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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Second Job

Well, Anna got a new job yesterday. It's an every day job. She delivers newspapers. This job is so simple, a little kid can do it. It used to be little kids did do it. The only flaw in this job is (according to Anna herself) that she has to get up at 3 AM and prepare for this job. I told her she's just going to have to go to bed earlier than usual. As soon as Anna gets used to this route, I'm going to start going with her to help deliver the newspapers. It'll be fun. Today, she's just taking Odessa with her. Or so she said. I remember when we lived in Ocean Shores, Anna tried to apply for this same kind of job, and they kept saying they wanted someone with experience to do this job! I was like "That's the biggest load of leopard gas I've ever heard! Little kids used to be the ones doing this job!" How much experience does one need to deliver newspapers?? When I was a kid, a boy my age used to deliver the newspaper to my father, and our neighbors. Anna was more than 3 times that age when she tried to apply for a paper route. So to not hire someone for that job because they lacked experience, it's just DUMB!

Personally, I think companies use the excuse "we need someone with more experience" just so someone like Anna wouldn't call them back. Anna has applied for jobs back in Ocean Shores that were no-brainers. And I remember one time, the boss went through all the motions with her, set up an interview, and even took her through an orientation. But she did not get the job because apparently someone else came along that had more experience. I think that boss was just bullshitting Anna! This was a job that required almost no experience! The boss even told Anna she didn't need experience before she applied for that job. He was probably just being an ass! That made me mad!

Well, Anna had no trouble getting a job here. I am also looking into getting involved with this demo work. Our local Smith's is having a grand re-opening, and I'd like to do demos then especially. Once we have another well-established income, we can start looking into buying one of those condos we've been drooling over. Or even better, into that mobile home and a piece of land of our own! I can hardly wait! I believe we will be able to do it if we work together.
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