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Friday, December 30, 2011

Very Troubling

I was browsing through Facebook yesterday, and I know I have put this subject aside, but I want to address something that a friend of mine posted on her status. This friend is a vegan, and probably one of the nicest people I've ever met on Facebook. She quoted a friend of her's who said she found it troubling that people get angry at vegans for pointing out the suffering when they should get mad at themselves for causing it. Well, let me boil down how I see vegans "pointing out the suffering". I, as an individual, have a right to enjoy eating what I like. I love eating chicken, bison, turkey, and occasionally pork and beef. If I find it tasty, that's my business. If it doesn't taste good, it isn't going in my mouth! That's how I see broccoli and mushrooms. I have been threatened and called childish names because of my beliefs and my lifestyle. I can honestly say I have NEVER threatened a vegan (or anyone else for that matter) for their beliefs, and since I have made more vegan friends, I've learned to understand where they come from, so I don't even call them names anymore. So, it isn't that they point it out, it's how they do it. Many vegans get threatening with their beliefs, as you have seen in my past blogs. And I am not a person who takes any threat lightly. That's why I had to close down the comments on my vegan/vegetarian videos. I didn't want to do it, I wanted to let the vegans have their little bit of fun, and have their say. But I don't appreciate having people threaten me for my choice of lifestyle. Threatening another person is a crime. Eating say, a chicken, is not. Unless you are a farmer, and I ate one of your chickens without your permission. But I've seen vegans break the law many times, and that is nothing to be proud of! Yet, they act like they are proud of it, and that is scary. That makes them seem like psychotics.

Name me one person that enjoys having strangers tell them how to live their lives. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone like that, especially if they did not ask for that person's opinions. And no one I know likes receiving threats from anyone for maintaining their own beliefs. That's why I get pissed off at vegans. I don't buy factory farm meats anyway, so I know no cruelty is involved in the killing of my meat. Most Montanans hunt for their own meat out in these mountains. Of course I haven't been here long enough to learn that practice myself, so I still go to the store (or the local farmer's market) to buy meat. But I always make sure it was raised humanely. I've even visited some farms here and met their animals to see that they were raised in a loving, caring environment. I refuse to purchase meat that was from cattle or chickens raised in unhealthy conditions. If I see them crammed in tiny pens that they cannot turn around in, I walk away without another word. And yes, I have done that before.

Now, killing an animal just for skins, that I don't see the point in. Especially animals that aren't eaten like foxes and mink. I can understand the anger and frustration they feel in that. I even get pissed off when I watch I Love Lucy and she talks about how she wants a mink coat, or any kind of fur piece. I always say "Leave it alone! The fur looks much better on the mink than it would on you!" My sis can attest to that! LOL! However, as bad as I feel for minks and foxes that are killed just for their fur, I also think it was wrong of that Yourofsky to break into a mink farm and release all the minks. Not only would doing something like that hurt the area's natural ecology, as the minks try to establish their own territory and cannot because they are competing with other predators that lived there before them, but also, those minks were not his to release in the first place! That's called stealing! To vegan fanatics, he's a hero. To me, he's nothing but a psychotic forcing his idiotic beliefs on others. I don't like him at all. I don't care if he is healthy and in great shape. Those factors do not mean he is a good person. Doesn't even mean he's attractive, which I don't think he is.

Killing an animal just for it's fur is one thing, that's wasteful. But killing animals like cattle, that can be eaten as well as used for leather, I don't find anything wrong with that. I saw an article the other day about animals being sentient beings. There was a line in that article that referred to cattle as being "very intelligent animals". That line made me laugh out loud! Cattle may be cute, but intelligent? They are a far cry from that! They are not as sentient as humans are. Nowhere near that. They evolved as prey animals. As such, their emotions are limited. They do not grieve for the loss of others in their herd, they do not feel prolonged bouts of depression like people do. Their focus is on only 2 things: self-preservation and reproduction. The only animals that are known to grieve for their comrades, besides humans, are elephants. Think about it, if cattle did suffer from depression like people do, they would not be interested in saving themselves from predators, and thus would go extinct. I know when I am depressed, I don't feel like doing anything. When I think about what happened to my Groucho, I always wish whatever it was that took her, had taken me instead. While Bos taurus is strictly a domestic animal, they do have some wild relatives, like the gaur (B. gaurus) and the banteng (B. javanicus), which are very close relations. Neither one of those species has time to feel depression. Their lives are focused entirely on finding food, reproducing, and staying away from predators. But when one is caught by a predator, the rest of the herd does not waste time grieving for that individual. They have more important things to do. So, animals like cattle do not feel emotions like we do. So no need to worry if we kill them for meat.

Of course I am not saying that any animal wants to be killed. I'm just saying that cattle do not waste their lives worrying about it, like a person would. That's the trouble with some vegans, they worry too much about things that shouldn't matter to us. They apply human emotions where it doesn't belong, like in cattle, because cattle do NOT feel emotions the same way we do. I wouldn't be fooled by people saying cattle have intelligence! I've seen cattle repeatedly get shocked by electrical fences. If cattle were indeed as intelligent as the vegan who wrote this article makes them out to seem, those cattle would have learned after the first shock that touching an electric fence is painful!
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