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Friday, December 23, 2011

No White Christmas in Montana

Well, I had hopes of a white Christmas here in Montana, but my sis says there won't be one. I also checked Google Weather, and it says Sunday (which is Christmas Day) will get up to 40 degrees! That SUCKS! I said to Anna "I told you Montana would not have a white Christmas once I move there!" Anna thought I must be jinxed or something. I told her no, the sun just likes me! It won't leave me alone! Ocean Shores never had as many sunny days as it did once I moved there. And apparently Montana has always had a white Christmas until I moved here. Usually I am let off the hook for the first year I am in a new place. But not this time! This time the sun isn't going to give me any breaks! And I hate these cold, sunny days! They're even colder when it's clear out. And when I say it's cold out, I mean it's COLD out! Bitterly cold! I'm not used to getting chills like this! Of course our friends tell us we haven't seen anything yet. It gets MUCH colder than that here! I believe it! I feel sorry for those people who are still doing that bell-ringing job! Yesterday the sun was out, but it was so cold, my lips froze! Even in the afternoon.

Well, when I moved here, I fully expected to see a lot of snowy days. I've been hearing for years about Montana winters. Anna told me when she moved here back in January, it snowed almost daily. But since I've been here, it has snowed (or rained) only a few days. I can actually count the days we've had no sun on the fingers of one hand! This place SUCKS!! I hate it here! I want to go back to Washington!! Or at least to Oregon. I'd even settle for that right now! But Anna had to go back to school here. Bummer! And I don't even know if she's going to be getting a reliable job in the field she wants to study. But I am here for moral support anyway! Shoot! Both of us know Anna will drop out anyway. Why not quit now and cut out the middleman?
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