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Friday, March 23, 2012

I Hate Montana!

My I Hate Montana video sure did get a lot of attention! But I don't mind. Even though it is a reminder of how psychotic Montanans get when you tell them you don't like their state. I swear, they act like you are dissing their family! It's just a damn state! Get over yourselves! I never remember Washingtonians being like this about Washington state! Or Oregonians being like this about Oregon state, or even Idahoans being like that about Idaho State! Not even Californians are like that! Only Montanans seem to shit their pants when you talk like that about Montana. It's not like I haven't heard them talk shit about this state themselves. I guess with Montanans it's like "do as I say, not as I do". Well guess what, I do as I say, not what other people want me to say. Not gonna happen. I still don't like Montana. They won't change that! So I put them up a link in case they choose to donate to get me out of Montana faster. If I have to save the money all by myself, it's going to take a LOT longer for me to get out of here. Donate today (or any day) and I can get out faster. If there was one person I figured would donate, it's this fool who calls himself "CaptnHowD", and told me he's campaigning to clear all the "idiots" out of Montana. Of course in his eyes, "idiot" just means someone who doesn't like Montana. In my eyes, an "idiot" is someone like him, who thinks he owns this state and can control what other people think of this state by acting like an idiot. Well, this is me. I gave him a shout-out anyway. I enjoy getting comments. It means I've made some people think, which is what the World needs now. They need to be shocked now and then. Check this out!

I say, don't "campaign" anything unless you intend to follow completely through with it. I believe this is a free country, a person can stay where they want to. The only reason I am here is to support my sister. But in our visit to Idaho Falls (which is better in climate than Montana) I really discovered how much I miss the coast. It was the first weekend since I moved that my hands were not dry. I'm not really dissing the people, well except the ones I live with and the psycho-twats like CaptnHowD. He seems to think he's smarter than me, but he's not. I can tell him now. In the video above, I quoted a comment he made about me going out to get lotion. CaptnHowD was either too dumb to understand when I said that in my first video, or it flew right over his head and he missed it. I just gave him a big "DUH!" LOL! So again, here's my donation link, if this 'person' (and I use the term loosely) still wants to "campaign to get all idiots out of Montana" (hahaha!) I say shut the fuck up and start doing something about it, big chief! If you don't, you're living proof that talk is definitely cheap! :)

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