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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Idaho Falls Up High

I just came back today from a trip to Idaho Falls. Anna has been wanting to go there for a long time, I haven't, but I went anyway, simply because it's been years since the both of us had a vacation together. This was supposed to be Anna's birthday present from me, and going this weekend was kindof a spur of the moment thing. I actually enjoyed myself, and I didn't think I would. I haven't had much interest in going to Idaho, except for maybe a few things, but to see Idaho Falls was not among those things. I mean really, I can see water falls here, and in WA state. Idaho Falls is nothing really special to me. Now that I've been, I actually think it's a cute little town. It's a lot bigger than Bozeman, but not BIG like Seattle. It still has somewhat of a country feel to it. The falls themselves are located right in the city limits. Anna wanted to have her pic taken right in front of the falls, so that is what we did.

Not only did we go there and see the falls, we went souvenir shopping. I got chihuahua everything! I got a chihuahua magnet, I got a t-shirt with all our dogs on it, I also got a book about why dogs are better than cats. LOL! As if I need a book to tell me that! Dogs are WAY better than cats for so many reasons! I bet that book got a lot of negative feedback from the cat fanatics. That's why I bought it. Besides, I wanted to see what makes dogs so wonderful to this guy. It turns out his thoughts about dogs are much the same as mine. There was one page in the book that I found particularly interesting, and I swear to you all now, I never saw this book in my life! But there is a chart on there about which animals are the best at getting along with humans, and guess what the second runner-up to dogs was? It was LEMURS!!!!!!! I knew there was something about lemurs that I loved!! Besides the fact that they are cute, great singers, and superb athletes. And they aren't horse-faced like a lot of human athletes. Of course on animals it makes no difference! Horses actually have cute faces. But the lemurs (black-and-white ruffed lemurs to be exact) are the second best at getting along with people. That's cool to know!! And it gives me some hope. I'd LOVE to have a lemur for a pet! They're still my number one favorite animals of all time. And black-and-white ruffed lemurs are some of the prettiest of all lemurs! Next to sifakas, which I couldn't have as a pet.

My favorite thing that I got was this shirt that has a picture of all our dogs on it. Actually, they aren't really our dogs, they're pics that the business had of chihuahuas and papillons, but they look exactly like our dogs. Though all I could really find of a papillon was a silhouette. But it works out beautifully! We also went to Petsmart and Petco there, I always like to check those places out. They had a puppy adoption event going on at Petsmart, and I saw the cutest little puppy there. It was an australian shepherd cross. Truth be told, I think it was crossed with St. bernard or Great pyrenees. It sort of had that look and bone structure. But it was a darling pup anyway! I still have a big affection for Australian shepherds, even though I would never own one now. I needed a puppy-fix anyway. So, I was so glad I stopped off there when I did. I got to hold that puppy, she was so soft and so sweet!! I'd have taken her except for 2 things: 1) I already have 2 little dogs, and 2) I'm not one for owning mixed breeds. Some mixed breeds are cute, and I respect those that like them, but mutts are just not for me. I like purebreed dogs, because I know what I am getting. I know what the pups will grow to look like and how big they will get. See, if I am right, and that pup does have great pyrenees or st. bernard in the background, it's going to be a huge, rough-and-tumble dog that I just cannot keep in a small apartment. Of course there is one man here, named Mike, who owns an enormous dog that is half pyrenees, golden retriever and german shepherd, but that's because he's too dumb and stubborn to open his mind to the world of the smaller dogs. His dog, Rain, attacked Vegas once, and I wanted to toss that old man off his wheelchair and onto his ass because he just sat there like an idiot, and didn't control his dog! Unfortunately it's against my principles to slap an old man! But I almost lost it and did it anyway, especially when he smuggingly bragged "I had it all under control". He didn't have it under control! All he did was sit in his wheelchair and did nothing at all but watch with a contented grin on his face. Karen was the one who pulled Mike's dog off of Vegas. Mike didn't even so much as call off his dog. If Vegas had been hurt, Mike would have heard from me! He might have even got it from me! To this day, I can't stand the sight of Mike or his dog. Every time I see Mike, I want to slap his face so hard it hurts me!!

Well, I am trying to get over my anger towards Rain, but I don't think I'll ever trust Mike again. Mike has the mentality of a naughty teenager. He picks on little dogs, and is rude to everyone he sees. He's dim-witted and mindless, and yet he brags in such a way that you know he's talking through his ass. He'll bring up things like "Oh I remember when I went to war in Viet Nam and we beat those dinks...." blah-blah-blah! Yes, he always uses racial slurs. I can't stand him! And he follows Karen around like a puppy dog. Karen hates it when he does that too. She doesn't ask for him to follow her around, he just does it. Like an attached little brother who cannot let go. And truth be told, I doubt he ever served in the military! I think all those stories he told was perhaps told to him by someone else, probably by a friend, and he's just repeating what he's heard and memorized.
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