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Sunday, December 11, 2011

INXS in Paris

Well, I heard from Ciaran this morning and he said INXS are going to Paris. EESH!! I hate Paris!! I heard Paris has the highest crime-rate in the world. That's enough to keep me out of there! So all my friends attending that concert (and INXS themselves) I hope they don't get mugged there! I just hope they have fun, and be careful! Not surprising the crime-rate is so high. I've never met anyone who had as bad a temper as the French do! Must be the heat. I know heat makes me go crazy. That's why I want to go back to the coast. I mellowed out considerably after living there a couple of years. Besides, I've had it with this complex. Too many freaks and wierdos here. All except our friends. But then I don't make friends with freaks either. Actually the only person in this building I truly despise is Andy. He growled at Anna once. Yes! He growled. When I told Karen that, she looked at me funny and said "He growled??" I know it sounds wierd, but I didn't do it! I'm pretty sure she relayed the message to Andy and he denied it (like he denies he's an evil person). Apparently his attitude has changed, and people here are starting to like him again. Well, evil has a lot of appeal. Satan was a very charismatic angel before he got kicked out of Heaven. Everyone liked him and he was apparently the most beautiful angel that ever lived. But he was evil! Andy is not at all beautiful, but he is evil, and I don't trust him! Other people here may allow themselves to be fooled by his "new-found attitude". But I've always prided myself in not allowing myself to give in to evil. So when he's around, I don't even talk to him. I barely look at him. And once I get my kindle, it'll be much easier to go to the dog park and ignore him! I'd be too engrossed in reading to listen to him. hehehe!

That's another thing I want so badly, a kindle! Ma asked me why I want a kindle and I said because I want to be able to carry my stories around, show them off, and when I am at the dog park and that Andy comes in, I can turn him off by turning my books on! hehe! I want the new kindle fire. With that, apparently you can read books as well as watch movies. That's awesome!! So the kindle fire is one of the things I have on my wishlist. That and an ipad. But one thing at a time! Get the kindle first, then I'll get the ipad. I cannot wait! I want all this good shit now! LOL!

Well, in other, older news, I got the car running again. I was going to have it towed home yesterday. The tow truck was there and everything, and the car was all hooked up and ready to go. But the guy who was going to tow it managed to get it started! I asked him "How'd you do that?" He showed me the trick to getting it started, if there's something wrong with the starter. He said to put the car in neutral, then push it, and throw it into park. He said that kindof starts the motor. I'm still going to get that starter fixed. I know it's the starter. It has to be! Our friend Mike, who is a certified mechanic, he thought it was the battery, but I didn't think so. If it was the battery, the lights would not work, and we would hear no noise at all. The car still bleeped when we turned the keys, but no sound would come from the engine. Also, the headlights still worked. So, it wasn't the battery. I'm just about positive it's the starter. The car is running now. I managed to start it several times yesterday with no problems.

Well, I found out why the person who was supposed to pick us up the other night never showed up. Apparently he was ill. Well, I hope he gets better. I'm not angry at all. Actually, I rather enjoyed walking home. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it hadn't been dark out at the time though. But nothing happened, and I had a nice walk, so I'm not angry. If something bad had happened, like if either I, or Anna, had been mugged, I would have been angry. VERY angry! But nothing did happen. I just cursed the car, not our friend. Well, I'm trying not to run that car so much now. Not until we can replace the starter. I remember this same thing happened with our last car, the Topaz. The starter gave out. I wish I had known about that little trick back then, I probably could have got the car started. We had just had a new starter put in too! Spent $200 to have that new one installed, and it gave out. In the wrong place and at the wrong time too! We were parked on the beach at the time, and a high tide was coming in. I didn't know what else to do but leave the car there. And it wound up underwater. Ma joked with me about that for a long time. But I felt bad! Especially with a new starter, it should have worked again! I hope that does not happen again.
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