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Friday, December 2, 2011

Kindness Still Exists

I recently got a new job, it's just a temporary job, and it really does not pay much. However, it requires me to stand (or sit) out in the cold for 8 hours a day. It's my own fault! I'm the one who wanted to put in for full time instead of part time! But it's worth it. This is our first Christmas in Montana, and I want to make it special. It may be our last one too. Don't know for sure. Winter is much better here than summer. But I do still want to get away from this complex. I imagine Anna and I just living alone in a little mobile home or something like that. Perhaps in a park. It's not too bad here, I mean I love our friends, but there's also a lot of freaks and wierdos here that I am just getting fed up with! I can tell you all, I finally snapped the other day, wishing that more responsible people lived here. I was cussing everyone out, and running around the apartment just raging about the dumb, stupid, irresponsible people that inhabit this complex. Not all of them are like that, but even going to the dog park has become something of an insurmountable chore because this one resident that commonly goes there has allowed his dog to turn viciously on the others, and I am scared it'll one day lose it's head and attack my babies. Then that guy will be blaming Vegas and Minnie, and possibly hurting them like the way he tossed Brandie, the landlord's dog. He blamed Brandie for that attack, and it was his dog that started it! Not Brandie. My buddy, Karen got bit in trying to rescue Brandie. I saw the bites on her hand, and thought she'd been laid into by a lion! Seriously! I thought her hand had been partially eaten off! And this guy Rory, whose dog attacked Brandie, he stands there like butter won't melt and said his dog didn't start it. Bullshit! But he's an example of the kind of irresponsible people that live in this complex! They make me so MAD!!! Karen said he came into the park, and his dog's hair was already bristled up, like she was looking for a fight. If Rory could not tell that, then he doesn't deserve to have a dog! And yes, I agree there are instances where I will say someone does not deserve to have a dog. But they are only because I feel the person who owns the dog is not responsible. Not for some silly reasons like I have been accused of, like because I love INXS, or because I don't believe in purposefully breeding mixed breeds for the sake of making money or giving in to popular demand. It wasn't until the landlord nearly chewed Rory's head off that he finally realized he needs to control his dog, and not go into the park with his dog's hair bristled up in anger. Anyway, I digress (after a 10 minute lecture).

Anyway, I was at work this past week and just before my lunch break came around, a random stranger came to me, and handed me a cup of hot cocoa. I was so thrilled! I could not thank her enough! And I thought kindness was dead! That is until I saw her and she gave me that life-saving hot cocoa! It was COLD that day! She wasn't a woman my age, either. She looked like she was no older than 25. If kindness in any form still existed in this world, the last place I would ever expect to find it would have been in a 25-year old! But there it was! This sure would not have happened in Washington state! I guess the people here in Montana are friendlier than in Washington state! Well! In all fairness, Washington state used to be nicer before the Californians began moving in in such heavy numbers. When I used to do this kind of job back in Tacoma, people actually used to give me dirty looks! Now here, I have seen some people who look at me with indifference, or even don't pay any attention to me at all, but I can honestly tell you that I have not yet had anyone give me dirty looks. Looks don't bother me, I just match their's and give it right back to them. But back in Tacoma in Washington, some people would look at me like they wanted to kill me! And knowing the people in that town the way I did, there was no doubt in my mind they were capable of that!

What makes this job most enjoyable are the parents who teach their kids all about the spirit of giving. That's what makes this job worthwhile. I saw a parent who's child wanted so bad to give, and begged her mom and begged. But her mom did not listen, and just walked away. I sat there and said "I like the parents who teach their kids the value of giving a lot better". No, I am not begging for money on the corner! This is a different kind of job. A real job, and even though the pay is small (minimum wage) it's still pay.
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