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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Road To Perfection

It's a long way to the end of the road to perfection, and everybody takes their own tour. What is beautiful to one person, may be ugly to another. I say this because I've heard yet another video crashing down on the site called "beautifulpeople.com". LOL! IMO, the site should be banished. I found out the name of the guy who owns the site. Apparently it's a dating site for so-called "beautiful people". I would surely get kicked off that site! LOL! But even when I was thin and gorgeous, I still would not need that site to verify me as being beautiful. I had strangers on the street telling me that every day! Well, the site's owner's name is Robert Hintze, and he is a long way from being beautiful. This is what he looks like:

A baboon on the road to ugly.
The point I am trying to make here is if you are going to judge other people based solely on appearance, you yourself had better look like a God! Not like George Michael with malnutrition, like Hintze does! I get people saying I am ugly all the time. I never tell them they are wrong, LOL! But most of the people who say it either don't have pictures or videos up of themselves (which leads me to believe they must have a face that looks like a lion's butthole), or they themselves are not very attractive looking. On my video where I get my snakes shipped in, I got one comment from a guy who called himself SusScalesandTails (who I think is also a snake breeder from Philadelphia). He simply said "EWWW". Mind you, the video is not to promote hatred. I just did that video so other people, who love reptiles, could share in my excitement of getting these new snakes. I'm not saying this poster had no right to his opinion, as long as he's not threatening, and he wasn't. But I went to his channel and looked at his videos, and he looks like a child-molester! He's ugly as shit! Even Katrina thought so too! She agreed with me. All I am saying is if you expect perfection from other people, you'd better darn well be perfect yourself in every aspect. That means you'd better look like a God (not just in your own opinion! Remember I used to get told all the time I was beautiful when I was younger, and even had boyfriends coming out of my ears!) or a goddess, and then be able to prove it. You'd better not have a single hair out of place, and you'd better have a perfect voice, like one of those radio announcers, and most importantly, you'd better not drink or smoke! Just saying you look better than someone like me means nothing if you are too scared to put up your own pic on the internet. I may be ugly, but you have to give me credit for putting up my images here and on Youtube. And if you look like Robert Hintze does, you lose credibility creating a website like beautifulpeople.com.

There is an article about this guy here, and he sounds like a total jerk! He calls fat people "fatties" as if he's a person between the ages of 6 and 25 who cannot think of a more appropriate word to use. He said other dating sites are "jungles of hippos and warthogs" whereas his site is full of "leopards and gazelles". I'll tell you, if I was thin and beautiful again, I would NOT appreciate being called a "leopard"! If he said that in front of me, I'd slap his face! That remark alone would be enough to get me to delete my membership to that site! In reality, Hintze should be paying his members to join that site, not have his members pay him! And here's another pip, Hintze is from the UK. Didn't I not say they are the biggest bellyachers in the world? The most judgmental people I've ever seen in my life were from the UK. Especially on Youtube! Now, I have friends in the UK. So, I am by no means referring to them. I'm referring to the nearly 90% who are white trash douchebags like Hintze is. And he has no right to call anyone "ugly" until he gets the message that he is no God himself.
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