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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cat And Mouse Games

Sometimes, I just want to slap the shit out of my sis's neighbor. It's this man named Roger, and he's an old man. Not like he's a young teenager or anything. He's been pushing carts in front of my sister's door. Anna had no idea who has been putting carts in front of her door, but she wrote a message and put it up on her door, telling the person to stop it. And she said the person who is doing it is stupid, dumb and inconsiderate. The note was not directed at any one person, just the person who has been pushing the cart in front of her door. Well, one day Roger was downstairs and he had been talking to Deb, Deb didn't think it was a good idea for Anna to have that sign on her door, calling someone dumb, stupid and inconsiderate. But Anna did not direct those comments to anyone in particular. But Roger complained about it (I know he did). The way he talked at Anna that day, and some things he said when she asked about the cart in front of her door, it gave him away as the culprit.

One morning Anna was walking out of her apartment with Odessa, and she saw Roger talking to someone and he mentioned out loud in front of her that she still has "that stupid sign" on her door. Basically, Roger has all but admitted to her that he was the culprit. But he has admitted it to several other people whom he waits downstairs for the mail man with. But he is so spineless, he absolutely refuses to admit it to Anna. Well, this morning Anna was again about to put Odessa out when she noticed an anonymous note on her door that said "You are a fat, lazy bitch, nobody likes you, your attitude anyway, so why don't you just move!" Anna took the note, gave it to Karen and asked her to give it to Lois. This has become an issue now. I knew when Anna told me about the message that it had to be Roger! I told her he's just trying to get to her because of that note on her door saying the shopping cart nag is dumb, stupid and inconsiderate. But it looks like now Roger wants to play games with Anna. So, I said if he wants to play this game with Anna, we're game! He'll have to deal with me too!

Well, I invited Anna to my apartment and I wrote a scathing letter back to him. I wrote "A stupid, retarded old fart lives here. He is loony, spineless, and needs to be institutionalized!" and I took it and stuck it on his door. I put it over his peephole, so I know he'd see it when he steps out. He didn't even see me post the sign on his door! LOL! I'll tell him I did it only after he tries to accuse Anna of doing it. But like I said, if he wants to play this way, we're game. Anna has me on her side! So it's our 2 brains against his none. Everyone here knows Roger is a loony old fart. Anna never did anything wrong to him either. But he just pushes any shopping carts he sees in the hallway in front of her door. He's just being an asshole. Irma, who is Anna's other neighbor, said Roger is acting like this because he believes Anna's apartment is possessed by some evil spirit or something. The guy who lived there before her used to give Roger a hard time, and I think he believes Anna is in some way connected with the former tenant. But that's wrong to put that kind of hatred and blame on Anna's shoulders. But it shows Roger completely lacks character!

He's lucky I don't believe in slapping an old man! LOL! I used to get slapped for shit-talking men that age! But I think even my dear, sweet mom would agree with me on this one. Roger's note has been turned in to the landlord. Bet anything he still doesn't admit he made that letter. The only other person who could have done it would have been Andy, and he never has had any reason to come to this floor so far. The only person who has such a problem with Anna that lives on this level is indeed Roger, and he was pissed off by that message Anna posted on her door. He could only be this upset if he were guilty, and more and more every day, he proves that he is. Deb says we need to have cameras placed down that hall! I agree! Either they do it, or I'll put a hidden camera up there. Hopefully Anna never gets another letter like that again on her door, but she should be prepared, this may get worse. But like I said, she has me on her side. But at least now I know why Roger won't just confront Anna face to face like an adult. But it's still not right, what he's doing. I told Anna if she gets another letter like that one, to show it to me as well. I want to see it.

Well, I knew the "retarded" epitaph would get to Roger! LOL! For someone as crazy as him, the word "retarded" always cuts them deeply. I was out in the lobby, and I saw him march himself down the hallway, and he had the note I left on his door wrapped around his wallet. He looked PISSED!!!! LOL! I just laughed, after he left of course. I'm not yet ready for him to know that I was the one who posted that letter anonymously. I'll tell him when he accuses Anna of doing it, which should not take too long. I just want to see if he actually does accuse her. Then that will provide a little further proof that he was the one who posted that stupid message on Anna's door.
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