's look back and see. About here is where it got started, when I said this:

"There is a video somewhere of a snake that had eaten a cat. I think there aren't more videos of cats getting licked because the cat fanatics get all crazy and ridiculous, flagging them off and calling them animal abuse. Dog people aren't like that. LOL
BTW, I love dogs too. Cats don't really impress me that much, because anything a cat can do, a lemur can do better. :) That's my real favorite animal!"

I see facts, and observations, and my own personal opinion. I don't see where I pushed any of my own beliefs on him. I don't see where I called him names. If he were truly a dog lover, and not a cat fanatic, he'd know I was not talking about him personally when I said cat fanatics get all crazy and ridiculous, which is true. I've known many a cat fanatic, and they all act the same way on YouTube. Not only on YT, but all over the internet, and even this woman I used to know (the one I went to LA with) was something of a cat fanatic too. If TheAwokenMind doesn't believe cat fanatics can be like that, then it's obvious he has never met any. Or hasn't met many. And remember his response to me? It went something like this:

"Well, Cats can grow to 900lbs...the Siberian Tiger?"

True as that may be, I sense sarcasm in that quote.

"Cats dont impress you because you dont like superiority, Cats are the supreme carnivores on this planet and it's about time you respected that."

Now, I see he is trying to push his beliefs on me. Nowhere in any of my posts did I do that to him.

"Are you freaking insane??!!"

There's the name-calling. Again, nowhere in my posts did I do that to him up to this point.

"Oh wait, you were traumatized by a cat swipe when you were five right?

And again with the sarcasm. Not only that, but fabrication as I never even hinted about that. A person does not have to be traumatized to just not like something. A fear, yes. But I have no fear of cats of any kind. So tell me, who really started this argument? Doesn't look like it was me. :) I just matched his tone with the same thing in my following post.

Anyway, he continues:


Because, you were the person claiming that i thought cat's were 'infallible', never did i even insinuate that they were, i just expressed admiration for their athletic prowess.

Nor did i say that cat's were indestructible, or anything to that effect. However, you assumed that i felt that way, and you then embarked on ridiculing the exact cat ability you previously agreed with (agility).

The invective monologue on your blog is a feeble attempt to mask your sheer idiocy."

As for my "insinuating he said cats are infallible", yes he did. And I quote again:

"That derr was never gonna catch the cat."

"Show me one video here on YT or anywhere else where a domestic house cat is getting beat by another species..
You will struggle, trust me."

"Tigers kill Crocs way more than the reverse"

And some I haven't even quoted yet on this blog:

"cats have great acceleration and are rarely caught by the animals you mentioned.
A Coyote will rarely catch a cat, and the cat needs is a tree after its spotted the coyote, dog or wolf. ("Rarely" my ass! I've heard of far more cats getting killed by coyotes than even little dogs!)

Hawks and Eagles usually go for easier prey.



"i've come with solid points, you've came with nothing, no proof of cat ownage...nothing,"

"they are such a successful species and put Lemurs, Hawks, Eagles, Wolves and Coyotes to shame."

Again, I don't love animals based on what "owns" them. I like what I like and that's it. Yes, I said cats have agility. I also said I am not as impressed with their's as I am with the agility of lemurs. That's MY views. I still stand by that statement too. Should I tell him about the time I was mountain hiking and I kicked a cougar's butt? LOL! I had some minor scratches from that encounter, all of which healed well, but the cougar lost it's front teeth. I found them on the ground after he ran away. LOL! Nah! I don't think so! Anyway, I still see him as a liar and a wussy. I'd have actually had a lot more respect for this guy if he had come right out in the beginning, and said he was a cat-lover, instead of saying he "connected better with dogs", and left out the name-calling, which he still continues to do. :) hehehe!
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