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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arseholes And the Like

There is an ass running around the Craigslist Rants and Raves section, he admitted it himself that he is an asshole. He said in one post "I am an asshole and nothing you can ever say would offend me". It made me think back to Dustin Grey, from Youtube, who also was a self-proclaimed asshole. He said that was what he was and he was proud of it. The difference is, he was young. I think he was either in his early 20s or late teens. He could change if he were capable of it. But I don't think he is capable of it. Someone who knows him from another forum he is on informed me that he and his friends, who took it upon themselves to harass me one day, are all socially damaged psychotics. My guess is that Dustin Grey never had a positive "father figure" in his life, and his mom never accepted him. Those are some of the things that could make a person turn on society like that. I've met musicians before, some of them are hardcore asses. But none I ever met were to the extent of Dustin Grey. He was definitely a psychotic heading for nothing but trouble in his life. I feel sorry for anyone who would become a fan of his. He is surely the definition of an angry person who hates society in general.

I often wonder what makes a person want to behave that way? For me, it's usually only hot weather, or I am not happy inside--which usually happens when it's hot out. But day in, day out, what makes a person turn on other people for no reason? I'm sure people like that are not happy inside, or else they would not want to try and hurt others or put down people they don't even know. I think part of the reason some people are like that is because of the way they were raised. It may be none of my business but that's probably what is happening now with parents either leaving their kids at home by themselves and going off to work, or with single moms trying to raise their kids by themselves. My ma always said she's never seen a child come out right without a father figure in their lives. Now, I know some people have children and are not married, and even have no father around. If they're lucky these days, their children may come out OK. But in this day and age, that would be very difficult. Because now we are not allowed to spank our children, and eventually we won't be allowed to hug them either. I'm surprised parents are still allowed to breast feed them! Teachers in school are not even allowed to touch the students in any way now, and if a teacher is caught befriending any of the students, the crybabies of the world now scream "pedophile"! The world has really gone downhill.

I remember another time on Youtube, some dumbass cry-baby teenager said to me "bite me", or something to that effect. In return, I told her to suck my ass. Then she started crying "pedophile" with me. LOL! I found that hysterically funny because my friends who know me, know me to be more on the side of a pedophobe, or whatever the complete opposite of a pedophile is. I'm not scared of kids, but I hate kids. Especially today's kids! I didn't mind them when I was a teenager, because bad kids were harder to find back then. But today's kids, I truly HATE!!! I've met some good ones yes, but most of today's kids suck tiger balls! I love my nieces and nephews, I find it harder to get along with the younger ones, but once they reach a certain age, then I can talk to them. I also know the parents of my nieces and nephews bring them up right. They don't teach them to be assholes or outlaws. They bring them up to be good, decent, upstanding citizens. So, I know they are good kids. But most of the rest of today's kids, I hate them. I want nothing at all to do with them. If I offend some parents because I hate their kids, that's fine by me! They should have brought their kids up right. Instead of going off drinking, partying, or leaving their kids at home with nothing to raise them except video games and anime cartoons.

That's the funny thing about me, when I was a teenager, I couldn't pass by a baby carriage in the mall without looking in and telling the parent what a cute baby they had. Now, I don't even glance. All I think about when I see a woman pushing a baby carriage, is how much shit and puke that person must have to clean up every day. LOL! And also that they are in for nothing but a lot of trouble with that kid, because who knows if that child is even going to be brought up right, or if it's just going to be adding to all the problems in the world. That is what I am seeing in most of today's teenagers and 20-year olds. Contributing nothing at all to society but problems, hatred and negativity. And to those who see this post as being contradictory, it's not my job to raise someone else's kids! And those parents should learn all this stuff BEFORE they had kids!

Now, when I was a kid, I remember one of my sis's best friends was one of her high school teachers, to which she is still friends with her to this day. These days, the teachers are not allowed to get that close to any of the students without the crybabies wailing "pedophile!" My sis is honored to be friends with this teacher, even to this day. It's sad that kids today will never really experience what it's like. I always saw having your teacher be your friend is like having a friend who is wise and knowledgable. I had a teacher who I considered to be one of my best friends. She took me under her wing and we did some things together, and I enjoyed that. She even took me on a field trip to her residence, which was a trip she knew I would love. And I did! Her property was deep in the woods, right by the bay in Olympia. She had bald eagles, seals, deer, and lots of other animals all around her place! I wasn't even in her class, but she brought me along anyway because she knew I would enjoy it there, and I did! Today's kids will sadly never know what it's like to have a teacher like that. I did not see this teacher as a pedophile. Far from it. I just saw her as someone who was considerate and thoughtful, and must have really thought a lot of me to bring me on a trip I was not even supposed to be on, but she brought me anyway because I loved animals and nature.

This is also another area where I blame irresponsible people. You can't get much more irresponsible than to commit some kind of criminal acts. And it is because of those criminal acts that kids are pulling further away from adults and getting closer to say like street gangs. Parents and teachers cannot hug kids anymore, kids need to be hugged otherwise they turn into hateful adults that act in totally adverse ways to society. Parents cannot discipline children anymore, well, kids are not born knowing right from wrong. How are they going to learn the difference if parents don't teach them? So what if the parents spank their children? For every bad act, there is going to be bad consequences, even in the adult world! Sometimes the consequences are going to be painful. A child should learn that from an early age. For every good act, there is usually good consequences. They may not always come right away, but they will come eventually. It sure doesn't get better if a person reacts hatefully. I know of people who try to do good by others, and in the process, something bad happens to them.

I once had a friend who once had a great boyfriend. He always did right by her, and always tried to do everything he could to help other people. Well, he was good at fixing cars and often when he would see cars broken down on the side of the road, he would stop to help that person. Well, one time he did that, and the guy he was trying to help kidnapped him, took him to an abandoned field, then shot and killed him. This friend was devastated when that happened, and it's sad that it does sometimes happen to people who are doing nothing but trying to help someone out in distress. For all I know, that could have been a set-up. I know here, there have been times I've tried to be very nice to people, only to have them give me nothing in return but evil looks. I give strangers one chance, and only one chance. If they ruin that chance, I never give it to them again. There is this one guy who lives here, his name is Dan, and his one and only friend is a chocolate labrador. I always refer to him as "that ugly dude", because he always looks mean and ugly! Well, Karen told me the man hasn't got a mean bone in his body, and I find that very hard to believe, because I rarely see him smile. He just always looks mean and ugly. Well, in light of her saying that, I tried one day to be nice to Dan. He was coming out of the dog park and I smiled and waved at him. Of course I think it was more because I thought I saw him looking at me and smiling. I must have been wrong, because after I smiled and waved at him, he gave me a go-to-Hell look. It was after that incident that I began referring to him as "that ugly dude", even in front of Karen. She didn't like it, but I told her I tried being nice to him once, and I'll never do that again! I'm not going to waste my energy being nice to someone whose going to be nasty to me in return. I'll save that energy for someone who will be nice to me. Like I said, I only give strangers one chance, and that's it. If they're nice, I'll give them more chances. If they're nasty, like that guy was, never again will I even consider being nice to them, and I can be very ugly and mean if I want to, too!
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