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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Atheists Celebrating Christmas

I always wondered, how and why do atheists celebrate Christmas? Pretty good question, all it needs is a reliable answer. Christmas is supposed to be about celebrating the birth of Jesus, who is our savior. I've seen some atheists who do celebrate Christmas, but what does the holiday really mean to them? I admit there are some things in the Bible I do not understand, but I do believe the story of Jesus. So I am not an atheist. But I don't go around pushing my beliefs on others. If a person does not believe in GOD or Jesus, I'm not going to tell that person that they are going to Hell. That's not my business! I remember when I was a teenager, my ma tried the Jehovah Witness faith for a while. And as you may know, they do not celebrate Christmas. Ma said that first year that there will be no celebrating Christmas in our house. To someone who grew up celebrating Christmas every year, that was rather strange! But Anna and I beat ma's system that year and had a little celebration of our own, and bought each other gifts and exchanged them anyway. We just didn't give them to each other on the 25th. Instead, I believe we celebrated on the 22nd. LOL! Ma never knew about that little party we had that day. I just couldn't not do the traditional Christmas things. The only thing Anna and I could not do was have a special Christmas dinner. Ma would have had a fit!

But anyway, Jehovah Witness faith is one thing, but how do atheists celebrate Christmas? And why? I have a few theories. Maybe they celebrate their own holiday. Perhaps they call it "athemas"? hehehe. Or since almost all vegans are atheists (who also try to push that on others) they probably celebrate "veggiemas". Or PETA supporters probably celebrate "newkirkmas", since that donkey-faced bitch is their god. That's my theory for how atheists celebrate Christmas. Or maybe they just like the holiday because of the gift-giving. Or maybe they just celebrate it because their peers do. But I have seen some atheists aggressively shout out against GOD. They don't believe in HIM, so they don't want others to either. Well, I have news for them, no atheist anywhere has ever been able to convert me into a non-believer, and none of them ever will. Because I know what I felt the day I really "discovered" GOD. HE helped me where nothing and no one else could. And I have not felt that bad since then. That was now 10 years ago.

Well, in other news, it snowed last night. We are apparently expecting more snow too. I hope we have a bunch of fresh snow for Christmas. I'd love to experience a white Christmas for a change! I never got that back home. Anna said the chances of getting one here are very good. I remember back home though, it never snowed on Christmas. We've had it snow the day after Christmas, and we've also had it snow the day before Christmas, and then be all melted away by Christmas morning. But we've never had it snow on Christmas! That sucks too! And in other news yet, I finally finished that St. Helens story! Thank GOD!!! And if I do say so myself, I think it came out pretty darn good!
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