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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Little Brag

I have to brag here a bit. I sold a book today! YAY! I finally sold a book. I don't expect to become the next Danielle Steele, but I did finally sell one of my stories. For me, it's a personal triumph. I'm excited, but I am also a little bit nervous. Now that I've sold a story, strangers are going to be delving into my personal life. Most of my stories are based, in some part, on my own personal experiences. I also have to keep in mind that not everyone who purchases one of my stories is going to like them. There are going to be people who are going to give the stories not-so-favorable reviews. Trisha says to take each review in stride, because even negative reviews can be something to learn from. I just hope these purchases are not being made by Hobofart! Oh well, even if they are, at least he can now give reviews based on some experience, instead of based solely on his own twisted feelings about me. I'd rather get negative reviews from someone who had actually read the stories, because at least they are honest. I wish I could have injected a bit more humor into the stories, but I couldn't. I have to do up each story on this computer, the exact way it was originally written. I am not allowed to change anything. This story I am especially nervous about! It's the one I had to do up old Hollywood caricatures for! LOL! I'm not even so sure I did them right! But Trisha says not to worry. A lot of the time, even the classic cartoons didn't always do them exactly right. Couldn't have been worse than me though! LOL! That's another reason I'm so nervous. It had been ages since I drew caricatures! I may have been a bit rusty in redoing this story.

This story I am working on now, it's another good one it's titled "To Work or Dress". Though not good for children, it was made with more mature audiences in mind, because for a brief period in the story, full female frontal nudity is shown. This is another story with Candi in it, and her husband, Leopold. This story took a long time to finish, mostly because I am notoriously BAD at endings!!! That's my one big flaw in writing a story. That's why the INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens story took 7 years to finish, I had some trouble coming up with an ending. Thanks to a friend named Cairo, I managed to compose a decent ending for that story. He helped me complete it. Well, in this story, Candi buys a dress worth $500, and so she has to come up with a way to pay for the dress herself. When she finds a job willing to pay $100 a day, she goes for it. This was also based on a personal experience I had. LOL! Wait till you all find out what that job was. I don't want to give it away. Candi has to quit that job though, and later winds up working for an evil woman who trains dangerous animals for the circus. Not the traditional lions, tigers and bears. I'm talking about even more dangerous animals! The evil woman is mean to the animals, and to Candi, who tries to help the animals because they are being abused.

Candi of course is based on me (from 1997, when the story was originally written), and the abusive woman is based on one of the supervisors I had back then, when I did a telemarketing job, named Karen. She was mean-spirited, rude, and fat as all-be-hell! She gives decent fat people a bad name! I remember one time she purposefully locked me out of the building during work hours. Someone else had to let me back into the building to complete my job that day. She was nice when I first met her, but then I had to take a little 2-week break from working to get married and have our honeymoon, and when I came back, Karen was all of a sudden so hateful and mean to me. I don't know what flew up her fat ass during that 2-week break I had, but when I got back, she was MEAN!!! She was perfect for this story! I don't like people like her! She was exactly what others think of when they think of fat people. She was mean, she had bad body-odor, she was dim-witted. I think she was an alcoholic. Maybe that was why she was so nasty. But anyway, she was just perfect to use in this story as an abusive supervisor towards Candi and her animals. I do that sometimes. I use people I've known to play different roles in some of my stories. Candi's friend and confidante in this story is based on a former friend I used to have named Jennifer. We were not friends anymore as of the time of this writing, but I still used her, because for that time period, she was one of the best friends I'd had. Since Tara was gone. I used to confide in Jennifer all the time. She was so patient with me. Kindof a shame we lost touch. But shit happens I guess.

Well, I just had to announce this. It's kindof exciting having sold my first story. But it's also very nerve-wrecking. I hope the person who bought the story is enjoying it now! I can only speculate about who it might be. It'd be just awesome if it were a big Hollywood movie producer, and he's thinking of turning my story into a big movie production! LOL! There I go dreaming! But lately no one else has had any fresh ideas to make movies about! It might do them some good to turn to those of us who self-publish to supply them with fresh, new ideas. You just never know.
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