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Monday, March 5, 2012


I finally found a name for someone who hates kids. We're called misopaedic. LOL! That's me. I am much more misopaedic than paedophilic. And I don't mean the criminal-type pedophile. It makes sense, I mean a misogynist is someone who hates women. Makes sense that a misopede is someone who hates kids. I hate kids. My first impression of a kid when I see one is that they are evil, disgusting little people. Of course I would never hurt a child. But I'd prefer they leave me alone than approach me. Never in a million years did I ever think I would turn out this way. I used to love kids when I was younger. But kids today just are not as innocent as they used to be, and many today are raised the wrong way. I've met some nice youngsters of course, but the majority of kids today have no manners at all, and are evil animal abusers and cruel minded. Unless I know the child better, it's easier for me to lump all youngsters under the category of being cruel and evil beings. So that's why I classify myself as a misopede.

I remember when we used to visit my grandma in Leesville, back when she used to live there, the head of the park where she lived was a man named Jimmy, and I remember he hated kids! He used to give me and my sis dirty looks when we would go into his shop. He would never talk to us, even when we would talk to him. I asked my grandma what his problem was and grandma said that he doesn't like kids. I asked her why he didn't like kids and her answer was that he never had any of his own. I guess that would cause a person not to like children. But me, I didn't have kids because I don't like them. For me it was the opposing reason. When I was a teenager though, having kids was all I thought about. That was before the incident I had with kids in 1992, and it hasn't improved since then.

Well, this is me. I hate kids, I hate 20 year olds, I hate show breeders, I hate fanatical people, I hate stuck-up people, I hate irresponsible people. Face it, I just hate people. Sometimes I wish I could change species. I'd rather be a lemur, or an otter. Those species have the most fun, and always seem happy. There are only a few people I truly like, they are my friends and family. That's all that really counts to me. Though I do have friends from all walks of life. I even have friends that are panther-lovers. But they are not panther fanatics. They accept the fact that I hate panthers and that nothing anyone can say will ever change that. Because so far, nothing has. That's because what I like is my choice, no one else's. And I hate people who think it is their right, and obsession, to push others like me to think the way they want us to. If I want to talk to someone who is going to take away my freedom of choice, I'll talk to Obama! Not some random nut panther fanatic whose name I don't even know, and who's afraid to show their own face to me, on the internet.
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