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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year! It is now 2012, a year that is just now coming into being, but has received a lot of publicity before it even got here. A lot of people believe this year spells the end of the World. In some ways I even believe it myself. I mean, look at what has happened to the World since the year 2000, we've had some serious natural disasters, we've had WW3, we've had serious bombings, and another thing that I believe is in the Bible, evil is running rampant. People have become much worse now than they ever have been in the past. I thought people were bad when I was a teenager, but no. Today, they are much worse!! Not saying there weren't any bad people back then, I'm saying that today there are so many more than there were back then. I don't even trust little kids at all. I remember when I was a teenager, there was this little boy in the neighborhood, his name was Joel, and as far as I could tell, he only had one friend, and it happened to be the little brother of one of my best friends in middle school. That was the first juvenile delinquent I believe I'd ever met! He cursed like a sailor, and used to call me names too. But that wasn't the worst part. He was weird as well! He used to bark like a dog and call himself a chihuahua, and he would stand there in my friend's yard and constantly repeat "Hey! I'm a chihuahua!" like some kind of broken record. He was just plain strange! But he was the first kid I ever "met" that was like that. Actually I never formally met him, I know he never learned what my name is, I just used to see him now and then playing with my friend's little brother. I wonder if now (he must be about 35 years old now) he is still going around, barking at people and telling them he is a chihuahua? Ever since meeting him, I've been uncomfortable around kids, and I notice today there is no shortage of kids like him. I don't think the kids today go around barking and calling themselves some kind of dog breed, but kids today are just plain evil. Whereas back then, Joel was one in a million. These days, he'd be commonplace.

Well, people are turning against each other, even their own comrades. That there is another sign the World is coming to an end. Just so many things happening, that it cannot be simply a coincidence. Of course no one really knows if the World will end this year. I don't believe the actual planet will blow up. I think really there will be some even greater natural disasters. And never fear, I am not going to kill myself because I believe the World is coming to an end! I'm not that stupid! I used to joke about killing myself when I was younger, but I never really intended to do it! I have too much I need to finish before I go! I don't joke about that anymore because now I realize those kind of jokes are in very poor taste. I was looking at a book I wrote based on my old MSN blog, and it was amazing how many times I talked about killing myself on there! But ever since this one girl (I think her name was Meagan) killed herself back in 2007, over an argument she got into with a former MySpace friend, I was like "WOW! I'd better stop making jokes about killing myself! This is serious shit!" I admit there were times I got upset, but no, I'm not dumb enough to end it all! In truth, I always believe things will get better soon. The only time I ever came even remotely close to wanting myself dead was when Groucho died. That was it. You know what stopped me from feeling that way? Ironically it was "the Watcher", a dumbass from the Pluba forums. Her real user name on there was Rhonda. Rhonda hated my guts from day 1! LOL! I didn't care though. But ironically, she did several things that made me want to go on living my life. First, she payed me a great compliment! She called me a "stalking whale", and I think whales are beautiful! So in my eyes, she was saying she hated me because I am beautiful, in spite of my size. hehehe! Next she said she was looking into filing litigation against me because I told her I don't like her. When my sisters told me she said that, I was like "Fine! I'll just file a countersuit against her for stealing a picture of mine that was copyrighted, and I NEVER gave her permission to use!" I'm still waiting for that litigation! I could get rich off of her! I've never seen a judge grant anyone litigation just because the defendant does not like the plaintiff! Especially since it's Rhonda's own fault that I don't like her! I never knew why she hated me, (not until the "stalking whale" compliment) but I can tell you it's her own doings that I don't like her! hehehe! That's her prerogative though. Doesn't matter to me! But copyright infringement is a totally different thing! I believe the fine for that is $250,000, enough to get me back to the coast and even buy myself a little oceanfront condo in Westport! Frankly I never believed her, Rhonda was the archetype of empty threats. But just in case, I wanted to stick around for this litigation! If nothing else, just for the laughs! It would have been priceless to see the look on her face when the judge would have said "You're suing her because she just doesn't like you?!" I can just picture someone like maybe Judge Judy, and saying "Get over it!" So that's why I didn't kill myself after Groucho died. Just because I was in the picture, does not mean I got to use it for free! I had to pay $300 for the privilege. "The Watcher" should have paid me in return if she wanted to use it! It would have cost her $600. Or because she is not a friend, I would have charged her $1000 for the privilege! LOL! I could legally do that if I want to. Same goes for Mcgillicutty, as she also stole that pic and used it without my permission.

Well, Mcgillicutty was mad at me because I told her she was a backyard breeder of chihuahuas, and she didn't like that. But she was also condoning the mixing of chihuahuas with pomeranians by her friend. She was supporting that, and there is no reason for it. But again, she has no case against me. What I did was practice my rights of free speech, just as she did cussing at me and calling me every name in the book. LOL! But again, I could slap her with a copyright infringement charge if she wants to carry it that far. hehehe! The same law applies to her for that as it does to "The Watcher". :) I figure between the two of them, I would have made about $500,000. That would really get me a NICE oceanfront condo! With the most gorgeous view! This all was also put in my book, and I titled the book "How A Dog-Girl Turned Rocker" and it will be available on UMG Productions. I've been thinking about putting this blog in book form too. I've had so many adventures to write about on here! Blogger now has that feature! Of course in my last book, I was able to add some descriptive paragraphs to highlight some of the stories I wrote in that blog. I don't know if Blogger will let me do that if I publish this blog into a book through them.
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