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Monday, March 19, 2012

Lost One Subscriber

Well, I lost TwiztedAsh as a buddy this morning. She hated my panther fanatics video and pulled anchor and left. Well, as sorry as I am to hear that's how she feels now, like I said to her when a person has had enough, they've had enough. That is what panther fanatics have pushed me to do, and I still hold that ultimatum that if they keep on harassing me, I will put up more videos like that one. Of course I am always sad to lose a friend, but I'll get over it soon enough. She said to me "I guess you're not the person I thought you were." Well she may be right. I'm an extremely complex person. Too complex for the average mind to comprehend. That's why so many "average" people think I don't make any sense. I can be very, VERY evil, or I can be an absolute, lovely angel. But I think this last panther fanatic (the one from Romania) took the cake when he said that Tim Farriss is retarded. I am not trying to act like a fanatic, but the fact that he said Timmy was a retarded dog just because I hate panthers, I wanted to give him and other panther fanatics something in return for that. That and the fact that I believe he is connected with NewZealandKiwi, who has been trying to get my attention for some time now, and trying to force me to believe his way about dogs and panthers.

Frankly I am not that sad to lose a subscriber. I've been reconsidering holding on to this account at YouTube again. In trying to upload these videos, I've found that my uploader now does not work right, and it annoys the piss out of me! Really! When I tried to upload that last video, it liked to have never finished processing. It was hours before it finally did. I had to get into Google Chrome in order to get it to work! I can't keep doing that. Seems every time I get on YouTube, I find there is something I hate about this new set-up. I'll never really understand these new channel set-ups. YouTube has made changes before, but never to this extent! And I just don't like it anymore. I've been seriously considering pulling anchor myself and just saying goodbye to YouTube. I might keep my FattyTV channel though. Although I hardly ever sign on to it. But the uploader there is much better. For some reason, the one I got stuck with (probably because it's monetized) doesn't work right. That sucks! I might just post all my videos on here instead of YouTube. That's not such a bad idea!


I just got this message from TwiztedAsh:

They have a right to "harass" you when you show dead animals. That is against the TOS. And you are going to get "harassed" by animal lovers! I don't find it funny at all and honestly feel like punching you in the face to defend the honor of my "panther" who just passed away. Yes we're talking about a housecat but she was huge and I called her my panther. And I take the honor of my cats VERY seriously!

I love animals too. But even I have my limits. I bet anything if that had been a video showing an animal she hates dead she would not have cared. But I hate panthers. So seeing them dead does not bother me. And she said she feels like punching me in the face? Ohhh I'm soooo scared! LOL! If she tried, I'd definitely do the same back to her. Well anyway, this was my response to her:

"No, the harassment came before the video. That was why I put up the video. Got it now? Sorry about your cat, but I still hate panthers."

Like I said, NOTHING they can say will change my mind about that. More likely she will come back with a big "F-you!" but who cares? I've lost buddies before because I hate panthers. If they let that stand in their way, then I guess they aren't worth my time.
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