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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

End The Hostility

I got a comment on one of my videos today and the commenter sounds like he and I think on the same wavelengths. He doesn't see the point either in someone being so hateful to a person they don't even know because that person is fat. Yet, I see it all the time everywhere. Not just on the internet. If a person were to actually meet me face to face, with an open mind, they might actually see that I am one of the nicest, sweetest people they could ever meet. I generally try to treat people with respect, I've never killed anyone, though I won't lie and say the thought has never crossed my mind, I would just never actually do it! It's not in my nature to be physically combative. And who knows? Maybe it's not in these peoples' nature either. Unfortunately, most people cannot get past the fat appearance. I hear people say all the time that they hate fat people because they chose to be fat, or because they have a bad attitude, and stuff like that. But I don't have a bad attitude. So, why take it out on me because you met a few bad fat apples elsewhere? I don't see the point in that. Personally, I hate fat people too who are mean and nasty to everyone they meet, like that woman I saw in the Olympia Walmart last year just before we moved to Bozeman. She stunk, and her disposition was lousy! She was the picture of what most people stereotype all fat people to be. I hated her for it! I don't know her, but I hate her! I don't even know that woman's name, and my encounter with her was luckily very brief and fleeting. But it is because of fat people like her that decent fat people like me have to work hard to change the mind of the public. I don't care if a person hates fat people, they can hate me until it kills them for all I care! But I don't like it when people compare a decent fat person like me, to trash like that woman I saw that day in the Walmart. We don't all have bad attitudes, and we don't all smell bad.

Another thing I will never understand, why some people are so nasty to a fat person, that they don't know and has never done them any harm, but just because that person is fat. I've gotten some nasty comments from people I've never met before, and could never have harmed in any way. I still remember the time this one commenter, who calls himself TsS7VEN, real name was Michael, made a comment on my video, calling me all kinds of names, like "mad cow disease" and "fat lard". He was more than hostile, he was INSANELY hostile, and I'd never done anything to him before. I never even invited him to come and view my videos. I sure as Hell didn't force him to view them. I never even saw him, or knew he existed before he came and made that comment on my video. So the only reason I could deduce as to why he was so insanely hostile towards me is because I am fat. Like I said, I don't care if he hates fat people, but what is the point in being so irrationally hostile towards a fat person you don't even know? I could see it if I had done something bad to him, but since I didn't (not until after he attacked me first anyway) I don't understand people like him.

The only thing I can think of that would make a person like that attack an innocent person like me, would be because he is an unhappy person in real life. For the most part, if I don't like someone, I leave them alone, and make no contact with them whatsoever. The only thing that would make me just lash out at someone for no reason is usually because I am not happy on the inside. So, it's my guess that is why this person decided to attack me that day. Maybe he was having a fight with his mom or something, or a sibling, or a girlfriend (IF someone like that can actually find a girl foolish enough to be with him)? Who knows? I always try to look at things from an analystic basis. hehehe! Well! That's the only way I'll ever really understand people. People like TsS7VEN though are so closed-minded, I couldn't expect him to change. So, I just blocked his butt. It was my way of saying to him "don't ever come back to my channel again! You're NOT welcome here!" I'm not a fat person with an attitude. It's people like him who has the attitude problem.

Another comment from a person who commented on my Fat People Suck video gave me a little bit of an insight as to why fat haters are so irrationally hostile. This person calls himself peterwall66, and this was the comment he made that I actually preserved:

"I cant believe how many fat people responded to fat people suck, whinging, moaning and making excuses," its discriminaton" aw... Fuck you! Its disrimination to have to in my sight."

If you can get past the grammar and spelling errors, I guess what he is trying to say is that fat people are discriminating against him by just him looking at us. That doesn't really make sense, but then again, it's normal for hatred not to make sense. So little is really known about obesity that it's not even funny, even though it is a growing epidemic. And it's a shame that people like this poster act solely on hatred and ignorance. Judging by how this person types, and his use of cuss words and stuff like that, I can tell he is probably a drinker and a smoker. You all know what I say about drinkers and smokers. I say that if you are going to hate on fat people, you might as well hate on drinkers and smokers too. In fact, I would say drinkers and smokers probably deserve more hate than fat people do, because aside from the common complaints I hear from fat haters about fat people smelling bad, and are unhealthy, smokers and drinkers do something that no fat person has ever done (because of their obesity): smokers and drinkers kill other people. I've never heard of a fat person killing another person just by them being fat. But smokers blow cigarette and cigar smoke at other people, and that can kill another person in the long run. Second-hand smoke is known to be just as deadly as if that person were a smoker themselves. Smokers will even smoke infront of their children, which makes those kids suffer breathing problems (and many other problems) later on in life. I remember my ma used to smoke, and it caused me to develop severe car-sickness. Don't ask me what the connection was, I just know I never got car-sickness until after ma started smoking in the car. And drinkers, how many people are killed each year by drunk drivers? About 13,000 (in America). How many men who beat up their wives are drunkards? Almost half. How many bar fights are there every year caused by drunkards? Most of them are. How many drunkards open their mouths and sound like idiots? All of them do! Fat people only hurt themselves, no one else. As long as a hater leaves me alone physically, they don't give me any real reason to hurt them. All in all, 80,000 deaths a year are caused by drinking. Though that seems like a small number (compared to the 300,000 deaths annually of obese people), that number is not counting the thousands of people who are killed by drunks.

I used to know someone in a forum that made fun of me because I am fat, but then that same person turned around and was so tender and sweet to her friend who was also fat and an alcoholic. She said her friend was fat because she was an alcoholic, and alcoholism is a disease that the person cannot help. I was like "Yes she can help it!" As far as I know, no one has ever forced a person to become an alcoholic. Alcoholism happens when someone cannot control how much they drink. That is usually brought on by a lack of self-control. It can be helped. It cannot be stopped once it's begun, but it can be avoided before it gets to that point. Alcoholism is just as much a disease as obesity is. I'm fat for a number of reasons, but the main reason (without getting into a lot of detail) is due to a surgery I had to correct a "family curse" as I call it.
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