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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Craigslist Rental Scam

Ever try looking for an apartment on Craigslist? I can equate it to going to Burger King and trying to order a pizza! You can place the order, but it's in GOD's hands if you get it or not! LOL! It really sucks! Now, I've noticed one thing when trying to find an apartment. Actually I have known about this since before we moved here to Bozeman. Most of the good-sounding rentals are not so good when you contact someone about them. Like the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is! Last week, I contacted someone about a good sounding rental home. It was in our price range, and had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and it was pet friendly. Well, 2 days after I wrote to the person supposedly in charge of renting the home, she contacts me telling me that the home is still available. But there was a catch, she wanted me to visit a certain website and send her a copy of my credit report. She said it was absolutely free. She claims she just wanted to see it so she could tell I was really interested in the property, and that she could be provided with some kind of reassurance that I won't vandalize the place.

Well, I had encountered people like that before, and I almost sent them a copy of my credit report. Or I would have. Except the first time I visited one of those sites from someone who gave me almost the same song-and-dance number as this woman gave me, I found out that the site was not-so-free. In order to get the so-called "free credit report", you have to sign up for a membership for a year, and that is NEVER free! I decided to play this little game with this woman. I told her upfront that I do not trust those sites, but what I can do is give her the names and numbers of the last 3 places I rented from, including where I live now. I know for sure they will give her a great review, and tell her that I am not into vandalism. All that really should count is that I paid my rent on time, my pets are always well-behaved, and I left their rental home (or lot) in great condition, and I always did all that. Well, with the exception of a little accident I had in my last home in Ocean Shores, but I explained what happened and they were understanding. My last landlord still gave me a great review.

Well, a day later that same woman wrote to me again, saying that she had already rented the place. I figured after I told her that I don't trust those sites, and I wasn't going to give her this so-called "free credit report", I figured I would hear from her saying that she's already rented the place. That was no surprise at all! Well, yesterday I heard from her again, saying pretty much the same thing, that the house is still vacant and that she wanted me to go to that website again and get the "free credit report". And get this! It was the same message as she sent before, same wording, sentences, and everything! It was like it was copied and pasted from an original master copy. I should copy the same message I sent her before saying I won't go to that site, and send it to her again. See what she says after that. Probably the same thing, that the house has already been rented.

If you ask me, this is the problem with going to Craigslist to look for rentals. You have to be very careful. I've got some people who rent homes (so they claim) here from overseas. Those you have to especially be cautious of! They say if you send them the amount of money for the first and last month's rent, they will send you a key to their rental. I don't know how these people even sleep at night! Unless they just have no conscience! Chances are the house they claim to be renting either does not exist at all, or it belongs to someone else. When I get people telling me to do either of these things, I just don't pay any mind to them. Or I do and just tell them that I won't go to any free credit report site just to rent from them. That's not even my job! That should be their job as the landlord to do things like that. Just a heads-up to my readers!

I still feel we should never have left Ocean Shores! We had the perfect set-up there! We had a nice home, right next to the beach, a good yard for our dogs, the rent was good, plus we had a guy who would come and fix our car whenever we needed it. And he was an honest person once he left his wife! Anna couldn't get an extra job there, but who cares?? Anna's taste in jobs sucks!! Now, she's got this paper route, and it is not a good job at all! There's some things about this job that they never told her in the beginning when she signed up! She only gets paid 14 cents per paper she delivers. And on top of that, she has to buy her own gas, which is about $25 a week, she has to buy their rubber bands, which is $3.50 for a one-ounce bag, she has to buy their plastic bags, and she also has to have their insurance, which one of our friends said will cost about $8 a month! So where does all that money from delivering papers go? I said to Anna, it's not worth it at all! Plus we don't have a life anymore! We have to get up at 2AM to deliver all the papers before 6AM. Then when we get home, we are so tired, and we have to go to sleep again. Sometimes I only sleep until 11AM, sometimes I am asleep until 2PM, or longer. Then we have to go back to sleep again at about 8PM, or we cannot function the next day. And a paper route is every day, rain, shine, or blizzard! And holidays too. No breaks, nothing! For what they pay, this job is not worth it. I told Anna to quit. I don't even have anymore time anymore to work on my stories. I can barely take care of my fish now. I struggle heavily to keep with their schedule. And the other day I took a nasty spill on the ice hidden under the snow! I went down like a pancake! When I got up again, I was limping because one leg went one way, and the other leg went another way. And to this day, I still have not fully recovered! I still experience some pain because of that. Sometimes it hurts worse than at other times, and it's not as bad as it was. Unfortunately Anna's taste in jobs is a cornucopia of jobs that pay dick! She doesn't want to do housekeeping anymore, or anything like that, and those are the jobs that pay! I told her to just keep the demo jobs, and wait till she graduates before trying to find something else.

Now, Anna has given the manager at the newspaper notice that she is going to quit, but she has to keep doing the job for 30 more days. Or until the manager can find a person to replace her on her route, which he won't! He won't even look, I'll wager you! But Anna has to wait, otherwise they will charge her up to $500! That would SUCK!!!!
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