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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Blog!

Boy! I'm just pumping them out now! LOL! Well, this blog is solely for me to rant on Montana and this apartment complex. I hate Montana! After being in Idaho for the weekend, I realized just how much I hate it here! My hands are always dry! When we were in Idaho, my hands stayed pretty moist. Here, they dry up and get cracked and painful. I'm never moving back here again! Not if I can help it. I also miss the rainy days we get in Washington. Here, when it rains, or even snows, it only lasts for a few hours at the most. It doesn't last all day. I think in the time I've been here, we've only had one fully gray day. I'm not used to it here. I miss home. I'm more used to the weather there. Here, it's like a desert. So I propped this new blog up, and I write in it occasionally, but only things that have something to do with this complex and Montana, and the people I see here. Montana would be nice for just a visit, but I hate living here. I am not happy. Now that spring is near, it's getting warm out there now, and I hate heat.

Anyway, here is the new blog. I titled it "In Prizon". Yes, I realize "prison" is spelled wrong! That's part of the cuteness in that blog. The general mood of the blog is kindof glum, because here I feel like I am in a prison, with almost no way out right now. At first I didn't want my sis to see that blog, because of the reference to Idaho Falls, and a few other reasons. But now that she's taken her trip, I feel she can be acquainted with this new blog, and it won't hurt anything. That was why I haven't posted the link here until now. I don't care if other people read it, but my sis is a totally different story.

If you'd like to read what goes on in this soap opera of a complex, here is the link again: inprizon.blogspot.com

Hope you all like it. If you can, there is a link up to donate via Google Checkout. Please donate a few dollars. It will be appreciated! I can use the money to help me get back to the coast when  the time comes. The default donation is $5, but you can enter anything into the field.
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