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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fat By Choice?

Are people really fat by choice? Or is it just an excuse fat haters use to justify them continuing to judge and gripe about fat people? I think it's a little bit of both. Some people are fat because they choose to be, and I will admit there are people like that out there. More often than not. But I found this article that also talks about dieting and the impact it has on people who use that method to try and lose weight. Here is the article: http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/26/health/post-diet-weight-regain/. This explains why so many people go on diets and fail almost right away. It talks about how dieting makes your hormones go haywire, and that causes weight-gain. I know going on diets is what actually made me get fatter and fatter. Now, I know it's directly associated with hormones.

I am not fat because I chose to be. I eat no different now than I did when I was thinner. The difference now is that I have a much slower metabolism than I did before. For me, my weight gain is not attributed to illness. It was the cure for an underlying illness that made me gain weight. If I don't take these pills, I'm dead. And while I know the fanatical vegans would love to see that, I won't give them the satisfaction! Besides, I'm too busy to die right now! I have too many things I need to complete before GOD calls me. I'd love to get it all done, but I'd have to live to be about 200 years old! But anyway, I hear (and see) it all the time, some thin person says "You're going to die early" and griping and complaining about fat people and blah-blah-blah, and especially saying "You chose to be fat!" Perhaps I did. I chose to get that surgery, and I chose to get the cure. I could have just let the surgery go, and died from the ailment that almost claimed me before. But I couldn't. I have too much to live for. I actually think it's funny when some thin person, who has never been fat a day in it's life, says to me "Just go on a diet! Lose some weight!" I tell them it is not that easy. And for men, it is actually true that it is easier for them to lose weight than it is for women.

Well, since I have lived here, I've lost 10 pounds just in the move, and I have actually begun to climb the stairs instead of using the elevator. I am also back to going to the dog park with my friends. It's better than going to the side of the building, where Jeri is still not picking up after Bella, and I don't want to step in Bella's droppings. LOL! It's actually a lot of fun using the stairs than using the elevator! Like I said, I love walking. I also like jogging, but I haven't gotten to that point just yet. It'll be a while before I can go jogging like I used to. But jogging up the stairs is a good start. And yes, I do jog up the stairs!! LOL! I'm out of breath though when I reach the top, but I don't let it stop me.

This kinda gives me something of an idea. If I really tried, in spite of the fanatical vegans, could I really lose weight even with the diet I typically follow, if I just became MUCH more active? I always thought that you don't have to change your eating habits to lose weight. At least not that much. All it takes is being active enough to burn off the calories of the food you eat. Like if you consume a 200 calorie sandwich, you have to find an activity (like climbing stairs) that is strenuous enough to burn 200 calories. I have no desire to become a vegan, I want to keep my complextion!! I just want to see (and possibly show them) that a person can eat meat, eggs and dairy, and still lose weight.

I recently got a comment from another fanatical vegan saying that a healthy diet that includes meat does not include eating double cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets from McDonald's. Well, I told him that I never said that. I never eat at McDonald's. In fact, I don't regularly eat any fast food. I prefer to do my own cooking. I enjoy it! And the McDonald's crack, no one would have ever thought to say that before the movie Supersize Me came out. Notice they rarely mention Burger King? That's because kids live what they see on TV and in movies, and Burger King was not attacked on that movie. Just McDonald's. And I never eat there anyway. But for me, eating out is very rare. I did talk in here about eating at Fuddrucker's, but I had a bison burger there (a lot less fat than beef), and it was just once. I don't go there every day. I've been here for 5 months now, and I've only eaten there once. Have so far never eaten at the local McDonald's, and only ate once at Burger King, and that was just after we moved here. So that is how often I eat at fast food places. The rest of the time, I prefer to do my own cooking and baking. So, using the logic of the fat haters, losing weight should be a snappo! Well, we will see. I'm just beginning to realize, at my age I cannot eat like a teenager anymore. I cannot even eat a whole PB sandwich anymore!!!!!! I have to make it and cut it in half. Consume one half and wrap up the other half and save for later.

What I should do is make a video of this. Like some kind of daily diary. It'll either prove or disprove the ideas the fanatical vegans have of being a thin omnivore.
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