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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My First Christmas in Montana

It was great!! Anna and I got together and celebrated together. First thing I always do when I get up is put the dogs out to go potty. hehe! Well, then I had to wait for Anna to get up so we could go to her place and open gifts.My Christmas cornucopia consisted of the new iPod Touch (64 GB), an Acer Icona Tablet PC from Katrina which runs on Android, a 500-watt power stand mixer, which I have always wanted! I still have attachments coming for it too. Anna said unfortunately all she could get was the display model and it only came with the wisk attachment. I haven't tried it yet, but it is awesome! I got a sugar cookie mix that I'd like to try on it, as soon as the other attachments arrive. Well, I also got gift cards, one from ma and one from Eva, and a new set of snow tires from my father. I used the gift cards to get myself some micro SD cards for my tablet PC. I also got Anna some gifts as well. Katrina and her hubby gave her the Genie Bra. Anna said she's always wanted that! She also got a karaoke machine, the aluma-wallet, and I gave her a new laptop. When I gave her the laptop, I expected her to be able to plug it in and crank it up right away and get going on the internet. But that was not the case. When she turned it on, she discovered she had another store display model! Not only that, but the store forgot to f-disk it! So she still had the store account and customer account on it. Of which only the store account was useful and it was password protected! It made me so mad! I felt so bad because I know how Anna was looking forward to using her new laptop, and she couldn't. I could not wait for the store to open again the next day, I was going to go there and give them a piece of my mind! I don't mind paying for a display model, but at least have the decency to f-disk the damn thing before selling it to me! I was angry! Well, we did take it back and they gave us our money back to buy a new laptop. It was a different variety of laptop, a Samsung (the first laptop was a Dell), but the clerk said it was good. I once had a Samsung VCR, and I don't remember what happened to it, but I do know their TVs are good.

Well, that was the first part of our celebration. I came home then and started dinner. We had prime rib roast with mashed taters, and homemade dinner rolls, made with monkey-bread dough that Anna loves. That is our typical Christmas dinner. Thanksgiving we always have turkey, Christmas is for prime rib. The prime rib came out great! And it's dinner for the next 3 days! I always get the smallest roast they have in the store, and it always lasts us a few days. It's just the 2 of us this year. Anna and I also sat up for a while that night, watching some Christmas movies we have on DVD. We talked about what we got for Christmas and all the fun we were going to have with the things. But I felt so bad about what happened with Anna's laptop, I let her borrow my tablet PC until we could get her new laptop. But I missed it like crazy that night! I'd just gotten it, and I was dying to put my data on it! It is awesome! It can be used like a Kindle, or an MP3 player. In fact, now that I got that and an iPod, I retired my old MP3 player. I still love it, but it's lost some of it's luster, and it's sound. I cannot hear the songs the way they were meant to be heard anymore. I'm not sure what happened, I do believe I know why some of the sound is lost. I remember one day, I accidentally dropped my MP3 player on the ground, and it hit the ground with a loud thud. I was worried, but it still played. Just some of the sound was lost. Well, for the money I paid for it, it had a great run! I still remember buying that thing back in 2008 and taking weeks to fill it with songs. In fact, I was still filling it with songs this year! I bought it with a Walmart gift card that I won from one of those automobile dealers that was throwing a contest. Everyone was a winner and that's what I won, a gift card. But I was happy, I got a new MP3 player out of it, and it was the best MP3 player I ever had. I had others, fancier ones with screens, and apps, but none of them compared with this one. It doesn't have a screen, nor does it do apps, or anything fancy. Just a set of mono speakers and rubber casing, but I love it because it plays the music the way I like to hear it, in alphabetical order. It kept us entertained on those long road trips and even on short bus trips. It's had a great run! So now, I retire it graciously. I still have it, but I'm just not going to play it anymore. But with an iPod, there's still dangers. People have been known to literally kill for those! I think I remember hearing of a man in Chicago, who was walking home at night, playing his iPod, and some thug came up to him, shot and killed him, and took the iPod right out of his hands! That was all he wanted! It's scary! The guy who was killed, the thug didn't even just hold him up. He just out of the blue, shot and killed the guy for his iPod. I was in the south side of Chicago (on my trip to Michigan back in 2007), and it scared me! I hated it there! I didn't dare leave the car at night! I just hate big cities. And the thugs are the reason why.

Well, that was my Christmas. I had fun, LOTS of fun. Hope all my faithful readers did as well! Also remember the reason for the season. Not just the gift-giving, but also remember Jesus who gave his life for our sins as well (for those who believe in Him).
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