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Monday, March 26, 2012

No Donations?

Hmm, that's interesting. I haven't seen a single donation from any of these idiot Montanans that say they want to "campaign to get all 'idiots' out of Montana". LOL! IMO, they probably should start with themselves, not with me. Though helping me get out of Montana would have been nice, instead of just saying they're campaigning to do something. Being all talk isn't going to get anyone anywhere. But I guess that's what people like CaptnHowD is, nothing but all talk and no action. I should have known. Anyone too scared to put up a video or even a picture of themselves on the internet has got to be nothing but all mouth and words. My guess too is he was one of those 'hit-and-run' trolls. And you all know what I say about hit-and-run trolls. They are the MOST cowardly of trolls! I was probably right about him being a fat-assed teenager who still sucks his mom's tits. Poor mom! LOL! Personally I can never understand someone being so cowardly. At no time in history has cowardice ever been rewarded or revered. Except by the wrong kind of people. I personally would hate to be caught calling someone else names or making fun of how they look, when I don't have any pics up of my own for that person to judge me by. That would make me feel like a slug! A spineless slug! I'd hate that feeling! I just never say shit about how someone else looks, because I know I am no great-looker myself. Some people still say I look beautiful, even some guys, and I could be pretty if I wanted to be, perhaps with some make-up and fix my hair a bit better. But frankly, I don't have the time, or much desire, to do any of that, so this is just how I look.

I remember when I was a teenager, my ma didn't want me to wear make-up. She said GOD made everyone beautiful in HIS eyes. We don't need make-up to make us look better. GOD's opinion is really the only one that counts in the end. Although I must say, I did feel a little bit left out when all the other girls in my class were wearing make-up and fixing up their hair, and I never did any of that. I guess the habit just never stuck with me to put on make-up and stuff. So, that's why I live with being ugly (in other peoples' eyes). But as I have mentioned on this blog before, there is actually an advantage to being ugly and fat. A fat person is harder to kidnap, and who'd want to rape an ugly person? LOL! I've learned to look at the gloomy side in a positive way. I mean really! What's the worst someone can do to me? Call me names from inside their moving vehicle? LOL! Again, those people are like those hit-and-run trolls. They're cowards. I laugh at cowards. I remember once that happened and I was walking with a friend, someone shouted a name at me from inside their car as they drove by. I forgot what that person even said, because just then my friend that I was walking with said to me "Just pretend like you NEVER heard him!" LOL! That may not sound funny, but it was the way she said it that made me laugh so hard that what that drive-by guy shouted at me just completely slipped out of my mind. Like I said, I don't even remember what he said! LOL! About 3 minutes after he shouted it, I didn't remember what he said! I often wonder what happened to this friend. I haven't seen her since 1996.

Well, she was just one of my many "idiot" friends (as CaptnHowD puts it, LOL!) that I loved so much. LOL! She was a decent person, as all my "idiot" friends are. hehehe! :) I mean, I may not be outstandingly popular, and frankly, I don't want to be. I've seen what becoming that popular does to a person. It always goes to their head! Even the nicest person becomes snobby, stupid and impossible to live with. Having enemies at least helps keep a person in their place. I actually feel better having a lot of enemies than having a lot of friends. Really! If a person doesn't have enemies, then that means they're doing something wrong. They're not, in any way, standing up for what they believe in. I've always been very big in that department. If there's one thing a person can never truly say I am, it's an ass-kisser. Well! They can say it! LOL! That's called freedom of speech! But to actually be able to apply it to me personally, they can't do it! What I write in these blogs, and say in my videos, is definitely contrary proof. Sometimes it's people with the least number of friends that turn out to be the greatest people you could ever meet. That usually means all the "fair-weather" friends have been weeded out, and who wants those kinds of friends anyway! I remember Metalraptor told me he didn't have many friends, which I actually found hard to believe, because he's so nice and so smart! But again, a lot of times, other people don't see that. Especially if a person is shy. I have few friends here in Montana, most of them I left behind in Washington state. But even there, I can't say I had hundreds of friends. But the ones I did have were decent, honest people who kept me happy and smiling. That's all I need. I almost feel like I abandoned them when I moved here.

Anyway, if any Montanans still want to "campaign" to get me out of Montana, click the donation link below! I can use the help!

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